This is the change log for the perl extension PApp::SQL.

2.002 Mon Mar  4 07:24:49 CET 2019
	- support DBD::MAriaDB is sql_insertid.
        - use DBI's last_insert_id method as fallback, with
          all undef parameters.

2.001 Sat Oct  7 17:52:36 CEST 2017
	- protip: avoid postgres, it's an inefficient pile of garbage code.
	- work around DBD::Pg (and only DBD::Pg) unnecessarily modifying
          the first argument of bind_param, likely due to some misguided
          implementation of some unneccessary extensions requiring
          non-standard syntax for bind_param. bleah.
        - minor av_fetch optimisation.

2.0   Sat Jul 28 15:50:52 CEST 2012
	- work around some bugs in DBD drivers (SQLite...) instead of
	- use SvOKp to decide whether we should upgrade to utf-8.
        - since DBD::mysql keeps changing their number detection code
          and therefore keeps corrupting our data, call bind_param
          with "correctly" deduced types on first first execution
          of an sql statement.
        - cache prepare and all statement methods per stash, to avoid
          having to look up multiple methods per execution.
        - use a default lru cache size of 100 instead of 50.
        - switch to FNV-1a hash and actually _do_ hash more than the
          first character of the sql statement.
        - check the length of the sql string when deciding whether it is
          too long for caching, do not use the size of the allocated
          memory area, which is less useful.
        - use less mind-boggling but safer method to pass return values to perl.

1.05  Sun Jun 21 07:13:25 CEST 2009
	- check statement handles for active state, to avoid using
          a cached statement handle that is currently active
          (good for recursive invocations, and threads).
        - allow cache sizes of 0, do not crash.
        - reduce max cached statement length from 8k to 4k.

1.04  Sun Jun 21 02:27:46 CEST 2009
        - be more Coro/thread friendly by actually making a copy of the
          database handle inside sql_exec.
	- use croak for error reporting, not die.

1.03  Sat Jan 19 09:56:26 CET 2008
	- work around API changes in perl 5.10.

1.02  Fri Mar  3 15:11:23 CET 2006
	- fixed a bug with argument passing to connect_cached in checked_dbh.
	- sqlite sql_insertid support.
        - added Changes file.

1.0   Thu Sep  1 10:53:32 CEST 2005
	- avoid some cast warnings.
        - it has been extremely well-tested, so bump to 1.0.

0.143 Wed Jan 28 20:03:52 MET 2004
        - force bind-variables to utf8 before binding (for sql_u*)
          (Stefan Traby).

0.142 Thu Nov  7 02:57:30 CET 2002
	- work around what looks like a memory leak inside
          DBI when execute is called with tied hashelements.

0.141 Fri Aug  2 05:29:31 CEST 2002
	- only "small" (<8k size) statements are cached, larger ones
          are thrown away on the assumption that these won't likely be

0.14  Wed Jun 26 03:42:30 CEST 2002
	- the sql_*fetch* functions now make mortal copies of
          the values returned by DBI. This is slower but ensures
          correctness in spite of perl's own optimizations ;)

0.131 Wed Apr 10 21:56:56 CEST 2002
	- removed references to using $DBH in the callers package, which
          doesn't work.

0.13  Wed Feb 27 05:29:06 CET 2002
	- sql_u* functions were not forcing utf8 on their return values.

0.1241 Mon Dec 31 04:03:37 CET 2001
	- mysql_client_found_rows set by default on mysql-connects.

0.124 Sat Aug 11 03:02:45 CEST 2001
	- new methods sql_uexec, sql_ufetch, sql_ufetchall that force/upgrade
          to utf8.
        - added COPYING.

0.121 Mon Feb 12 16:56:21 CET 2001
	- set InactiveDestroy for all handles in reinitialize instead
          of closing them.

0.12  Mon Feb  5 13:42:20 CET 2001
	- seperated from the PApp package.
        - fixes for 5.005 compatibility.
        - renamed $database to $Database.

Changes done while this was a part of PApp include:
0.11 <Unreleased PApp version>
	- 5.005-ified SQL/SQL.xs.

0.10 <Unreleased: missing license. Write to for complaints>
	- PApp::SQL now tries to reconnect twice.

0.08  Sun Jun 18 23:53:50 CEST 2000
	- fixed memory corruption bug in SQL.xs that happens
	  because mod_perl BOOT:'s the same object twice :(
	- PApp::Env and PApp::SQL should be more resistent to restarts.
        - PApp::SQL::*fetch methods call finish on the statement handle,
          as does sql_exec in void context.

Even older, prehistoric versions of this module under other names
obviously had no Changes file (that's why it's called _pre_historic).