Revision history for App-Dapper

0.15    2014-04-07
        Added command-line option to specify web server port number.
        Dapper now works with Perl installations as old as v5.8.

0.14    2014-04-02
        Added deploy instructions to README and a getting started guide.
        Changed MIN_PERL_VERSION from v-string to string to eliminate NetBSD errors.

0.13    2014-04-27
        Added explicit hash derefs in attempt to support Perl 5.19.{8-10}.

0.12    2014-04-26
        Added explicit hash deref to avoid experimental warning in Perl 5.19.

0.11    2014-04-26
        Added auto-reload of files while serving local webserver.
        Changed format of post IDs from their URL to a global incrementing integer.

0.10    2014-03-05
        Improved README narrative.
        Watch routine now watches everything except contents of the _output dir.

0.09    2014-02-20
        Added 5.14.0 minimum perl version requirement.

0.08    2014-02-20
        Eliminated some tests (init, build) that were causing CI failures.

0.07    2014-02-20
        Added Getopt::Mixed to list of build options.

0.06    2014-02-20
        Addded DateTime::Format::XSD dependency to resolve test errors.

0.05    2014-02-19
        Updated Makefile.PL dependencies to resolve errors for

0.04    2014-02-18
        Removed unicode characters from App::Dapper pod.
        Added references to source and issue tracking on github.

0.03    2014-02-18
        Added significant documentation to App::Dapper and bin/dapper.
        Simplified default _config.yml file.

0.02    2014-02-17
        Added documentation link from App::Dapper to bin/dapper.
        Fixed FreeBSD testing error as reported by

0.01    2014-02-01
        First version.