Revision history for IO-Iron

0.13      2019-01-09 00:32:48+01:00 Europe/Stockholm


    - Content-type header is left undef.

0.12_01   2019-01-07 22:47:27+01:00 Europe/Stockholm (TRIAL RELEASE)


    - Start using PodWeaver.
    - Move TODO list from lib/IO/ to its own file TODO.
    - Start use [Test::EOL].
    - Cleaning Dist::Zilla config.
    - Add missing Meta files.

   Conversion to IronMQ v3 done.

   Add method for API function /stacks in IronWorker.
   Start conversion to IronMQ v3.

0.11_01   2016-01-18 11:17:02+01:00 Europe/Stockholm (TRIAL RELEASE)
   Remove the config item Host Path Prefix, use instead API Version.
   Set Defaults to all clients: DEFAULT_API_VERSION, DEFAULT_HOST.

0.11      2014-09-22 03:28:07+03:00 Europe/Helsinki
   Removed release tests from t/.

0.10      2014-08-26 03:04:14+03:00 Europe/Helsinki
   Added a new feature: Policies.
   Released together with package IO-Iron-Application.

0.09      2014-04-19 09:52:47+03:00 Europe/Helsinki
	Renamed integ_t/ to avoid naming conflict.

0.08      2014-04-19 08:26:10+03:00 Europe/Helsinki
	Added support methods for alerts.
	Added support methods for push queues.
	Adopted Params::Validate to IronMQ libraries.

0.07_03   2014-03-20 20:28:22+02:00 Europe/Helsinki
	Changed dependency from Perl 5.8.0 to Perl 5.10.0 because Hash::Util v0.06 comes with Perl 5.8.9. We need Hash::Util v0.06 for features 'lock_keys_plus' and 'legal_keys'.

0.07_01   2014-03-19 11:52:29+02:00 Europe/Helsinki
	Interim developer version. Distro converted to Dist::Zilla.

0.07    2014-Mar-05
        Fixed an autodefer bug.

0.06    2014-Feb-23
        IronCache API changed to use named parameters.

0.05    2013-Dec-04
        IronWorker API changed to use named parameters.

0.04    2013-Dec-04
        Complete IronWorker

0.03    2013-Dec-04
        Fixed some parts of documentation.

0.02    2013-Dec-01
        First public release.
        IronWorker code package handling added. Other IronWorker stuff still missing.

0.01_04 2013-Oct-20
        Developer release. Working IronMQ Client.
        Logging rethought.
                Api classes have logging format.
                All activities using IO::Iron::Connection (actually making a REST operation to Iron services) will be logged.
                Removed logging from Client classes.

0.01_03 2013-Aug-16
        Developer release. Working IronMQ Client.

0.01_02 2013-Aug-16
        Developer release. Working IronMQ Client.

0.01_01 2013-Aug-16
        Developer release. Working IronMQ Client.