Revision history for Keyring::Auto

0.2704	2015-01-06
	Added kwalitee testing and making some tests happier. No functionality changes. 
	Fixed recommended modules on OSX (no more KDE and Gnome recommendation there).

0.2703	2012-11-27
	Better name for example, installing it in share dir
	Dropping problematic tests. No way to guess whether KDEWallet is indeed

0.2702	2012-11-22
	Added empty package to make linking documentation on CPAN
	easier, as suggested in first comment to

0.2701	2012-11-20
	Fixed some test failures reported by cpantesters (removed
        unneeded import of Test::Exception, added conditionals checking
        whether loaded keyring is persistent and can be tested for data
        recovery by separate object).

0.27	2012-11-11
	Support for loading OSXKeychain backend on Mac OS/X (darwin) platform.

	Added standalone non-trivial example.

	get_keyring is exported by default.

	Improved keyring selection code structure (introducing concept
	of scoring etc)..

        environment variables.

	Handling PASSWD_KEYRING_AUTO_DEBUG variable, if it is set, we
	emit some diagnostics of what we pick.

	Terminology fixes in docs and param names (realm instead of service/domain)

	Recommended modules are picked according to the current platform.

0.2602	2012-11-09
        Documentation updates

0.2601  2012-11-08
        Small documentation fixes, more info in CPAN metadata

0.26    2012-11-08
        Updated location of KeyringAPI document.

0.25    2012-11-08
        Added support for KDEWallet as alternative for Linux desktops.

0.24    2012-11-08
        Clarifying meaning of app and group parameters.

0.23    2012-11-08
        Documented keyring backends API (L<Passwd::Keyring::KeyringAPI>).
        Tests properly clean created passwords.

0.21    2012-11-04
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.