Revision history for Perl extension AnyEvent.

3.12 Tue Apr 22 07:11:46 CEST 2008
	- reinstate AUTHOR section that got lost somehow.
        - do not hang in the testsuite with badly broken perls (activestate,
          strawberry...), but instead diagnose the problem and continue.
        - use INT instead of CHLD in an attempt to support broken windows perls
          better (this decreases the test quality, unfortunately).
        - do not send the signal to the process group
          (no problem for CHLD, bad for INT :).

3.11 Sat Apr 19 06:57:31 CEST 2008
	- major documentation rework.
        - document the fact that child watchers only watch for zombies.
        - fix the child watcher example.

3.1  Wed Apr 16 17:09:01 CEST 2008
	- work around recurring bugs in Tk by dup'ing filehandles, the
          only method with good success chances on Tk (the bugs apparently
          don't get fixed anytime soon).
        - lift the restriction of only one watcher per fh direction
          (as the Tk bug workaround also lifts it and only Tk imposed
          such strong limits).
        - changed probe order to prefer coro adaptors.
        - explain why recursion into the event loop is not supported
          unless the backend supports it (only Coro::EV does without
          any restrictions...).
        - add simple manpages for all backend modules.

3.0  Mon Apr  7 21:30:23 CEST 2008
	- Coro::Signal changed semantics, roll our own, also cleaning
          up the Coro implementation in general.
        - rename Coro backend to CoroEvent.
        - add some decision helping paragraph to the manpage that should
          help people to decide whether AnyEvent is the right thing for them.

2.9  Mon Jan 28 13:31:54 CET 2008
	- update for EV 3.0 API changes.

2.8  Sun Nov 25 15:06:03 CET 2007
	- waitpid can validly return 0. accept this fact of life
          instead of reporting it to any watchers.

2.7  Fri Nov 23 11:41:14 CET 2007
	- force use of AnyEvent::Impl::Perl in testsuite, there is
          too much breakage outside AnyEvent.
        - deliver signals synchronously in AnyEvent::Impl::Perl
          or any other event loop that relies on AnyEvents child
          watcher emulation. *Could* help with hanging testsuite
          (except when Event or EV are installed).

2.6  Fri Nov  9 20:36:35 CET 2007
	- fix bug in testsuite.
        - move EV adaptor modules to AnyEvent.
        - add Coro+EV adaptor module.

2.55 Tue Nov  6 17:41:32 CET 2007
	- add EV to the list of supported event models.
        - do not auto-reset pid watchers, pass pid and status to them.
        - allow a pid of zero to watch for all children in child watchers.

2.54 Wed Jul 18 17:36:23 CEST 2007
	- work around a perl bug that results in
          BEGIN not safe after errors--compilation aborted without
          any discernible reason or error message by once
          again not use'ing strict.

2.53 Sun Jul  8 10:51:53 CEST 2007
	- make Glib interface work again (spotted by elmex).

2.52 Wed Mar  7 18:36:16 CET 2007
	- child watchers stopped working permanently when
          all current child watchers were destroyed.

2.51 Mon Dec 11 21:33:24 CET 2006
	- work around bugs in perl where eval "require Module" returns
          true even if the module couldn't be loaded :/.

2.5  Mon Dec 11 02:15:28 CET 2006
	- avoid $AUTOLOAD because many perls corrupt it.
        - AnyEvent::detect forces autodetection.
        - implement signal watchers (experimental)
          (Tk does not support async signals (<= 804.027 at least),
          so they might get delayed indefinitely on Tk).
        - implement child watchers (experimental).
        - moved default condvar implementation into base module, simplifying
          most implementation modules.

2.1  Fri Nov 24 15:50:48 CET 2006
	- better docs.
        - simple testsuite.
        - added AnyEvent->one_event method for special purposes.

2.0  Wed Nov  1 02:21:30 CET 2006
	- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: poll can now either be "r" or "w" but not both.
	- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: io watcher callbacks have no arguments anymore.
          new pure-perl model added, AnyEvent now always finds a suitable
          event model.
        - improved documentation.
        - reduced cpu overhead.

1.02 Fri Jan 13 14:15:40 CET 2006
	- add COPYING to clarify license.

1.01 Sun Jan  8 05:48:09 CET 2006
	- correctly cancel Event timers, avoid memory leaks.

1.0  Sun Jan  8 05:40:58 CET 2006
	- allow third-party interfaces to be added at runtime.
        - fix version number.

0.9  Fri Dec 30 02:25:41 CET 2005
	- fixed errors in the documentation.
        - going back to using $VERSION as "load check",
          as suggested by Jörn Reder. Let's see why I stopped using
          this method.
        - add 'hup' to the list of events to receive for glib
          and generate 'rw' events for it, as some versions of
          glib seem to require this, while this breaks other
          (older) versions of glib.
        - implemented PERL_ANYEVENT_VERBOSE env variable.

0.3   Sun Dec  4 10:43:33 CET 2005
        - no changes to the code.
	- fixed documentation.
        - clarified some corner cases.
        - vastly improved documentation with a long example.

0.2   Thu Dec  1 22:18:49 CET 2005
	- check whether a valid method was called, to avoid endless loops.
        - move condvars into their own class (cleaner, safer).
        - don't die when some modules are not available.
        - Tk is too broken to allow for words. Will work once Tk works.

0.1   Thu Dec  1 19:44:57 CET 2005
	- spiced up and cleaned up for release.

0.01  Tue Sep 21 18:12:09 CEST 2004
	- original version; copied from Convert::Scalar.