Revision history for Carmel

v0.1.21  2015-04-25 11:25:53 PDT
        - Fixed a bug where carmel exec fails to install the guard hook when there's no PERL5LIB
        - Added more helpful error message when you try to load Carmel::Preload outside carmel exec

v0.1.20  2015-04-25 10:21:01 PDT
        - Added Carmel::Setup to configure Carmel within a perl script
        - Removed Carmel::Runtime->require_all in favor of new Carmel::Preload
        - Documentation
        - Refactored Carmel::Runtime and split them into Runner/Setup/Preload

v0.1.19  2015-04-25 06:22:59 PDT
        - Display which dependencies are being installed in `carmel install`
        - Added an experimental `carton package` command

v0.1.18  2015-04-24 14:23:25 PDT
        - Silence ExtUtils::Install output in carmel rollout

v0.1.17  2015-04-24 12:52:07 PDT
        - add back inc entries so that some XS modules can load its objects
        - carmel exec unknowncommand will give you the error message
        - `carmel exec` after `carmel rollout` will use the modules from ./local

v0.1.16  2015-04-23 16:54:27 PDT
        - Better error message when there's a conflicting version requirement in cpanfile and
          META prereqs in dependencies
        - Change the output of carmel env slightly

v0.1.15  2015-04-23 11:02:35 PDT
        - Fix a bug in artifact search where a package with same versions do not return newer
          dists correctly. Also simplified the logic behind that search.
        - Allow utilities like prove to add INC correctly via its `-l` options in carmel exec

v0.1.14  2015-04-22 21:21:23 PDT
        - Fix a bug failing to load artifact when exact version is specified in cpanfile
        - Use -Mlib=... to load the bootstrap module

v0.1.13  2015-04-22 19:25:53 PDT
        - Implemented experimental carmel rollout command to install artifacts into ./local

v0.1.12  2015-04-22 16:42:10 PDT
        - Implemented Carmel::Runtime->require_all
        - Save and restore cpanfile prereqs in Runtime

v0.1.11  2015-04-22 12:03:03 PDT
        - Big performance optimization in carmel exec, about 20 times less overhead
        - Do not use PERL5LIB env var anymore, rather use PERL5OPT and bootstrap .pm file
        - Fix a bug where -h/-v is swallowed in carton exec
        - -v will make cpanm installation a bit verbose too

v0.1.10  2015-04-21 15:04:06 PDT
        - Fixed a bug in 0.1.9 on sorting versions
        - use fatscript version of cpanm so that 'cpanm' in $PATH won't be used ala Carton (#7)

v0.1.9  2015-04-21 14:24:36 PDT
        - added -h and -v|--verbose for debugging
        - Internal refactoring and (de-)optimizations on artifact loading

v0.1.8  2015-04-20 21:40:06 PDT
        - Change the default base to ~/.carmel/5.20.2-{arch} rather than ~/.perl-carmel/5.020002-{arch}

v0.1.7  2015-04-20 14:44:20 CEST
        - Fix dependencies count display when 'perl' is in cpanfile
        - Fix the ordering of %ENV in exec when PATH/PERL5LIB is already set (#4)

v0.1.6  2015-04-20 01:55:23 CEST
        - up dependency on Carton
        - Fixed an issue with exact v-strings in requirements

v0.1.5  2015-04-19 16:07:40 CEST
        - `carmel install` now only installs missing requirements
        - internal refactorings
        - add `carmel show` command
        - add help and version subcommand
        - requires newer cpanm that supports better cpanfile requirement support

v0.1.4  2015-04-18 19:52:12 CEST
        - Fixed an issue with Devel::Carmel where Module::Runtime requires the module
        - Pass requirements as a dumped cpanfile to cpanm for more accurate requirements
        - Merge carton .snapshot if it's there
        - Display all required modules after carmel install
        - Set -q option in internal invocation of cpanm, just like Carton
        - When finding artifacts, honor the requirements built out of cpanfile and snapshot

v0.1.3  2015-04-18 12:12:49 CEST
        - Better display in carmel install to show already built modules
        - Big performance optimization in carton list/tree/exec
        - require newer cpanminus (marcus++)
        - skip Carton's cpanfile.snapshot support for now (marcus++)

v0.1.2  2015-04-17 23:25:24 CEST
        - fix possible infinite loop in many commands
        - implement tree command

v0.1.1  2015-04-17 22:45:55 CEST
        - include archname in build artifacts directory
        - remove unused modules

v0.1.0  2015-04-17 19:59:52 CEST
        - Initial release