v1.40  2013-09-04 16:53:36 EST  Mark Leighton Fisher
  - This is the "Kwalitee" release of pmtools! All of the
    Test::Kwalitee and Test::Kwalitee::Extra tests now pass.
  - I have (briefly) tested this release on Debian 7.1
    with Perl 5.8.8, 5.14.2, and 5.18.1.
  - Please note that there are currently only tests for
    basepods and faqpods. My current plan is add tests for
    all other programs and modules in the next release.
  - This is the first release where I used Dist::Zilla to
    create the release. A special thanks to David Golden
    for bundling some many useful Dist::Zilla plugins
    together (Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::DAGOLDEN).
  - All programs and modules now 'use strict' and
    'use warnings' (part of "Kwalitee").
  - Licensing information is now in the LICENSE section
    for programs and modules (part of "Kwalitee').
  - There are now LICENSE, MYMETA.json, META.yml, and
    MYMETA.yml files (part of "Kwalitee").
  - Programs are now in the standard location 'bin'.
  - Devel::Loaded is now in the standard location
  - There is now a 'pmtools' module (lib/pmtools.pm).
  - 'pmtools' is now the source of the version number for
    all other programs and modules in pmtools. This should
    satisfy dsteinbrunner's pull request of April 27, 2013.
  - 'pminclude' lists the directories in @INC. This
    replaces the poorly-named 'pmdirs' program.
  - Documentation for Devel::Loaded has been fixed. This
    should satisfy neilbowers' pull request of December 21,
    2012 and neilbowers' pull request of July 16, 2013.
  - I've fixed some permissions and such that should satisfy
    dolmen's pull request of December 25, 2012.
  - INTERNAL DETAIL: This version was developed on a
    separate branch rather than 'master' (some Git

v1.30  2013-01-18 17:24:19 EST  Mark Leighton Fisher
  - Moved to Git for source control.
  - Added the GitHub repo
  - Fixed Devel/Loaded.pm so it is not added to the
    output. Thanks to NEILB@cpan.org for spotting this
    bug (a modern Perls bug).
  - Patched pmeth to flag Perl constants as such (thanks
    to jpierce@cpan.org for the patch). XS constants
    are not yet marked (some C-fu needs to be applied).
  - Patched basepods to use 'pods' as the directory for
    the base PODs (modern Perls use 'pods'). Alas, this
    appears to be inspired by a CPANgnome, as there was
    no Requestor on the ticket. :(

v1.20  2012-12-07 15:25:50 EST  Mark Leighton Fisher
  - Patched pminst so only unique package names are printed.
    Thanks to Matthew Persico for the patch. (Honorable
    mention goes to Andrew Pam, but Matthew's patch is
    smaller and more robust as it handles an @INC with
    directories in any order.)
  - Fixed pminst to ignore non-existent directories.
  - Added pmcheck, a tool to check that Perl is set up
    correctly for use with Perl modules. Currently,
    pmcheck only verifies that everything in @INC is an
    existing, readable directory.

v1.10  2008-01-18 06:57:21 EST  Mark Leighton Fisher
  - Added copyrights in my name as well as Tom Christiansen.
  - Changed to dual-license like Perl: GNU and Perl Artistic.
    This was at the request of the Fedora project, as they
    wanted a version of pmtools licensed under GNU.

v1.01  2006-03-21 21:33:52 EST  Mark Leighton Fisher
  - Two sets of patches from Jose Pedro Oliveira:
    1. Added missing pmeth to Makefile.PL.
    2. "$mod" was partially renamed to "$module" in my copy; this
       patch restores it to "$mod".
  - Added Changes and TODO files.
  - Updated MANIFEST with Changes and TODO.