Revision history for Perl extension JSON::XS

TODO: maybe simply use \0 and \1 as true/false when encoding (and overloaded/blessed versions thereof on

0.8  Mon Mar 26 00:10:48 CEST 2007
	- fix a memleak when decoding hashes.
	- export jsonToBj and objToJson as aliases
          to to_json and from_json, to reduce incompatibilities
          between JSON/JSON::PC and JSON::XS. (experimental).
        - implement a maximum nesting depth for both en- and de-coding.
        - added a security considerations sections.

0.7  Sun Mar 25 01:46:30 CET 2007
	- code cleanup.
	- fix a memory overflow bug when indenting.
        - pretty-printing now up to 15% faster.
        - improve decoding speed of strings by
          up to 50% by specialcasing short strings.
        - further decoding speedups for strings using
          lots of \u escapes.
        - improve utf8 decoding speed for U+80 .. U+7FF.

0.5  Sat Mar 24 20:41:51 CET 2007
	- added the UTF-16 encoding example hinted at in previous
        - minor documentation fixes.
        - fix a bug in and optimise canonicalising fastpath
          (reported by Craig Manley).
        - remove a subtest that breaks with bleadperl (reported
          by Andreas K├Ânig).

0.31 Sat Mar 24 02:14:34 CET 2007
	- documentation updates.
        - do some casting to hopefully fix Andreas' problem.
        - nuke bogus json rpc stuff.

0.3  Fri Mar 23 19:33:21 CET 2007
	- remove spurious PApp::Util reference (John McNamara).
	- adapted lots of tests from other json modules
          (idea by Chris Carline).
        - documented mapping from json to perl and vice versa.
        - improved the documentation by adding more examples.
        - added short escaping forms, reducing the created
          json texts a bit.
        - added shrink flag.
        - when flag methods are called without enable argument
          they will by default enable their flag.
        - considerably improved string encoding speed (at least
          with gcc 4).
        - added a test that covers lots of different characters.
        - clarified some error messages.
        - error messages now use correct character offset
          with F_UTF8.
        - improve the "no bytes" and "no warnings" hacks in
          case the called functions do... stuff.
        - croak when encoding to ascii and an out-of-range
          (non-unicode) codepoint is encountered.

0.2  Fri Mar 23 00:23:34 CET 2007
	- the "could not sleep without debuggign release".
          it should basically work now, with many bugs as
          no production tests have been run yet.
	- added more testcases.
	- the expected shitload of bugfixes.
	- handle utf8 flag correctly in decode.
        - fix segfault in decoder.
        - utf8n_to_uvuni sets retlen to -1, but retlen is an
          unsigned types (argh).
        - fix decoding of utf-8 strings.
        - improved error diagnostics.
        - fix decoding of 'null'.
        - fix parsing of empty array/hashes
        - silence warnings when we prepare the croak message.

0.1   Thu Mar 22 22:13:43 CET 2007
	- first release, very untested, basically just to claim
          the namespace.
0.01  Thu Mar 22 06:08:12 CET 2007
	- original version; cloned from Convert-Scalar