Revision history for Perl extension File::MimeInfo.
Versions up to 0.15 by Jaap Karssenberg <>
Versions starting 0.16 by Michiel Beijen <>

0.22  2014-02-27
      - Fixed Double-close on a filehandle issue
         (RT 93221) - Christian Ludwig.
      - Fixed cpantesters issue with old version of CPAN::Changes

0.21  2013-11-03
      - fixed typo in mimeopen manpage
         (RT 90005) - Jonathan Dowland, Debian.

0.20  2013-10-09
      - mimetype, mimeopen should be set as executable files
         (RT 89328) - Jitka Plesnikova, Red Hat.

0.19  2013-10-05
      - Changed to EU::MM.
      - Typo fixes - David Steinbrunner.

0.18  2013-09-02
      - Fixed RT#87631 - rights on File::MimeInfo::Magic not correct.

0.17  2013-06-06
      - Fixed tests on perl 5.18 (RT 85383) - Gregor Herrman
      - Fixed typos (RT 85634) - Gregor Herrman

0.16  2012-01-03
      - Fixed test suite for perl 5.13 and newer (RT 66841) - Kent Fredric
      - Fixed typos in documentation (RT 70171, 39974) - Gregor Herrman
      - Fixed bug for files named "0" (RT 41031)
      - Cleaned up mimetype script (RT 64421)
      - Removed unessecary error code (RT 66527)
      - Removed illogical behavior for derefereencing symlinks (RT 58575)

0.15  2008-02-13
      A special thanks to Chapman Flack for bug reports and patches.
      - Added some empty pod declarations to satisfy Pod::Coverage (RT 33099)
      - Fixed typo \xF7 => \x7F in ascii control char check (RT 30959)
      - Adapted new File::BaseDir API
      - Added DesktopEntry as a mandatory dependency
      - Added support for endian conversion (RT 28618)
      - Fixed mask behavior by making it a bit-wise regex (RT 28620 28635)
      - Reduced range by 1 byte to match ref implementation (RT 28634)
      - Added "--no-ask" switch to the mimeopen command
      - Added "mime_applications_custom()" to set custom commands
      - Made Magic load magic data when needed, not at startup
      - Made MimeInfo load glob data when needed, not at startup

0.14  2007-06-08
      - Changed syntax for open() to 3 argument form
      - Fixed bug for filenames like "0"
      - Fixed bug with "-l" for Win32
      - Fixed bug with malformed utf8 chars in default() method
        derived from suggestions by and
      - Moved from Makefile.PL to

0.13  2006-01-30
      Version bump for File::MimeInfo to keep CPAN happy
      - Fixed a bug with F:M::Applications when dir non-existent

0.12  2005-10-08
      Updated to version 0.13 of the shared mimeinfo specification
      - Magic rules with priority 80 go above globs now
      - Added mimetype_isa() to check for mimetype subclasses
      - Added mimetype_canon() to check for mimetype aliases
      - Added support for the inode/mount-point mimetype
      - Added File::MimeInfo::Applications and the mimeopen script
      - Changed the order of checking for inodetype "symlink" and "directory"
      as suggested by Jens Luedicke
      - Fixed a few inaccuracies in the documentation

0.11  2005-03-18
      - Added an @DIRS to be able to overload the XDG_DATA_DIRS path
      - Fixed the code to let "mimetype" determine the mime-type of STDIN

      - Fixed a bug in the globs() method, added File::Basename to the
      dependency list.
      - Added the --all and --magic-only options to "mimetype"

      - globs() now returns the matched extension when called in list context
      - Added as a kind of FAQ document
      - Applied part of a patch to support reverse lookup of extensions
      which was also supplied by jgmyers at
      This adds the extensions() method and fixes a bug in a regex.
      - Applied a spelling patch supplied by jgmyers at

0.10  2004-02-08
      - Stripped down test for IO objects, because it doesn't seem to be
      platform independent enough
      - ++'ing  version number to keep CPAN satisfied

0.9   2003-12-05
      - Fixed magic() and default() to work on IO::something objects
      - Added a "no warnings" in the default routine to suppress warnings when
      input is latin2 (thus neither ascii or utf8). Not sure whether this 
      really fixes the problem but it at least ignores it.
      The problem was reported by Daniel Raska.

0.8   2003-10-22
      Seems that the new version of the mime-info spec takes longer then
      I expected, so I decided to release last weeks bug fixes.
      - Fine tuned the method interface for describe()
      - Made mimetype -d -l .. default to english for missing translations
      - updated URL's for freedesktop
      - Fixed small bug in causing a lot of warnings on 
      initialisation when using 'perl -w', reported by Steve Barton

0.7   2003-10-03
      - Added File::MimeInfo::Rox
      - ++'ing  version number to keep CPAN satisfied

0.6   2003-09-04
      - Emergency release because of a bug in the magic test file

0.5   2003-09-03
      - added tests for magic typing
      - fixed design mistake in the basedir file search
      all xdg data dirs are now used, not only the first one found
      - put basedir code in a separate package called File::BaseDir
      - disabled utf8 binmode layer for perl versions prior to 5.8.0

0.4   2003-08-27
      - Added the --dir switch.
      - Added File::MimeInfo::Magic that inherits from File::MimeInfo but
      also does use the freedesktop magic file
      - Shifted some code around in File::MimeInfo to make inheriting easier
      - Made the mimetype script work with Magic by default
      - Added the --debug switch to trace why a certain file is typed the
      way it is
      - Updated and reviewed the documentation

0.3   2003-08-24
      - Moved file test operator stuff to a subroutine called inodetype()
      - Actually implemented the --file-compat switch
      - Added the -L and -i commandline switches for file(1) compatibility
      - Fixed a few bugs with relative file names
      - Changed the script 'mimeinfo' back to 'mimetype' because
      rox has a '--mime-type' switch doing the same thing as this script.
      - Added the describe() method for getting human readable descriptions
      - Implemented the commandline switches --desc and --output-format
      - Changed the script 'mimetype' to 'mimeinfo'
      - added some commandline options to make this script a little
      file(1) compat
      - added some file test operators for determining types from the
      inode/* class.
      - use utf8 binmode for filehandles

0.2   2003-07-12
      - bug fix for OO interface, forget to test the constructor :S
      - added specified default behaviour

0.1   2003-07-11
      - original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
          -AX File::MMagic::Freedesktop
      - implemented finding file type by glob folowing the
      shared-mime-info-spec version 0.11
      - decided to rename it File::MimeInfo because it is less cryptic