# Lirc::Client - Significant changes since the last public release

2.00 - Sun Feb 10 19:44:37 EST 2013
    Converts to Moo for object system
    - Maintains speed, but makes code much more clean.

    Various cleanup and xt test improvements
    Cleanup of the support files

1.55 - Wed Jan  9 20:18:46 EST 2013
    Bail out of Build.PL on Windows. LIRC doesn't run on windows, so there
    is no need to support it. Some tests might hang when run under windows.

1.54 - Thu Jun  2 11:36:54 EDT 2011
	* Bug fix: check that $self->{sock} is defined before closing it in
	clean_up. Improvement suggested by Bernhard Mahr. Thanks!
	* Converted AUTHOR_TEST to xt/ tests.
	* Fixed spelling error in pod