Revision history for Perl extension App::Daemon.

0.15 (02/22/2012)
   (ms) [ #75219] Umask is now set to 0 to allow OS calls 
        to provide their own permission masks and not to depend on the 
        umask of the caller.

0.14 (12/25/2011)
   (ms) [ #72835] Patch by Peter to fix 'restart'.

0.13 (07/19/2011)
   (ms) [ #69561] default log and pid files are now in the
        current directory, not in /tmp by default because of security 
   (ms) [ #69561] not setting umask anymore

0.12 (07/18/2011)
   (ms) 'status' now doesn't write to the logfile (suggested by Brian Pitts)
   (ms) 'stop' now verifies if the process is still up, and retries
        $App::Daemon::kill_retries times (defaults to 3) times, with 
        1-second sleeps in between.
   (ms) Upon successful 'stop', pid file now gets removed (suggested by 
        Brian Pitts)
   (ms) 'status' now triggers exit codes
        in compliance with (suggested by Brian Pitts)
   (ms) using SIGTERM now instead of SIGINT to terminate a process

0.11 (08/28/2010)
    (ms) Fixed test suite.

0.10 (08/19/2010)
    (ms) Writing pid file before dropping privileges (just like logfile).

0.09 (04/09/2010)
    (ms) Fixed find_option example on manual page. Thanks to 
         Rolf Schaufelberger for pointing it out.
    (ms) Added github repository link to Makefile.PL
    (ms) Changed dropping privileges to setuid() 

0.08 (11/05/2009)
    (ms) [RT 50884] Applied patch by Matthew Byng-Maddick allow overriding
         app-internal option settings by command line options. Order is now:
         command line > app-internal > App::Daemon internal
    (ms) [RT 51066] Applied patch by Mike Whitaker to point stdin/out/err 
         to /dev/null instead of closing them.

0.07 (10/08/2009)
    (ms) Applied patch by Sadrak [rt:44513] to check if Log4perl has
         already been initialized and skip the easy_init call in this
         case. Note that -v then has to be handled by the user-provided 
         Log4perl configuration instead.
    (ms) [RT 50326] Fixed insecure dependency error in tainted mode
         by untainting the string obtained by appname().

0.06 (03/05/2009)
    (ms) Added detach() as an importable method for simple daemons.

0.05 (02/17/2009)
    (ms) Better docs as requested by Tim Appnel
    (ms) docs on application-specific command line options
    (ms) Better daemonization according to Stevens (Advanced Programming
         in the UNIX environment)
    (ms) Make sure the child isn't killed by a closed session before
         it is able to detach from the tty.
    (ms) Better __DIE__ handler as suggested by Karl Rune Nilsen in

0.04 10/02/2008
    (ms) Fixed logfile permissions if daemon starts up at root and
         then drops priviledges. Added docs.

0.03 08/03/2008
    (ms) Fixed test suite for Freebsd, which locks tempfiles 
         exclusively. Thanks to to CPAN tester Slaven Rezic.
    (ms) Removed restriction on perl-5.8.

0.02 08/01/2008
    (ms) Added setting logfile and pidfile within the script itself, as
    suggested by Kimo Rosenbaum.
    (ms) Fixed OLDERR warnings in test suite.

0.01 07/19/2008
    (ms) Where it all began.