Revision history for Gimp-Perl extension.

1.0431 Thu Oct  8 20:01:32 CEST 1998
	- compile fix for gimp-1.0

1.043 Thu Oct  8 07:27:23 CEST 1998
	- allow <None> as menupath
	- examples/ shows all possible dialog widgets
	- fixed Gimp::Fu::xlfd_size to correctly return the pointsize
	  (rather than pointsize*10)
	- added FG_IMAGE_FILL (and fixed the values of the other FILL
	  constants, which were documented incorrectly)
	- Please note that you can upload your perl-scripts to the
	  Gimp-registry now(!!!!). Visit
	  and deposit your script ;)

1.042 Mon Oct  5 00:50:04 CEST 1998
	- implemented PF_ADJUSTMENT to aid scm2perl's job, its undocumented
	  and should not be used by new code.
	- Fixed a coredump problem when tracing.
	- Removed debugging code I accidently left in. Yuck Yuck!
	- An array size parameter in argument lists is now accepted and
	  silently ignored. This is for script-fu compatibility.
	- better error handling (I'm on the right track!)
	- added scm2perl (scheme to perl) to the distribution. Look at
	  "perldoc scm2perl". Needs Parse::RecDescent from CPAN.

1.041 Sat Oct  3 21:58:09 CEST 1998
	- a 5.004 compatibility fix. Another one and I'll simply "require
	- Gimp::Fu doesn't display image and drawable widgets in commandline
	  mode unless the script really is an <Image>-type script.
	- Gimp::Net now passes colour values correctly (and also
	  undefs, which makes it slower but perl doesn't warn
	  anymore. argh.)
	- constants now have empty prototypes (so "RGB_IMAGE ? ... : ..." parses as
	  question operator rather than pattern match.
	- Gimp::Fu/Cancel button works in commandline mode

1.04  Thu Oct  1 22:42:57 CEST 1998
	- don't disallow drawable arguments as layer parameters.
	- fixed error reporting again (it should work now but still
	  compiler with older perls ;)
	- implemented PF_FONT, see also Gimp::Fu::xlfd_size
	- implemented PF_SPINNER
	- another "Attempt to free unrecerenced scalar" warning fixed

1.035 Wed Sep 30 23:58:02 CEST 1998
	- Gimp::ignore_functions can be used to ignore AUTOLOADING
	  of some functions. This is mainly for the benefit of interface
	- Gimp::Net/spawn will ignore gimp_progress_init and other, similar
	  gui dependent functions.
	- changed lookup order again to ease overwriting functions.
	- fixed the bug with not using the perl version of some functions
	  (like gimp_list_images)

1.034 Wed Sep 16 21:21:42 CEST 1998
	- various bugfixes in Gimp::Fu
	- added slider type to Gimp::Fu (PF_SLIDER), see
	  for a demo.

1.033 Tue Sep 15 17:53:50 CEST 1998
	- added mailing list info to the README
	- compatibility fix for 5.004

1.032 Mon Sep 14 02:29:55 CEST 1998
	- Gimp::Fu now has (some) support for return values. I told you to
	  return undef ;)
	- fixed memory problem in Gimp::Lib when param array was empty.
	- removed bogus plug_in_ name prefix form the examples
	- don't install by default, gimp is just too buggy ;)
	- now doesn't cut the layer away if the selection is empty.
	- added FG/BG buttons to fetch colours to Gimp::Fu (try Filters/Misc/Webify)
	- disabled intensive tests (batch mode now requires script-fu...

1.031 Sun Sep 13 21:50:51 CEST 1998
	- non-OO syntax works again (silly me) (and is no longer deprecated,
	  but the default!)
	- Gimp::function syntax officially does not work anymore. Use
	  Gimp->function syntax now (or use :auto)
	- made compatible with the newest gimp snapshit. wrote
	  lamentation to gimp-developers. commited suicide.
	- added examples/
	- first try to implement return values in Gimp. Gimp::Fu still
	  lacks support.

1.03  Wed Sep  9 21:04:54 CEST 1998
	- all files are now readable/exec'able by group owner
	- updated some examples to the new syntax
	- small documentation changes (still waaay to go..)
	- Gimp::Fu now allows any string as colour specifier.
	- the Perl-Server doesn't eat the string "Gimp" as first argument
	  anymore, but still gimp_some_function("Gimp") is indistinguishable
	  from Gimp->gimp_some_function().
	- not use'ing Gimp from interface modules makes everything so much
	- fixed make clean
	- added more tests, including starting and testing The Gimp itself
	- passwords can now be used for the Perl-Server (and tcp is open
	  by default)

1.02  Wed Sep  2 23:35:37 CEST 1998
	- added Gimp::Patterns
	- Gimp::Fu now doesn't gratitiously share LAST_VALS with other
	  Gimp::Fu-plugins anymore ;)
	- reworked AUTOLOAD again, no it even seems to work.
	- fixed Fu::interact

1.01  Tue Sep  1 23:18:25 CEST 1998
	- PARAM_IMAGEs (et al.) can now be passed into an INT32ARRAY
	- arrays as return value now work. if a single array is being returned,
	  return it flat, else return it as reference (this does not include
	  colours, though)
	- INT8 values will now be returned UNSIGNED (!)
	- totally reworked autoloading, I hope its cleaner that way:
	  - Gimp is now a class like any other (Gimp::Layer, Palette)
	  - flat calling syntax is now deprecated ("gimp_image_new"),
	    OO-syntax should be used ("new Image" or "Gimp->image_new"),
	    which allows better compatibility.

1.005 Mon Aug 24 23:09:17 CEST 1998
1.004 (internal release for debian)
	- requires Gtk-0.3 now... since this version finally works,
	  I can code again:
	- added "Defaults" button to Gimp::Fu
	- prototypes enabled for pixel/region/pdl functions
	- various bugfixes to PDL functions

1.003 Sat Aug 15 21:06:41 CEST 1998
	- gimp-1.1 removes some functions, so don't prototype them.
	- a drawable first argument substitues for an image, i.e.
	  you can omit the first IMAGE
	- error reporting is now much better and reports the correct
	  source position, I hope ;)

1.002 Mon Jul 27 12:44:46 CEST 1998
	- Patch by Dov Grobgeld (default values for arguments, bugfixes)
	- gimp_displays_flush called always after a Fu-script

1.001 Sat Jul 25 04:01:55 CEST 1998
	- another fix by Aaron Sherman

1.0   Thu Jul 23 23:35:13 CEST 1998
	- prefix wrongly defaulted to /usr/local
	- other configuration changes
	- fixed(?) mod. of read-only variable...

0.996 Wed Jul 22 14:39:23 CEST 1998
	- greatly reduced code bloat, almost all functions
	  can be traced now, at expense of speed and possible
	  libgimp-bashing ;-<
	- _some_ plug-ins are installed by default now
	- if this surives the test, it will be 1.0. really.

0.995 Tue Jul 21 20:08:32 CEST 1998
	- do not depend on origargc and origargv anymore, as
	  these do not exist in perl5.004_76 (due to a bug, but
	  the new solution is better)
	- this is the release 1.0 candidate

0.994 Tue Jul 21 04:57:28 CEST 1998
	- check wether DIVIDE_MODE is available
	- commented out gimp_channel_get_show_masked
	  and gimp_channel_set_show_masked, since they are
	  implemented in gimp-1.0
	- implemented strings as colour specifiers, i.e.
	  gimp_palette_set_foreground "slategrey"
	  see Gimp::set_rgb_db

0.993 Tue Jul 21 04:38:01 CEST 1998
	- incorporated Dov's patch to enable --output
	  (man Gimp::Fu, save_image)

0.992 Thu Jul 16 17:10:46 CEST 1998
	- added more constants (see DIVIDE_MODE, gimp_color_balance)
	- Perl-Server now clears the trace result from the last command,
	  in case the command doesn't set it.

0.991 Thu Jul 15 19:00:50 CEST 1998
	- gimp_set/get_data now uses gimp_data_get_size when available
	  (the test will fail with some cpp's, though ...)

0.99  Tue Jul  7 03:23:07 CEST 1998
	- --info switch deleted from Fu
	- implemented --interact switch, default is now NOT
	  to interact when any script-arguments are given.
	- switched to using vi, instead of joe, for editing
	- killed configure, a Makefile.PL is now used (which
	  calls configure ;-)
	- got rid of the top-level configure, now use the Makefile.PL
	- implemented RUN_WITH_LAST_VALS in Fu, with hopefully useful
	  semantics. \0\0 is currently illegal in arguments, otherwise I had
	  required Data::Dumper or Storable

0.98  (not correctly issued)
	- 0.98 was wrongly issued to CPAN.

0.97  Tue Jun 30 19:36:23 CEST 1998
	- bugfixes, changes for gimp-1.1
	- Gtk-0.2.3 required

0.96  Sun Jun  7 16:24:46 CEST 1998
	- added to the manifest.
	- Gimp::Tile & friends now work with Gimp::Net
	- Gimp::Fu now supports all PARAM_xxx-types
	- Gimp::Fu now supports some of the switches

0.95  Fri May 29 13:47:48 CEST 1998
	- thanks mr. libgimpui developer for this braindamaged "use static
	  structures" attitude. I reimplemented the libgimpui in perl.
	  not that it got worse...

0.94  Wed May 27 04:19:24 CEST 1998
	- PixelRgn and Tile manpages merged.
	- Gtk-0.2.2 required
	- Lib.xs (and _only_ Lib.xs!) now compiles & links against
	  gtk-config --whatever, since we need widget support.

0.93  Tue May 26 03:09:59 CEST 1998
	- documentation updates.
	- bugfixes.
	- added plug-in.

0.92  Sat May 23 23:46:33 CEST 1998
	- preliminary GDrawable support (NOT Gimp::Net)
	- preliminary GTile support (NOT Gimp::Net)
	- preliminary GPixelRgn support (NOT Gimp::Net)
	- preliminary PDL support (in Gimp::PDL)
	- moved Gimp::OO into Gimp
	- bugfixes

0.91  Fri May 22 01:55:30 CEST 1998
	- Gimp::ColorSelectButton is no longer installed, Gtk-0.2.2 is
	- commandline parameters supported
	- gimp_image_get_layers, gimp_image_get_cmap, gimp_image_get_channels
	  commented out, use pdb functions instead
	- fixed a bug in Fu handling of <Image> plug-ins

0.90  Tue May 12 15:26:50 CEST 1998
	- tracing works in Perl-Server (Oleg Bartunov)
	- fixes for Gtk-0.2.1
	- Gtk::ColorSelectButton renamed to Gimp::ColorSelectButton
	  until Gtk is fixed.
	- _I_ made the error of writing udp when I meant unix. _ARGH_

0.89  Mon May 11 03:29:30 CEST 1998
	- added common commandline options (--help, --host, --verbose)
	- help option for Gimp::Fu
	- added a whole bunch of --with-*= switches
	- well.... still more bugfixes!
	- Gimp::Net will autostart gimp

0.88  Wed May  6 17:00:57 CEST 1998
	- fixed "script-fu-whatever-garbage"->(arguments...)
	- renamed Net-Server to Perl-Server (why?)
	- more (untested) configuration changes. Does it work at all now?
	- removed Gimp::Util (it _was_ not convincing)
	- even more fixes
	- Gimp::Fu! including some documentation ;)
	- added Gtk/

0.87  Mon Apr 27 15:38:23 CEST 1998
	- mainly a bugfix release, none of the new features work yet!
	- started to code Gimp::Fu for simple dialogs.
	- added more autoflush for old perls *sigh*
	- autoconf'd. not good, but its a start
	- AUTOLOAD is no longer exported, instead, @ISA is used

0.86  Thu Apr  2 19:59:06 CEST 1998
	- missing __STDC__VERSION__ only gives a warning now
	- got rid of alloca
	- added gimp_set_data & gimp_get_data
	- new module Gimp::Data

0.85  Fri Mar 27 17:43:35 CET 1998
	- compatibility autoflush added in Net-Server, better upgrade to 5.004_04
	- better signal handling in Net-Server... why does libgimp need SIGPIPE?
	- add -lglib to the libraries for Lib.xs, to cater for yet more broken systems

0.84  Fri Mar 13 21:23:07 CET 1998
	- calling "new Object" now actually works the second time.

0.83  Tue Feb 24 17:29:34 CET 1998
	- use strict always everywhere.
	- more errors fixed (by compiling under solaris ;), thanks
	  to dov@Orbotech.Co.IL for pointing it out!
	- change to support gnuc, c9x, and old (none) varargs macro syntax
	  could be done much easier, but I like the correct approach

0.82  Mon Feb 16 12:20:42 CET 1998
	- array types implemented... the gimp pdb wasn't thoughtfully
	  designed, or better: not _too_ thoughtfully.
	- network protocl changed (dunno why, not necessarily better..
	  also I was infected by versionitis (but Data::Dumper has the same
	  problem ;)))
	- floats are now displayed as such ;)

0.81  Sun Feb 15 20:57:53 CET 1998
	- tracing now works for networked scripts.
	- tcp supported in the server & client, but not enabled by default.
	- simplified
	- IO-syntax now support, i.e. new Image(..), which is still a hacky
	  namespace game

0.80  Fri Feb 13 17:15:48 CET 1998
	- version 1.0 is the first one generally usable.. we're getting
	- close!  Gimp::Net and Gimp::Lib are only internal modules, there
	  is not much of a distinction between networked modules and modules
	  using libgimp!
	- Gimp::OO usable over the network.

0.07  Thu Feb 12 06:51:56 CET 1998
	- some bugfixes, and the addition of Gimp::Net and an accompanying
	  server. See for a demo.

0.06  Wed Feb 11 02:42:24 CET 1998
	- the first user sent an example script ;)
	- PARAM_STRING's are now correctly displayed in traces
	- start of Gimp::Util, not very convincing
	- pseudo-oo interface, see Gimp::OO

0.05  Sat Feb  7 23:31:08 CET 1998
	- added set_trace and trace capabilities. helps to track down bugs in
	  pdb calls

0.04  Sat Feb  7 21:43:56 CET 1998
	- gimp_channel_set_color uses a d_color argument, like everybody else
	- libgimp functions will be used instead of pdb calls
	  wherever possible. libgimp functions using different calling
	  conventions than equivalent pdb functions (gimp_layer_copy, etc..)
	  are NOT exported.

0.03  Sat Feb  7 06:15:09 CET 1998
	- even more usable. although only pdb calls are implemented,
	  most gimp functions are available. dealing with tiles
	  directly in perl is probably too slow anyway (ha-ha ;)
	- the example plugin does slightly more now.

0.02  Sat Feb  7 04:18:17 CET 1998
	- first working version

0.01  Fri Feb  6 17:51:56 CET 1998
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18