Revision history for Net::DNS

*** 0.08  13 May 1997

Added support for LOC RRs.

*** 0.07  19 Apr 1997

Added an empty DESTROY method to,,,
and  A couple of users have reported that Net::DNS dies because
AUTOLOAD gets called for DESTROY methods but doesn't handle them.
I haven't been able to reproduce this problem under Perl 5.003.

Changed Net::DNS::Resolver->nameservers to accept unqualified hostnames.

*** 0.06  2 Apr 1997

Fixed Net::DNS::Resolver->nameservers to accept CNAME RRs if the
corresponding A RR is found in the answer section.  This should
eliminate some of the "address: no such method" errors that have
been reported.

Added the "string" method to Net::DNS::RR.

Added a more descriptive error to Net::DNS::RR::AUTOLOAD.  This
error is printed if you call a method that doesn't exist for
a particular RR type.

*** 0.05  27 Mar 1997

Fixed Net::DNS::Resolver->nameservers to accept IP addresses.  Was
accepting only names.

Fixed Net::DNS::Resolver->read_config() to ignore end-of-line comments
when reading resolver config files.  Also fixed to recognize multiple
"nameserver" and "search" lines.

Fixed to handle a non-existent sa field (sets it to an empty

demo/check_zone now sets $res->defnames to false, so the domain name
given on the command line should be fully qualified.

Started adding code for dynamic updates.  Not yet finished.

*** 0.04  13 Feb 1997

Added background queries.  See the examples in the Net::DNS and
Net::DNS::Resolver manpages.

Added zone transfers and some error reporting to demo/perldig.  Also
added the ability to query a specific nameserver.

Added a check to end zone transfers when we receive a second SOA RR
(would block waiting for more input when doing zone transfers from
certain nameservers).  Also added some additional output if debugging
is turned on.

*** 0.03  8 Feb 1997

Added zone transfers.  Wrote demo/check_zone.  Minor corrections and
additions to the documentation.

*** 0.02  2 Feb 1997

Rewritten to be entirely Perl.  No longer uses the system's resolver
library or the resparse library.  Net::Resolver needs some work
on error reporting and needs to implement TCP queries.

*** 0.01  26 Jan 1997

Initial release for testing.  Still some bugs, particularly in
memory management.

Michael Fuhr <>
$Id: Changes,v 1.7 1997/05/13 15:06:30 mfuhr Exp $