Revision history for Perl extension DBIx::LogAny.

0.05 Friday May 19 2017


  In put the package definition at the start for correct imports
  thanks to Jens Rehsack.


  When a statement handle method is called with an already prepared
  statement handle log the SQL statement not the handle - thanks
  to Jens Rehsack.


  Various fixes to documentation thanks to Jens Rehsack.


  Add travis setup thanks to Jens Resack.

0.04 Thursday December 9 2012

  [Bug Fixes]

  A misspelt Module:::Loaded, Module::Load

0.03 Thursday December 6 2012

  [Bug Fixes]

  Module::Loaded was missing from dependencies in Makefile.PL
  Thanks to CPAN smokers for spotting.

0.02 Friday November 30 2012


  Added dbix_la_category attribute so you can override the category passed
  to get_logger.

  Added dbix_la_logger attribute so you can pass in your own log handle.

  Added DBIX_LA_LOG_STORE so you can log calls to STORE seperately.


  Switched to use Log::Log4perl's register_wrapper instead of using

  Updated SYNOPSIS to include more/better examples.

0.01 Wednesday November 28 2012

  First version based on DBIx::Log4perl