Revision history for Perl extension App::Scheme79asm.

0.005001 2018-04-28T17:41+01:00
 - Use Data::Dump::Sexp instead of a custom dump_sexp function
 - Make the compiler output contain proper symbols instead of strings
 - Improve the compiler documentation slightly

0.005 2018-03-24T18:30+02:00
 - Compiler output can now be given to assembler
 - Fix missing dependency
 - Write more tests to get to 100% code coverage
 - Add test for perlcritic compliance, and make code comply

0.004 2018-03-17T22:54+02:00
 - Add a compiler from Lisp to assembly
 - Write unit tests for compiler
 - No documentation for the compiler yet

0.003 2018-03-03T11:58+00:00
 - Fix value of T
 - Fix treatment of negative addresses
 - Add print_binary16 to print memory in binary format

0.002 2018-02-17T12:21+00:00
 - More documentation

0.001001 2018-02-10T18:43+00:00
 - More features (laying out contiguous blocks)
 - Use lists instead of conses in the input
 - Some documentation

0.001 2018-01-31T16:31+00:00
 - Initial release