See for the latest development.

0.9934 Sun Apr 11 13:53:07 CEST 2010
   [Developer Fixes]
      - Unlink MYMETA.yml after the configuration to avoid failing Module::Signature tests
      - Always run make install UNINST=1. You can disable it with --no-uninst-shadows #26

0.99_33 Sun Apr 11 09:44:16 CEST 2010
      - Delay load Archive::Zip #38 (Tim Bunce)
      - Made wget download more fault torelant #15

   [Bug Fixes]
      - Work around the situation where installsitelib doesn't exist yet #2

   [Developer Fixes]
      - Upgrade local::lib #33
      - Delay local::lib configuration as late as possible #35 (doy) 
      - Redirect tar's stderr (stoned)
      - Shows an error message when CPANM home is not writable #37 (avar)
      - Fixed how to handle duplicated dependencies #6, #32
      - Indicate test failures with --force #22 (rafl)

0.9932 Mon Apr  5 16:27:12 PDT 2010
   [Developer Fixes]
      - Special case deprecated modules so they can be upgraded into site lib #34

0.9931 Sun Apr  4 18:16:46 PDT 2010
   [Developer Fixes]
      - Doesn't close STDIN anymore when building modules. Instead set AUTOMATED_TESTING #36

0.9930 Tue Mar 30 14:27:49 PDT 2010
      - untar now works with Solaris' stock bad tar (nnunley)

0.9929 Fri Mar 26 21:35:23 PDT 2010
      - Make cpanm work with perl 5.10.0 with old

   [Developer Fixes]
      - Stopped using reval() to parse Makefile or _build/prereqs

0.9928 Thu Mar 25 22:03:36 PDT 2010
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Make PERL_CPANM_OPT=~/perl work again (clkao)

   [Developer Fixes]
      - Document --skip-installed

0.9927 Tue Mar 23 11:23:18 PDT 2010
      - Suppress warnings when initializing local::lib directory

   [Developer Fixes]
      - Fixes -L with local::lib enabled shell

0.99_26 Mon Mar 22 20:22:10 PDT 2010
   [Developer Fixes]
      - Fixed the broken delay loaded LWP runtime in -L
      - Actually changed how -L sets up @INC so that it won't affect the current
        cpanm process at all which is more correct way to deal with this.

0.99_25 Mon Mar 22 19:52:12 PDT 2010
      - Log version information of build tools in build.log
   [Developer Fixes]
      - Fixed the way it passes DumpedINC
      - Fixes tools initialization like LWP with -L
      - Set PID in PERL5_CPAN*_IS_RUNNING rather than just 1

0.99_24 Sun Mar 21 21:57:59 PDT 2010
      - Improve the error message on bootstrapping
      - Implemented experimental -L|--local-lib-contained option to install module
        and its non-core dependencies into local::lib directory

   [Developer Fixes]
      - Use Module::Metadata and avoid calling another perl interpreter
        to check the installed versions of the modules
      - Also dump @INC into a file when self-contained is enabled
      - Set PERL5_CPANM_IS_RUNNING in configure
      - Changed the way to pack modules into a file, now using App::FatPacker

0.9923 Mon Mar 15 17:03:14 PDT 2010
      - Improved docs (chromatic)

   [Developer Fixes]
      - Added a dummy test to make CPAN testers happy (gfx)

0.9922 Thu Mar 11 10:56:10 JST 2010
      - Possibly support bad tar (GNU tar 1.13 or 1.22 on Win32) (mattn)

   [Developer Fixes]
      - Support building with Module::Build < 0.36
      - Use Safe to eval some code when scanning prereqs

0.9921 Wed Mar 10 23:59:49 JST 2010
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fixed an occasional STDIN related errors in tests (lestrrat)
      - Fixed a bug where cpanm /path/to/dir doesn't work

   [Developer Fixes]
      - Once bootstrap is done, return to the original current dir rather than work dir
        so that `cpanm .` still looks at the (right) current directory

0.99_20 Wed Mar 10 18:46:45 JST 2010
   [Developer Fixes]
      - Prefer Build.PL except some exceptions such as Module::Build dependencies

0.9919 Wed Mar 10 11:39:35 JST 2010
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fixed Module::Build distribution, broken in 0.9917 (rafl)

0.9918 Wed Mar 10 11:19:35 JST 2010
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fix --sudo broken in 0.9917 (omega)

0.9917 Tue Mar  9 22:51:21 JST 2010
      - Do not wait on input on bad tests waiting on STDIN (except on some Win32 environments)

   [Developer Fixes]
      - Do not uses system() when running Makefile.PL or make etc. but uses fork & exec (tokuhirom)
      - Depend on newer LWP that has decoded_content
      - Do not overwrite verbose internal flag (mst)

0.9916 Thu Mar  4 11:33:16 PST 2010
   [Developer Fixes]
      - Use 'distfile' as cpanmetadb key rather than 'dist' (rjbs, xdg)

0.9915 Thu Mar  4 01:56:06 PST 2010
   [Developer Fixes]
      - Fixed circular references (hopefully)

0.9914 Thu Mar  4 00:39:49 PST 2010
      - Use cpanmetadb for the faster and more reliable lookup

   [Developer Fixes]
      - Fixed ->get on LWP to return undef when the request errored out

0.9913 Tue Mar  2 19:20:34 PST 2010
   [Bug fixes]
      - Fixes --recent and --list-plugins to work again

0.9912 Tue Mar  2 18:50:23 PST 2010
      - Some boolean options can now be set to PERL_CPANM_OPT but can be negated
        using the --no- prefix such as --no-sudo
      - Directory mode now only works if it begins with / or .

   [Developer fixes]
      - --self-upgrade skips if it's already the latest
      - Improved perl Makefile.PL --author 
      - --help and --version won't bother ~/perl5 initialization (rjbs, ingy)
      - LWP dependency is injected only if you run from CPAN clients (ingy, marcus)

0.9911 Mon Mar  1 16:27:52 PST 2010
   [Developer fixes]
      - Removed build_timeout and test_timeout by default (rafl)
   [Bug fixes]
      - Fixed broken --self-upgrade (chocolateboy)

0.9910 Sun Feb 28 21:56:30 PST 2010
      - wget cpanm | perl - should now work better (hachi, dormando)

   [Developer fixes]
      - Always use forward slashes even if it's on win32 (charsbar, xaicron)
      - Check installsitebin (charsbar)
      - Stop setting AUTOMATED_TESTING

0.99_07 Sat Feb 27 21:05:08 PST 2010
      - Bootstrap local::lib directory in ~/perl5 for the first run
      - Bootstrap ExtUtils::MakeMaker, ExtUtils::Install and Module::Build in the first run
      - Support --local-lib|-l option to specify which path to set local::lib dir
      - Added PERL_CPANM_OPT command line option to add global command line options
      - Support curl fallback (squeeky, gfx)
      - Improved the installation success message to indicate it is a new, upgrade
        or reinstall of the distribution
      - Improved the error message in configure failure
      - Fall back to embedded HTTP::Lite when any of LWP/wget/curl is unavailable
      - Support piping module/dist for cpanm command, like `cat module_list | cpanm`
      - Added --skip-installed option which makes cpanm behave like cpan
      - Documented how to upgrade cpanm itself

   [Developer fixes]
      - Remove LWP::Simple and switch to LWP::UserAgent
      - Create a temp file first when to generate standalone executable (gfx)
      - cpanm (without argument) will output a shorten help
      - Changed the NO_LWP env var to --no-lwp option
      - Improved the permission check to also check sitebin directory
      - Added --author option to Makefile.PL to generate cpanm from git repo (gfx)
      - Introduced $depth parameter when installing dependencies. Unused in any places yet

0.99_06 Thu Feb 25 14:50:51 PST 2010
      - Fixed packaging and VERSION

0.99_05 Thu Feb 25 14:39:07 PST 2010
   [Developer fixes]
      - Changed the way 'cpanm' standalone script is generated
      - Developers checking out from git should use script/cpanm.PL for test drive

0.99_04 Thu Feb 25 09:11:44 PST 2010
      - Supported modules and packages without POD on
      - --look command now works on Win32 (charsbar, xaicron)
      - Improved the error message when configure fails (tokuhirom)
      - Supported modules with .tgz format archive (frew)
      - Supported older LWP < 5.828 (chocolateboy)

   [Developer fixes]
      - Improved the way it checks configuration results (mst, confound, rjbs, LeoNerd)
      - Killed the automatic Build.PL stub generation because it doesn't work.
      - Support PERL_MB_OPT in the sanity check
      - Adds PERL5_CPANPLUS_IS_RUNNING to work with older Module::AutoInstall < 0.73 (Alias)
      - Changed the way plugins check api_version
      - Rewrote internals for the at_exit hook and removed Util:: functions (vincent, mst, ewhilhelm)

0.99_03 Tue Feb 23 23:03:20 PST 2010
   [Bug fixes]
      - .zip support didn't go through the proper merge process. Now merged

0.99_02 Tue Feb 23 22:13:46 PST 2010
      - Limit the number of --recent to 50

   [Bug fixes]
      - Work around with broken LWP installations (yannk)

   [Developer fixes]
      - Updated cpandb URI (BinGOs)
      - Standardize env var keys to PERL_CPANM_* so `env | grep PERL` can be used (miyagawa, mst)
      - Added ->env method
      - Added PERL_CPANM_NO_LWP=1 so it can upgrade LWP without LWP
      - Move documents to lib/App/

0.99_01 Tue Feb 23 12:31:56 PST 2010
      - Improved the duplicated or circular dependent package detections (gfx, Yappo)
      - Improved the progressive message format
      - Support .zip files (sekimura)
      - Added --look command, like CPAN shell's look
      - Added --recent command that shows you the recent updated modules
      - Added --interactive option, good middleground when installing Task:: modules
      - Added --self-upgrade (NOTE: it will downgrade to the stable if you run from the dev release!)
      - Fixed the installation doc to prefer git over CPAN shell
      - Documented that you need GNU tar >= 1.22
      - Wraps configure and test with alarm timeout to not choke on bad dists (hirose31, yappo, tokuhirom)

   [Bug fixes]
      - Fixed a bug where log appending fails on Win32 (xaicron)
      - Various fixes on win32 (charsbar)
      - Fixed a bug failing on dists with dual Build.PL/Makefile.PL (mst, aperion)
      - Fixed a bug where build/ directory is treated as Module::Build's Build file on HFS

   [Developer fixes]
      - Rewrote the internal using a sane and simple object oriented programming
      - Changed the ~/.cpanm directroy layout - much easier to dig through
      - Rewrote the documentation to be less defensive
      - set AUTOMATED_TESTING when testing a distribution
      - Mentions pip in the doc (chocolateboy, adamk)
      - Support cpan:// URI
      - Added --perl option to specify which perl path to use (mst)
      - Specify minimum versions for ExtUtils::MakeMaker, Module::Build and ExtUtils::Install

   [Beta features]
      - Implemented plugin architectures - this is unstable and turned off by default

0.09  Sat Feb 20 23:47:16 PST 2010
      - Fixed the way archives are untared
      - Log file is now always ~/.cpanm/build.log
      - Improve the diag message
      - Made quiet mode the default. Use -v|--verbose to make it chatty like CPAN(PLUS)
      - Added retry for HTTP downloads
      - Fixed the way it generates a stub Build.PL when make is not available

0.08  Sat Feb 20 15:36:53 PST 2010
      - Implemented --installdeps
      - Implemented -q|--quiet that makes you a peaceful install experience
      - Relaxed the defensive docs a little bit since many people love the idea

0.07  Sat Feb 20 12:17:56 PST 2010
      - Fixed packaging -- standalone cpanm file now has '/usr/bin/env perl'
        in shebang but CPAN dist has #!perl (so EUMM can fix it)
      - Added -i for cpan compatibility
      - Fixed the way to get VERSION from modules

0.06  Fri Feb 19 21:48:09 PST 2010
      - Fixed the command detection in win32
      - Make C-c work when downloading tar balls
      - perl 5.6 compat (i think)
      - Fixed packaging again

0.05  Fri Feb 19 21:15:20 PST 2010
      - Fixed no warranty copy

0.04  Fri Feb 19 21:01:10 PST 2010
      - Added -v
      - Changed how to get dependencies to be more sensible and #toolchain friendly
        by supporting MYMETA.yml etc.
      - Added NO WARRANTY

0.03  Fri Feb 19 19:38:30 PST 2010
      - Fixed packaging
      - Make local file install work without LWP (hopefully)

0.02  Fri Feb 19 19:13:03 PST 2010
      - arguments to cpanm can now be a directory, file, URI or CPAN tarball name

0.01  Fri Feb 19 18:24:04 PST 2010
      - Initial version to CPAN