Revision history for Perl extension VOMS::Lite.

	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-AXc -b 5.4.0 -n VOMS::Lite

0.02  Wed Jan 24 17:55:20 2007
	- Enable access to VOs with FQDNs as names (ie '.' seperated DNS)
		Changes to VOMS/'s GetDBAttribs to obtain 
		VO -> DB mapping from voms.config.  Changes also to 
		VOMS/Lite/Attribs/ to print errors from eval calls
		to STDERR.

0.03  Mon Feb 19 18:48:00 2007
	- bugfix: hex serial returned by VOMS DB now converted to decimal
        - bugfix: Authority Key ID fixed in
        - Added to parse and create certificate requests
        - Rearranged the Libtaries.  PROXY X509 REQ AC now have
          ::Create and ::Examine to reduce the size of CertKeyHelper.
          AC::Examine not yet implemented.

0.04  Wed May 23 17:35:15 2007
        - created lib/VOMS/Lite/
        - bin/
              REQ::REQ is now REQ::Create
              Format of usage documentation
              Fixed $CACert is actually $Cert
        - bin/
              Just get buildchain from VOMS::Lite::CertKeyHelper
              @Refs is now a hash %Chain (change of buildchain)
        - bin/
              @Chain is now %Chain (change of buildchain)
        - lib/VOMS/Lite/
              removed VOMS::Lite::PEMHelper qw(encodeAC) -- not used, don't load it!
        - lib/VOMS/Lite/
              buildchain now returns a hash not an array
        - lib/VOMS/Lite/
              removed extronious openssl compatability
              decodeCert is more efficient
              encodeAC uses new &encodeCert
              writeCertKey now uses &encodeCert
              readAC now uses &readCert
              readCert generalised now takes two arguments $filepath and $type
              encodeCert generalised now takes N+1 arguments @ders $type
        - lib/VOMS/Lite/
              bugfix -Subject name (Limited is a type of legacy proxy)
        - lib/VOMS/Lite/
              Added subjectAltName extension to REQ::Create options
        - lib/VOMS/Lite/
              bugfix - SKID Public Key Digest
        - lib/VOMS/
              buildchain is now a hash.
        - example/
              Just get buildchain from VOMS::Lite::CertKeyHelper
              @Chain is now %Chain (change of buildchain)

0.05  Tue Jun 24 18:20:00 2008
        - Updated
              implemented the Get function
              changed return values allowing to bring them into line with
                other VOMS::Lite functions
              Updated Documentation
        - Created
        - Created
0.06  Wed Oct 1 15:50:00 2008
        - Added Optional SSL certificate authentication to's Get routine
        - fixed @warning typos

0.07  Thu Jun 20 10:45:00 2009
        - Various fixes in POD files
        - Added - a library to talk to gLite VOMS server 
        - now can get VOMS AC from gLite VOMS server
        - - various fixes:
            Opened allowed username and passwords - spec doesn't care what 
              chars a username is made up of
            Fixed Cert/Key check
            Put in bail out for MyProxy server not responding correctly
            Added option to expolit verbose Proxy creation
            Cert patterns now using //s modifier to handle all chars as 
              DER encoding may contain \n etc.
            Added exception handelling when MyProxy response is not found
            Added quiet mode
            Returned AC is now only wrapped in one ASN1Sequence c.f. gLite 
            Ajusted to deal with AC as produced by modified
        - Corrected Integer parser in example

0.08  Wed Nov 18 20:09:00 2009 
        - Fixed "multiline" search replace (binary data presenting \n) 
          in VOMS communications adding the trailing modifier 
          to s/// => s///s

0.09  Thu Jan 14 14:20:00 2010
        - Added RSAKey library - due to issues of Crypt::RSA::Key 
          or some of its dependencied not being relocatable.
        - Removed dependency upon Crypt::RSA::Key
        - Some minor fixes ( Errors should be an array reference in )
        - Fixed myproxy scripts ARGV input checker 
            (server address cannot start with '-').
        - Fixed occasional error in PEM encoded data where 64 divides
          base64 number of chars.

0.10  Wed Apr  7 17:51:31 2010
        - Added library to create Audit extensions for proxy certificates
        - Added option to allow Proxy Bitlength manipulation
        - Added option to allow Proxy to start any time after 01 Jan 1970
        - Corrected embarrasing smelling pistake "Legasy" -> "Legacy"
        - Added AC examination and verification
        - MyProxy uses better temp files, cleans theses up after use,
            MyProxy::Init now returns ProxyCert as well.
        - PEMHelper - minor changes to die statement in readCert()
        - VOMS::Get now checks server against Subject Alt Name if necessary 
            (warning returned if DN doesn't Match but Subject Alt Name does)
        - VOMS improved Base64 handling: some VOMS servers return the encoding 
            they wish despite B value in <base64>B</base64> message.
            VOMS::Get Now examines message to determine which 
            alphabet is being used.
        - gLite's VOMS server no longer sends SSL Certificate Request
            with acceptable CA list VOMS::Get: Changed unsupported CA error 
            into a warning unless the data is available.
        - Fixed ASN1Helper::ASNLenStr: boundary between single byte length 
            encoding and multi byte length encoding now behaves correctly
        - RSAkey now searches for character device at $DefaultRandom
        - Removed Regexp dependency from AC::Create

0.11 Tue Apr 20 04:49:00 2010
        - now only loads HTTP::Request and LWP::UserAgent if required
        - RSAKey::Create Now respects the Quiet option
            allowing primality searching/testing progress to be shown
        - Added bin/ to EXE_FILES so that it gets installed!
        - Fixed use of Lifetime array in bin/
        - Fixed Bug for negative integer encoding ASN1Helper::DecToHex
        - Fixed bug introduced in "VOMS improved Base64 handling"
            Base64 now has own .pm file
        - Many enhancements to VOMS::Lite::VOMS
        - Experimental VOMS::Server - no docs as yet
        - Experimental, ditto
        - AC::Create now includes Issuing Certificate in extension.

0.12 Tue Mar 15 13:32:15 2011
        - read now continues to pull from socket until it has 
            the expected ammount of data; a timeout also put in place
          - Insert extra padding in records where CBC::Decrypt chomps 
              trailing \0's.
          - Allow 0 lenght padding where record length is a multiple of 8
          - Added VOMS::List function
          - Fixed array syntax @Errors[] -> $Errors[]
        - Fixed Base64 type guessing algorithm
        - Added more verbose error message propagation for make test

0.13 Thu Mar 17 09:50:00 2011
        - Removed a debugging print statement in
        - Modified PEMHelper to allow lowercase hex chars in SALT
          - see
            Thank you Bart Heupers for the bug report.
        - $VERSION now only exported by in

0.14 Thu Mar 17 10:50:00 2011
        - PAUSE didn't like me removing $VERSION from library files.
          - humph! Reverted versioning changes
          - added a script to keep versions in alignment with

0.15 Thu Feb 14 16:10:00 2012
        - Problem with build on PPC, tests can't generate a CA certificate
          - Added more checks in test script
        - Added extra lurve
        - VOMS servers updated to EMI release caused to break
          - This was due to expecting a single encrypted record from server
            The server's move to using vanilla OpenSSL based sockets meant
            that received a record with zero data before the record with
            the AC or List result.
   can now handle multiple encrypted records per payload.
0.16 Tue Feb 28 01:48:00 2012
        - Removed umask in for Win32.* OS which doesn't do umask
        - X509::Create
          - Added check: does parse CA return reference to Error Array?
          - Change unnecessarily strict check on dNSName and rfc822Name
        - Added Explicit dependency on Crypt::DES as MacOSX required double complilation
          - not sure if this will work as cannot install CPAN::Mini::Inject
        - removed Umask in
        - Added fake DNS entry if Sys::Hostname doesn't provide a FQDN in tests
        - Added some extra test info
0.17 Fri Jun 29 13:00:00 2012
        - Added VOMS::Lite::SAMLHelper library in anticipation of 
          mainstream SAML VOMS services
        - Fixed error handling in VOMS::Lite::X509::Examine for 
          ["Unable to parse certificate"]
        - Fixed CA certificate check in X509::Examine.  When $CertInfoRef->{'Errors'} 
          is undefined.
        - Added ability to parse unencrypted RSA private key in PKCS#8 format.
          - Changes in VOMS::Lite::PEMHelper::readPrivateKey to also accept
           "-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----" .. "-----END PRIVATE KEY-----" blocks
          - Changes in VOMS::Lite::KEY::Examine to locate internal octet string 
            and re-index to start of key data allowing key to be parsed with the
            existing algorithm.
        - Added RPM spec file (originally written by Steve Traylen)
          - Added unwin32.patch to aid automatic perl library exclusions in rpm
          - Added voms.config sample as required by spec file
        - Updated the script to update version in RPM spec file
0.18 Mon Jul 02 12:05:00 2012
        - VOMS::Lite::REQ::Create
          - Checks input to identify whether request is for a host or not
          - Fixed SubjectAltName Extension request
          - Fixed Key used to sign request if pre-generated
          - Added Basic Constraints, Key usage and Extended Key Usage Extensions.
        - VOMS::Lite::PEMHelper: fixed a number of formatting issues in PEM encoding.
          - added -host option to force subjectAltName dnsName:...
          - add value in -email to any subjectAltName extension (if not a host cert)
        - Moved example directory to misc directory
        - Added to build rpms
        - Created 'rpm' and 'version' targets in MakeMaker generated Makefile
          - version runs
          - rpm runs (creates rpms in rpm directory) 
            and depends on 'dist' and 'verstion'
        - handles no Attribute Certificate scenario more gracefully.
0.19 Mon Jul 02 12:50:00 2012
        - Fixed bug in
0.20 Mon Jul 02 13:25:00 2012
        - -pass option fixed