Change history for the MongoDB Perl driver:

v0.703.3  2014-04-01 10:32:49-04:00 America/New_York (TRIAL RELEASE)


  - Adds support for MongoDB server version 2.6



  - Support for Kerberos authentication on Linux (EXPERIMENTAL)

  - Add a get_collection method to MongoDB::Collection (@sanbeg, pull #52)

  - Optimizations on inserts and fetch (@ilmari, pull #66, PERL-129)

  - Hash ordering fixes (@ilmari, pull #64)

  - Double and int type helpers (@kenahoo, pull #65, PERL-227)

  - TTL index support (@drtz, pull #60, PERL-222)

  - Restored support for Perl 5.8.

  - Support for native DBRefs.

  [Bug Fixes]

  - UTF-8 fixes (@ilmari, pull #67, #68)

  - DateTime fixes (@kenahoo, pull #65)

  - Don't do aggregation tests when running against MongoDB < 2.2.

0.47 - 0.503.4


  - Ordered hash support for MongoDB::Cursor::hint() (Colin Syr)

  - timegm() implementation for Windows (Stevie-O)

  - aggregate() helper method
  - find_and_modify helper

  - Connection URI support enhancements (Tianon Gravi)

  - MongoClient new top-level object

  - Removing AUTOLOAD method examples from documentation

  - Replacing $conn examples with $client in docs.

  - Deprecation warning for MongoDB::Connection

  - Removed dependence on Any::Moose

  - Support for fsyncLock/unlock (Casey Rojas)

  - Support for dt_type param, DateTime::Tiny and raw epoch times

  - Support for UTF8 hash keys (Roman Yerin)

  - Support for 'j' param to turn on journaling (Casey Rojas)

  [Bug Fixes]

  - Miscellaneous documentation fixes (Andrey Khozov, others)

  - Fixed socket timeout bug (nightlord)

  - Fixed broken regex test for Perls < 5.14.

  - More accurate isUTF8 function (Jan Anderssen)

  - Proper serialization of regex flags via re::regexp_pattern



  - Added SSL support (Casey Rojas). See new documentation on
    MongoDB::Connection's ssl attribute.

  - Added MongoDB::BSON::Binary type and MongoDB::BSON::use_binary option. See
    the Data Types documentation on using the Binary type instead of string refs
    for binary data.

  - Change default binary type from 2 to 0.  See MongoDB::BSON::Binary for
    more information about the implications of this change.

  [Bug Fixes]

  - Fix auth connection issues (Olly Stephens)

  - Fix driver creating duplicate connections when port isn't specified (Olly

  - Fix authentication check on some versions of Perl (Olly Stephens)

0.45 - September 7, 2011

  This is a recommended upgrade.  There are no backwards-breaking changes, only
  bug fixes and enhancements.


  - Perl 5.8.4 and higher is now officially supported (5.8.7 was the previous
    minimum version).

  - Improved the way that connecting handles an interrupt signal.  The driver
    now continues to attempt connection for the remaining duration of the
    timeout, instead of erroring out immediately.

  [Bug Fixes]

  - Fixed MaxKey and MinKey deserialization. Deserializing these types would seg
    fault if they hadn't been serialized previously.

  - Fixed Windows compilation (Taro Nishino)

  - Fixed MakeMaker arguments which were causing build problems on 5.14.

0.44 - July 26, 2011

  This is a recommended upgrade.  There are no backwards-breaking changes, only
  bug-fixes and enhancements.


  - Added MongoDB::BSON::looks_like_number flag.

    The Perl driver has always been coy about turning strings into numbers.  If
    you would like aggressive number parsing (if it looks like a number, send it
    to the DB as a number), you can set MongoDB::BSON::looks_like_number to 1
    (defaults to 0, the previous behavior).  See the MongoDB::DataTypes pod for
    more info.

  - Tests should now clean up after themselves, leaving no test databases

  [Bug Fixes]

  - Setting a sort in the arguments to MongoDB::Collection::find is now passed
    through correctly to the cursor.

  - Fixed segmentation fault in array serialization: caused by specifying an _id
    field on insert and using an array (not a hash or Tie::IxHash).

  - Fixed segmentation fault in threading: if Mouse was used instead of Moose,
    version 0.43 of the driver would segfault if multiple threads were used.

  - MongoDB::Cursor now inherits the $Mongo::Cursor::slave_okay global setting,
    as well as checking if slave_okay is set on the cursor instance.

  - Fix GridFS functions to only ensure GridFS indexes on writes, allowing
    GridFS API usage on slaves.

0.43 - May 31, 2011

  This is a recommended upgrade.  There are no backwards-breaking changes, only
  bug-fixes and enhancements.


  - Auto-detects max BSON size for inserts, which means documents larger than
    4MB can now be inserted.  See L<MongoDB::Connection/max_bson_size> for

  - Added the L<MongoDB::Cursor/info> method, which returns meta information
    about the results being returned.

  [Bug Fixes]

  - When high UTF-8 values as hash keys, the driver now croaks instead of

  - Added 'use IO::File' before IO::File is used (Michael Langner)

  - Fixed Perl 5.14 compile (Chip Salzenberg)


  - Fixes for Sparc architecture
  - Fixed PVIV misinterpretations


  - Re-discover master on "not master" errors
  - Make driver thread safe (Florian Ragwitz)
  - POD fix (Ronald Kimball)
  - Fix GridFS warning (Graham Barr)
  - Allow auto_connect => 0 for replica sets (Graham Barr)


  - DateTime floating timezones now warn on serialization
  - Attempting to serialize unrecognized object types now croaks
  - MongoDB::Cursor::explain now resets cursor properly
  - Added BSON::encode_bson and BSON::decode_bson (Jason Toffaletti)
  - Safe writes return a hash of information instead of 1 (on success)
  - Improved last_error/safe docs
  - Fixed doc spelling errors (Stefan Hornburg)


  - Fixed memory leak


  - Fixed indexing subdocuments (x.y.z)
  - Fixed GridFS to accept non-fs prefixes (Olly Stephens)
  - Fixed compile for old C compilers (Taro Nishino)
  - Added MongoDB::read_documents for handling db replies (Graham Barr)


  - Fixed cursor not found error condition
  - Fixed compile for old C compilers
  - Fixed weird file behavoir on some machines


  - Replica set support
  - Deserialize booleans as booleans (instead of ints) (Andrew Page)
  - Fixed OS X build (Todd Caine)
  - Added background option for index creation (Graham Barr)
  - Fixed slurp tests (Josh Rabinowitz)
  - Added MongoDB::Timestamp type

0.35 - 02 July 2010

  - Added MongoDB::BSON::utf8_flag_on (Pan Fan)
  - Added MongoDB::GridFS::File::slurp (Pan Fan)
  - Fixed memory leak

0.34 - 17 June 2010

  - $conn->foo->bar->baz now gets the bar.baz collection in the foo database
  - Slight speed improvements on inserts
  - Added $conn->query_timeout option to control timeout lengths for all queries
    done over a given connection
  - MongoDB::Cursor::tailable and MongoDB::Cursor::immortal
  - added TO_JSON function to MongoDB::OID
  - Fixed safe save (Othello Maurer)
  - BACKWARD-BREAKING: removed old indexing syntax (if you started using the
    driver less than a year ago, this shouldn't affect you.  If you're an old-
    timer, make sure you're not using the syntax that has been deprecated for a

0.33 26 April 2010

  - Fixed tests

0.32 21 April 2010

  - BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY BREAK: croak on failed safe
    update/insert/remove/ensure_index (Eric Wilhelm)
  - w and wtimeout (see MongoDB::Connection::w)
  - die correctly on MongoCollection::count errors (help from Josh Rabinowitz)
  - added MongoDB::Collection::find (same as query)
  - added get, put, and delete methods to MongoDB::GridFS
  - Perl 5.12 compatibility

0.31 05 April 2010

  - C89 fix (Taro Nishino)
  - Added MongoDB::Code type
  - Use connection format: mongodb://host1,host2:port2,host3...
  - Arbitrary number of hosts supported
  - Auto-reauthentication on dropped connection
  - ensure_index name option

0.30 10 March 2010

  - Support BigInt
  - On 64-bit machines, support 64-bit nums w/out BigInt (Ryan Olson)
  - Added connection timeout option (Othello Maurer)
  - Added clarifying docs on fields (Josh Rabinowitz)

0.29 01 March 2010

  - Added safe options for remove, update, and ensure_index
  - Added save method
  - Fixed bug in UTF8 checking
  - Fixed serialization of "tie %hash, 'Tie:IxHash'"

0.28 28 Jan 2010

  - Fixed undef values (Andrew Bryan)
  - Added GridFS multi-chunk test using File::Temp (Josh Rabinowitz)
  - Allow tie(%h, 'Tie::IxHash') to be used as well as Tie::IxHash->new
  - Fixed GridFS indexes and added chunkSize and uploadDate to metadata
  - Fixed batch_insert doc (Eric Wilhelm)
  - Fixed big endian build

0.27 22 Dec 2009

  - Indexes: Improved ensure_index syntax, added drop_dups option
  - Inserts: Added safe insert, checks object is < 4 MB before inserting
  - Fixed socket closing bug
  - Big-endian support
  - $ can be replaced by any character using MongoDB::BSON::char
  - MongoDB::OIDs: Fixed undefined behavior in serialization (Peter Edwards), added OID::get_time
  - 5.8.7-compatible memory allocation (Peter Edwards)
  - Added MongoDB::MaxKey and MongoDB::MinKey support

0.26  09 Nov 2009

  - Don't force i386 arch (Needed to compile on OS X with x86_64) (Graham Barr)
  - Include inc/ dir for CPAN
  - Memory leak fixes
  - Added tutorial

0.24  15 Oct 2009

  - Fix for uninitialized array values (David Morrison)
  - boolean support
  - Connection memory leak fix
  - added MongoDB::Cursor::count

0.23  25 Sept 2009

  Changes in this version by Ask Bjørn Hansen, Florian Ragwitz,
  Orlando Vazquez, Kristina Chodorow, and Eric Wilhelm:

  - Make inserting double's (floats/NV's), undefined/null, Tie::IxHash values
  - Query sorting, snapshot, explain, and hint
  - Added non-unique ensure_index
  - Added GridFS
  - Added regex support
  - find_one takes optional fields parameter
  - DateTime used for dates
  - No C++ driver dependency

0.01  06 May 2009
  - Initial release.

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