$Id: Changes,v 1.14 2005/12/22 14:13:47 mike Exp $

Revision history for Perl extension Net::Z3950::ZOOM.

1.01  Thu Dec 22 14:13:34 GMT 2005
	- Place some CODE: chunks in "ZOOM.xs" inside curly brackets
	  so that the declarations they begin with are at the start of
	  the block.  This avoid mixed code/declarations.  (The
	  "correct" solution is to use INIT: clauses in the XS file,
	  but they don't seem to work: the code in them is slapped
	  down right next to the CODE:, so declarations are not
	  acceptable there either.)
	- Add new function Net::Z3950::ZOOM::connection_scan1(), which
	  uses a query object to indicate the start-term.  This opens
	  the way for using CQL queries for scanning once the
	  underlying ZOOM-C code supports this.
	  method scan() is renamed scan_pqf(), and a new scan() method
	  is introduced which calls the underlying scan1() function.
	  Thus the scan()/scan_pqf() dichotomy is consistent with that
	  between search()/search_pqf().
	- The tests t/15-scan.t and t/25-scan.t now also test for
	  scanning by CQL query.  To support these tests, a new files
	  is added to the distribution, "samples/cql/pqf.properties"
	- Remove nonsensical clause about CQL sort-specifications from
	  the documentation.
	- Add new function Net::Z3950::ZOOM::query_cql2rpn(), for
	  client-side CQL compilation.
	- Add new ZOOM::Query::CQL2RPN class, encapsulating CQL
	  compiler functionality as a Query subclass.
	- Add two new error-codes, CQL_PARSE and CQL_TRANSFORM,
	  returned by the client-side CQL facilities.
	- The test-scripts t/12-query.t and t/22-query.t are extended
	  to also test client-side CQL compilation.
	- Add all the yaz_log*() functions within the Net::Z3950::ZOOM
	- Add new ZOOM::Log class for logging, providing aliases for
	  the functions in the Net::Z3950::ZOOM layer.
	- Add diagnostic set to rendering of Exception objects.
	- Documentation added for CQL compilation and logging.

1.00  Wed Dec 14 11:18:33 GMT 2005
	- First distributed version.

0.01  Fri Oct  7 16:14:20 2005
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		--name=Net::Z3950::ZOOM --compat-version=5.8.0 \
		--omit-constant --skip-exporter --skip-ppport \
		--autogen-xsubs yaz/zoom.h -lyaz -lxml2


To be done in future releases:
	- Fix Net::Z3950::ZOOM::record_get() to use a struct datachunk
	  _when_ appropriate, e.g. for "render" but probably not for
	  "database" and "syntax".
	- Support for asynchronous multiplexing: implement
	  ZOOM::event() and test ZOOM::Connection::last_event().
	- Write example programs for "samples" direction.
	- Create old-style Net::Z3950 compatibility layer.
	- Fix memory leaks in callback functions for option sets.
	- Fix limitation that option-set callback functions must be
	  specified as strings containing package-qualified function
	- Fix test-suite to actually send the "drop" packages once
	  Zebra's been fixed so this doesn't current the store.