Revision history for Data-Compare-Plugins-Set-Object

1.002     2020-10-17 16:47:23-05:00 America/Chicago
    Documentation change: remove defunct AnnoCPAN site
1.001     2017-10-23 13:17:48-05:00 America/Chicago
    Bring up to modern Perl development standards. No functional changes.
    Now requires Perl 5.10.
1.0       2009-11-01 21:10:00-04:00 America/New_York
    First non-developer release.
1.0_5     2009-09-30 18:55:00-04:00 America/New_York
    Minor fix to dependencies listing.
1.0_4     2009-09-30 18:05:00-04:00 America/New_York
    Reduce second set by each found element, so there's no need to loop
    over it again.  This also removes the need for a separate counter
    Use List::Util's first() for above instead of List::MoreUtils' any().
    Minor Perl::Critic-instigated fixes, and more code commentary.
1.0_3     2009-09-29 11:30:00-04:00 America/New_York
    Added Test::Perl::Critic to test_requires, reported by Slaven Rezic.
    Also added Test::Pod and Test::Pod::Coverage to test_requires.
    Added Set::Object to requirements. (oops!)
1.0_2     2009-09-28 23:00:00-04:00 America/New_York
    Minor documentation fixes and pod formatting.
1.0_1     2009-09-26 21:19:06-04:00 America/New_York
    Initial release.