Revision history for Perl module App::txtnix

0.07  2016-03-09 23:00:03 CET

  *  Run pre_tweet_hooks before reading tweets
  *  Sorting now decides how the newest tweets are sorted
  *  Add options to hide metadata
  *  Add text wrapping for pretty
  *  Subcommand view can display local files
  *  Add color support for display_format pretty. Default color theme is by kdave, thanks!
  *  Add option timline --new to show only new tweets
  *  Check if you are trying to followy someone with your own nick
  *  Use c99 oneline comments as metadata sign
  *  Add display formats simple and pretty
  *  Do not run post_hook in tweet if no tweets are entered
  *  Add INSTALLATION section

0.06  2016-03-06 22:25:54 CET

  * Sort tweets in test.
  * Write follow and unfollow metadata to twtfile (highly experimental, do not
  * Read tweets from STDIN if term is not interactive.
  * Edit tweets in editor without arguments to tweet.

0.05  2016-03-04 22:23:53 CET

  * Expose tls key and cert settings from UserAgent.
  * Skip mentions from the registry from users i already follow.
  * The argument to tweet was double decoded.
  * Add new command register to register at a registry.
  * Add new command query tweets
  * Add new command query mentions
  * Add new command query tags
  * Add option --unfollowed to just list unfollowed user in query user.
  * Add options --me for timeline to just personal tweets

0.04  2016-03-02 22:13:01 CET

  * Display nicks only for the timeline command but not for view.
  * Handle http code 308 like 301.
  * Add configuration option ca_file.
  * Enable strict hostname verification for TLS.
  * Do not call pager without tweets.
  * Handle urls as arguements to the view command.
  * Find config at os specific locations.
  * Add parameter --no-hooks for tweet command to disable hooks.
  * Only support RFC 3339.  Timestamps are now handled by Mojo::Date
    instead of HTTP::Date.
  * Add new subcommand query users to query a registry for all registered

0.03  2016-02-29 21:08:40 CET

  * Access registries to show mentions of users you don't follow
  * Allow short options

0.02  2016-02-27 22:35:53 CET

  * Use use_pager in configuration file to be compatible with twtxt
  * In the same vein use_pager defaults to false
  * Add new option cache_dir
  * Cache dir is now actually cleaned
  * Unfollow users after 410 response
  * Replace Moo with Mojo::Base

0.01  2016-02-25 22:36:20 CET

  * Initial release