Revision history for DBIx-OO

0.0.8    Nov 5, 2008

         Added (succinct) POD for naked subroutines, and more
         prerequisites, so that build won't fail.

0.0.7    Nov 5, 2008

         Minor changes but releasing a new version to support some
         projects I'm working on:

         - $obj->retrieve will re-fetch data from DB
         - $package->update will now be able to update more rows
         - fixed some problems with autocreate

0.0.6    Sep 29, 2007

         Added a rudimentary DB auto-create/upgrade facility.
         Some minor other changes as well (I forgot).

0.0.5    Jul 03, 2007

         Minor fixes, added tree_get_next / tree_get_prev functions in

0.0.4    Nov 26, 2006


         - fixed a bug that caused bad integrity when you tried to
           append multiple root nodes in a tree.

         - tree_reparent supports "undef" (to move as root node)

         - added tree_move_before, tree_move_after

0.0.3    Nov 25, 2006

         Minor fixes to DBIx::OO.  Added DBIx::OO::Tree to facilitate
         manipulation of hierarchical data using the "nested sets

0.0.2    Nov 25, 2006

         Messed up MANIFEST so CPAN didn't get all the files.  Version
         removed. :-)

0.0.1    Oct 18, 2006

         First version, released on an unsuspecting world.