Revision history for Log::Log4perl

0.49 (11/07/2004)
    * (ms) init_and_watch() no longer die()s on reloading syntactically 
           wrong configuration files but issues a warning and then 
           reloads the last working config.
    * (ms) init() now also accepts an open file handle (passed in as a
           glob) to a configuration file or a ref to an IO::File object.
    * (ms) Jos I. Boumans <kane@xs4all.net> and 
           Chris Winters <chris@cwinters.com> reported an error thrown
           by L4p in their app SPOPS: During global construction. Looks
           like the Logger object's internal hash is cleared and then
           the is_<level> method gets called, resulting in a runtime
           exception. Added proposed remedy checking if the called
           method is defined by ref.
    * (ms) Added check to init_and_watch if obtaining the mod
           timestamp failed.

0.48 (08/20/2004)
    * (ms) fixed bug reported by Chip Salzenberg <chip@pobox.com>: logdie()
           and logwarn() are now compliant with the warn() and die() 
           standard which suppresses the "at file line x" message if
           the message ends with a "\n".
    * (ms) New interface for custom config parsers. 
           Log::Log4perl::Config::BaseConfigurator now provides a base class
           for new config parsers. Init can now be called like
           Log::Log4perl->init($parser) with a parser object, which is
           derived from Log::Log4perl::Config::BaseConfigurator and 
           provides a parse() method (no arguments). The file (or whatever)
           to be parsed can be set by calling $parser->text(\@lines) or 
           $parser->file($name) before calling L4p->init($parser).
           The Property, DOM and LDAP configurators have been
           adapted, check their implementation for details.
    * (ms) Added integrity check for Log4perl configurations: Log4perl
           now issues a warning if a configuration doesn't define any
           appenders. Should anyone not like this, it can be turned
           off by setting $L4p::Config::CONFIG_INTEGRITY_CHECK = 0
           before calling init().
    * (ms) Fixed bug reported by Johannes Kilian <jok@vitronic.com>
           with __DIE__ handler and "PatternLayout" shortcut. Replaced
           'eval { require ... }' by L4p::Util::module_available in
    * (ms) Did away with $IS_LOADED internal variable.
    * (ms) Fixed bug with L4p::INITIALIZED vs. L4P::Logger::INITIALIZED,
           added t/020Easy2.t.
    * (ms) Added adm/cvskwexp script to check if we're running into CVS
           trouble because of <dollar>Log keyword expansion.

0.47 (07/11/2004)
    * (ms) Added suggestion by Hutton Davidson <Davidson.Hutton@ftid.com>
           to make the socket appender more forgiving. New option
           "silent_recovery" will silently ignore errors and recover
           if possible on initiallly dead socket connections.
    * (ms) Fixed bug with initialized() -- checking once caused
           subsequent calls to return true.
    * (ms) run t/045Composite.t only if Storable is installed -- earlier
           perl versions (like 5.6.1) don't have it by default.
    * (ms) fixed test case in t/020Easy.t for buggy perl 5.6.1
    * (ms) added Log::Log4perl::infiltrate_lwp() to make LWP::UserAgent 
           play in the L4p framework upon request.
    * (ms) perl 5.00503 mysteriously core dumps in t/017Watch.t, seems like 
           this was introduced in 0.46. Disabled these tests for now
           if we're on 5.00503 to avoid installation hickups. Longer term,
           need to investigate.

0.46 (06/13/2004)
    * (ms) removed superfluous eval() in Log4perl.pm, reported anonymously
           on the CPAN bugtracker.
    * (ms) Added a cleanup() function to Logger.pm which is used by an
           END {} block in Logger.pm to tear down all Loggers/Appenders
           before global destruction kicks in. In addition, Kevin found 
           that the eval "" is the cause of an Appender memleak. Moved
           assignment variable out of the eval to plug the leak.
           Added $Log::Log4perl::CHATTY_DESTROY_METHODS, which shows 
           what L4p objects are destroyed and when.
    * (ms) Kevin's idea is in now, on localizing $? in the L4p global END {} 
           block. It prevents logdie() et. al from exiting with unwanted
           exit codes when global cleanup / global destruction modifies $?,
           as seen by Tim with the Email appender.
    * (ms) Dave Viner <dviner@yahoo-inc.com> added isLevelEnabled() methods
           as aliases to is_level().

0.45 (05/23/2004)
    * (ms) fix for t/045Composite.t on perl 5.6.1 by Jeff Macdonald 
           <jeff.macdonald@e-dialog.com> (specify number of test cases,
           getting rid of no_plan).
    * (ms) Dennis Gregorovic <dgregor@redhat.com> provided a patch to 
           protect applications who are tinkering with $/. It is set
           to "\n" now locally when L4p is reading the conf file. Added
           a test case to t/004Config.t.
    * (ms) Fixed a documentation error with initialized(), pointed 
           out by Victor Felix <vfelix@tigr.org>.

0.44 (04/25/2004)
    * (ms) added filename() method to L4P::Appender::File as suggested 
           by Lee Carmichael <lecar_red@yahoo.com>
    * (ms) added RRDs appender Log::Log4perl::Appender::RRDs and testcases
    * (ms) fixed Log::Log4perl::Appender to check if a an appender package
           has already been loaded and skip 'require' in this case. 
           Packages injected via Class::Prototyped caused an error with this.
    * (ms) Extended the FAQ's "How can I write my own appender?" on
           how to dynamically create new appenders via Class::Prototyped.

0.43 (03/22/2004)
    * (ms) Applied patch by Markus Peter <warp@spin.de> for 'pipe'
           mode in Log::Log4perl::Appender::File
    * (ms) Added composite appender Log::Log4perl::Appender::Limit to
           limit message delivery to adjustable time windows.
    * (ms) Fixed last 033UsrCspec.t test case to run on Win32 as well
           (path fixed).
    * (ms) Lars Thegler <lars@thegler.dk> provided a patch to keep 
           compatibility with 5.005_03.
    * (ms) Added a patch to avoid warnings on undefined MDC values referenced
           via %X in PatternLayout. Now, the string "[undef]" is used. Bug
           was reported by Ritu Kohli <Ritu.Kohli@ubs.com>

0.42 (02/14/2004)
    * (kg) added filters to XML DOMConfig and DTD
    * (ms) Fixed caller level to cspecs by adding one
    * (ms) Added init_once() and documentation
    * (ms) Worked around the perl bug that triggers __DIE__ handlers
           even if die() occurs within an eval(). So if you did
             BEGIN { $SIG{__DIE__} = sub { print "ouch!"; die }; }
             use Log::Log4perl;
           and Time::HiRes wasn't available, the 
             eval { require Time::HiRes }
           in PatternLayout.pm triggered the __DIE__ handler. Now there's
           a function module_available() in L4p::Util to check if a 
           module is installed.
    * (ms) Fixed %M cspec in PatternLayout in case a logging
           method is called within one (or more) eval {} block(s). 
           caller(n+m) will be called repeatedly if necessary
           to get the next real subroutine. Anonymous subroutines will 
           still be called __ANON__, but this can be overridden by 
               local *__ANON__ = "subroutine_name";
           in them explicitely (thanks, Perlmonks :).

0.41 (12/12/2003)
    * (ms) Applied documentation update for Synchronized appender, suggested
      by David Viner E<lt>dviner@yahoo-inc.comE<gt>
    * (ms) Added option to Log::Log4perl::Layout::PatternLayout to 
      enable people to provide their own timer functions.

0.40 (11/11/2003)
    * (ms) perl 5.005_03 fix for l4p::Appender::Synchronized
    * (ms) Fixed a bug in 0.39 (thanks to James King for finding) which
      caused composite appenders like Synchronized to just use 
      SimpleLayout. With the fix, composite appenders are now relaying
      messages unmodified to their delegates, which can then apply 
      any layout they desire.
    * (ms) Added file_open(), file_close() and file_switch() to 

0.39 (10/23/2003)
    * (kg) fixed bug in interaction between Logger::Level and Level::is_valid
      so that now you can do $logger->level('INFO') instead of just $INFO.
    * (ms) Added logic for 'composite appenders'. Appenders can now be
      configured to relay messages to other appenders. Added 
      Log::Log4perl::Appender::Synchronized, an appender guaranteeing 
      atomic logging of messages via semaphores.
    * (ms) Added basic substitution to PropertyConfigurator. Now you can
      define variables (like in "name=value") and subsequent patterns
      of "${name}" will be replaced by "value" in the configuration file.
    * (kg) Followed Mike's lead and added variable substitution to the 
    * (ms) Added Log::Log4perl::Appender::Socket as a simple Socket
      appender featuring connection recovery.

0.38 (09/29/2003)
    * (kg) fixed bug where custom_levels beneath DEBUG didn't work
    * (ms) fixed 5.00305 incompatibility reported by 
      Brett Rann <brettrann@mail.com> (constants with leading _).
    * (ms) Log::Log4perl->easy_init() now calls ->reset() first to make sure
      it's not duplicating the existing logging environment. Thanks
      to William McKee <william@knowmad.com> for bringing this up.
    * (ms) fixed bug with error_die() - printed the wrong function/line/file.
      Reported by Brett Rann <brettrann@mail.com>.
    * (ms) added %T to PatternLayout as a stack traced as suggested by
      Brett Rann <brettrann@mail.com>.

0.37 (09/14/2003)
    * (kg) adjusting tests for XML::Parser 2.32 having broken
      XML::DOM 1.42 and lower
    * (ms) Added signal handling to init_and_watch
    * (ms) renamed l4p-internal DEBUG constant to avoid confusion with
      DEBUG() and $DEBUG as suggested by Jim Cromie <jcromie@divsol.com>.
    * (ms) Applied patch by Mac Yang <mac@proofpoint.com> for 
      Log::Log4perl::DateFormat to calculate the timezone for the 'Z'
      conversion specifier.

0.36 (07/22/2003)
    * (ms) Matthew Keene <mkeene@netspace.net.au> suggested to have
      an accessor for all appenders currently defined -- added 
      appenders() method
    * (ms) Test case 041SafeEval.t didn't share $0 explicitely and
      created some warnings, fixed that with (jf)'s help.
    * (ms) Added performance improvements suggested by
      Kyle R. Burton <mortis@voicenet.com>. is_debug/is_info/etc.
      are now precompiled, similar to the debug/info/etc. methods.
    * (ms) Added a fix to have is_debug()/is_info()/etc. pay
      attention to on-the-fly config file changes via init_and_watch().
    * (ms) Fixed bug that reloaded the config under init_and_watch()
      every time the check period expired, regardless if the config
      file itself had changed. Added test case.

0.35 06/21/2003
    * (kg) got rid of warnings during make test in 014ConfErrs.t
           added user-defined hooks to JavaMap
    * Jim Cromie <jcromie@divsol.com> provided a patch to get
      rid of deprecated our-if syntax in Level.pm
    * (ms) removed test case for RollingFileAppender because of recent
      instability. Added dependency for Log::Dispatch::RollingFile 1.10
      in Log/Log4perl/JavaMap/RollingFileAppender.pm.

0.34 06/08/2003
    * (ms) James FitzGibbon <james.fitzgibbon@target.com> noticed a major
           bug in Log::Log4perl::Appender::File and provided a patch. Problem
           was that 0.33 was reusing the same file handle for every opened file,
           causing all messages to end up in the same file.

0.33 05/30/2003
    * (kg) CPAN rt#2636, coordinating XML::DOM version required across modules
           and unit tests
    * (ms) Removed Log::Dispatch dependency, added standard 
           Log::Log4perl::Appender appenders File and Screen. 
           Log::Dispatch is still supported for backwards compatibility
           and special purpose appenders implemented within this hierarchy.

0.32 05/17/2003
    * (ms) Added fix to Makefile.PL to compensate for MakeMaker bug
           in perl < 5.8.0, causing man pages below Log::Log4perl::Config 
           not to be installed. Thanks to Mathieu Arnold <mat@mat.cc> 
           for bringing this up.
    * (ms) 0.31 had a Win32 test suite glitch, replaced getpwuid() 
           (not implemented) by stat() for Safe test.

0.31 05/08/2003
    * (kg) fixed bug Appender::DBI where it was consuming the message
           array before other appenders could get to it
    * (ms) changed config_and_watch to ignore clock differences between
           system time and file system time (helpful with skewed NFS 
           systems). Added Log::Log4perl::Config::Watch.
    * James FitzGibbon <james.fitzgibbon@target.com>: Added support for
           optionally restricting eval'd code to Safe compartments. 
    * (ms) allow/deny code in configuration files should now be controlled 
           via the accessor Log::Log4perl::Config->allow_code(0/1).
           $Log::Log4perl::ALLOW_CODE_IN_CONFIG_FILE is still supported
           for backwards compatibility.

0.30 03/14/2003
    * (ms) Added Log4perl custom filter logic and standard filter set
    * (kg) Added url support to init(), finally documenting it
    * (kg) Finished implementation of DOMConfigurator allowing xml configs.
    * (ms) Corrected DateFormat inconsistencies as reported by
           Roger Perttu <roger.perttu@easit.se>

0.29 01/30/2003
    * (kg) Removing debugging from 0.28, big woops
    * (kg) Fixing 036JSyslog.t, Syslog implementations are too often broken
           to base any results on.
    * (kg) Fixing XML-DOM tests, Data::Dumper doesn't return data exactly the
           same way.

0.28 (01/28/2003)
    * (ms) '#' in the conf file are now interpreted as comment starters only
           if they're at the start of a line with optional whitespace. 
           The previous setting (comments starting anywhere) had problems 
           with code containing '#''s, like in layout.cref = sub { $#_ = 1 }
    * (ms) warp_message accepts code refs or function names
    * (kg) Split config bits into PropertyConfigurator and implemented
           DOMConfigurator for XML configs.
    * (kg) Adding appender.warp_message parameter as a help to DBI 
    * (kg) Added NoopLayout to help DBI appender
    * (ms) Added message output filters:
           log({filter => \&filter, value => $value})
    * (kg) t/024WarnDieCarp was assuming / as directory separator, failed
           on Win32
    * (kg) implemented JavaMaps for NTEventLogAppender, SyslogAppender
    * (kg) found and addressed circular ref problem in Logger->reset
    * (kg) moved TestBuffer under Appender/ directory along with DBI
    * (kg) fixed docs, Pattern layout, %f not supported, s/b %F
    * (kg) added Log::Log4perl::Appender::DBI to implement JDBCAppender
    * (ms) Every value in the config file can now be a perl function,
           dynamically replaced by its return value at configuration
           parse time
    * (ms) NDC now prints entire stack, not just
           top element (as mandated by Log4j)
    * (ms) Allow trailing spaces after a line-breaking '\' in the 
           config file to be fault-tolerant on cut-and-pasted code

0.27 12/06/2002
    * (ms) Updated FAQ with "Recipes of the Week"
    * (ms) Added Log::Log4perl::NDC (Nested Diagnostic Contexts) and
           Log::Log4perl::MDC (Mapped Diagnostic Contexts)
    * (ms) LOGDIE and LOGWARN added to stealth loggers
    * (ms) Logging methods ($lo->debug(), $lo->info() ...) now return
           a value, indicating the number of appenders that the message
           was propagated to. If the message was suppressed due to level
           constraints, undef is returned. Updated manpage (new section
           "return values").
    * (ms) Fixed bug reported by Francisco Olarte Sanz. 
           <folarte@peoplecall.com>: ISO date format and documentation mixed 
           up MM with mm in the simple date format
    * (kg) User-defined conversion specifiers for PatternLayout in
           configuration file and as C API
    * (kg) implementing map to log4j.RollingFileAppender
    * (kg) trying out oneMessagePerAppender parameter
    * (kg) changed unit tests to use File::Spec 

0.26 11/11/2002
    * (kg) enabled %l (was missing from PatternLayout::define)
    * (kg) got rid of "Use of uninitialized value in join or string" message
           when some of $logger->debug(@array) when some of @array are undef 
    * (ms) Stealth loggers and documentation
    * (kg) Better error message for case reported by Hai Wu
    * (ms) Added Log/Log4perl/FAQ.pm, which the homepage links to
    * (ms) Took dependency on Test::More and Test::Simple out of the PPD file 
           because of a problem with Activestate 5.6.1 reported 
           by James Hahn <jrh3@att.com> 
    * (ms) Added Log::Dispatch equivalent levels to the Log4perl loggers,
           which are passed on the Log::Dispatch appenders now according
           to the priority of the message instead of the default "DEBUG" 
    * (ms) Added %P process ID to PatternLayout as suggested by
           Paul Harrington <Paul-Harrington@deshaw.com>. Also added 
           %H as hostname
    * (kg) Added %min.max formatter to PatternLayout
    * (ms) Updated docs for Log::Log4perl::DateFormat

0.25 10/06/2002
    * (ms) backwards-compatibility with perl 5.00503
    * (ms) added system-wide threshold, fixed java-app thresholds
    * (kg) Nested configuration structures for appenders like L::D::Jabber
    * (ms) ::Log4perl::Appender::threshold() accepts strings or integer
           levels (as submitted by Aaron Straup Cope <asc@vineyard.net>)
    * (ms) Fixed logdie/logwarn caller(x) offset bug reported by 
           Brian Duffy <Brian.Duffy@DFA.STATE.NY.US>
    * (ms) dies now on PatternLayout without ConversionPattern (helps detecting
           typos in conf files)

0.24 09/26/2002
    * (kg) Fix for init_and_watch and test cases
    * (ms) Added documentation for Log::Log4perl::Config
    * (ms) Added log4perl.additivity.loggerName conf file syntax
    * (ms) Assume Log::Log4perl::Layout prefix of 'relative'
           layout class names in conf file (say 'SimpleLayout'
           instead of 'Log::Log4perl::Layout::SimpleLayout').
    * (ms) accidently appending a ';' at the end of an appender
      class in a conf file now spits out a reasonable error message
    * (ms) added a by_name() method to TestBuffer to retrieve an
           instance of the TestBuffer population by name instead of
           relying on the order of creation via POPULATION[x] 
           (for testing only).
    * (kg) Win32 compatibility fixes

0.23 09/14/2002
    * Both Log4perl/log4perl is now accepted in conf file
    * Added documentation to Log::Log4perl::Appender
    * Made Time::HiRes optional. If it's missing, PatternLayout will
      just use full seconds as %r.
    * SimpleDateFormat "%d{HH:SS}", including predefined formats (DATE etc.)
    * Added another cut-and-paste example to the docs (EXAMPLE)
    * Added new logdie/logwarn/error_warn/error_die/logcarp/
      logcluck/logcroak/logconfess functions written by 
      Erik Selberg <erik@selberg.com>
    * Added PatternLayout documentation
    * Changed suppression of duplicate newline in log message algorithm
    * Custom levels and inc_level/dec_level/more_logging/less_logging
      added by Erik Selberg <erik@selberg.com>
    * Append to logfile by default if Log::Dispatch::File is used
      (previously clobbered by default)
    * Kevin's init_and_watch fix

0.22 8/17/2002
    * Threshold settings of appenders: 
        log4j.appender.A.Threshold = ERROR
    * Chris R. Donnelly <cdonnelly@digitalmotorworks.com>
      submitted two patches: 
      - extended init() to take obj references (added, also added a test
        case and documentation)
      - fixed %F and %L if Log4perl is used by a wrapper class (accepted,
        but changed variable name to Log::Log4perl::caller_depth as
        a tribute to Log::Dispatch::Config, added test case 022Wrap
        and documentation

0.21 8/08/2002
    * Synopsis shows code samples in Log4perl.pm/README
    * Slight Log4j incompatibility but useful: %F{n} lets you
      limit the number of entries the source file path is logged
    * Erik W. Selberg (erik@selberg.com) suggested having PatternLayout.pm
      suppress another \n if the messages already contains a \n and the
      format requires a %n. Done.
    * Erik W. Selberg (erik@selberg.com) suggested loggers should take
      any number of messages and concatenate them. Done.
    * Fixed double-init problem and added a test case. Now the entire
      configuration is cleared before the second init(). However, this
      surfaced a problem with init_and_watch: If a program obtains
      references to one or more loggers, rewriting the configuration
      file during program execution and re-initing makes these reference
      point to loggers which hold obsolete configurations. Fixed that by
      code in debug(), info(), etc. which *replaces* (shudder) the
      logger reference the program hands in to them with a new one of
      the same category. This happens every time if 'init_and_watch' has
      been enabled. However, this introduces a small runtime penalty.
      This is different from the original log4j, which does some
      half-assed re-initialization, because Java isn't expressive enough
      to allow for it. Making this thread-safe might be tough, though. 
    * Added DEBUG statements to Logger.pm and Config.pm to trace execution
      (debugging won't work because of "eval"s). Both files define a 
      constant named DEBUG towards the top of the file, which will
      have perl optimize away the debug statements in case it's set to 0.
    * A warning is issued now (once) if init() hasn't been called or
      no appenders have been defined.
    * Added ':levels' target to Log::Log4perl to import $DEBUG, $ERROR,
      etc. levels (just like 'use Log::Log4perl::Level' works).
    * Added ':easy' target to allow for simple setup
    * Code references can be passed in as log messages to avoid parameter
      passing penalty

0.20 7/23/2002
    * Strip trailing spaces in config file
    * Accept line continuations in properties file
    * Refactored Logger.pm for speed, defined the logging behavior when 
      the logger is created, not when a message is logged
    * Fixing test suites so that SimpleFormat newline is accounted for
    * Fixed a bug with root inheritance where the category name wasn't
      coming through
    * added init_and_watch

0.19 07/16/2002
    * Added Log::Log4perl::Appender::TestBuffer back in the distribution, otherwise
      regression test suite would fail.

0.18 07/16/2002
    * Failed attempt to fix the Log::Dispatch::Buffer problem.

0.17 07/11/2002
    * Updated documentation according to Dave Rolsky's suggestions
    * Lots of other documentation fixes
    * Fixed bug in renderer, %M was displayed as the logger function
      bumped up the level by 1
    * Fixed %% bug

0.16 07/10/2002
    * Updated documentation for CPAN release
    * Applied Kevin's patch to limit it to one Log::Dispatcher

0.15 07/10/2002
    * There were name conflicts in Log::Dispatch, because we used *one*
      Log::Dispatch object for the *all* loggers in the Log::Log4perl
      universe (it still worked because we were using log_to() for
      Log::Dispatch to send messages to specific appenders only). Now
      every logger has its own Log::Dispatch object. Logger.pm doesn't
      call Kevin's anti-dupe logic anymore -- is this ok? Maybe there's
      some leftovers which need to be cleaned up.
    * Kevin fixed t/014ConfErrs.t after last night's Appender.pm change

0.14 07/09/2002
    * (!) Added new class Log::Log4perl::Appender as a wrapper around
      Log::Dispatch::*. Layouts are no longer attached to the loggers,
      but to the appenders instead. $app->layout($layout) sets the
      layout. $logger->add_appender($app) is the new syntax to add
      an appender to a logger. The $logger->layout method is gone
      for that reason.
    * Added documentation on categories
    * Added documentation on Log::Log4perl::Appender,

0.13 07/09/2002
    * in the config files, 'debug' is not a level, 'DEBUG' is
    * expanded the layouts so that we can add subclassess, added
      SimpleLayout, note that api usage changes
      -$logger->layout('buf',"The message is here: %m");
      Log::Log4perl::Layout::PatternLayout('buf',"The message is
      here: %m"));
    * did benchmarks, see doc/benchmark*, t/013Bench.t
    * further tweaked errors for bad configuration, added a test for those

0.12 07/08/2002
    * Log::Log4perl::Logger->get_logger now accessible via 
    * Log::Log4perl::Config->init now accessible via 
    * Adapted test cases to new shortcuts
    * Constrained some files to 80 chars width
    * Added test case t/009Deuce.t for two appenders in one category
      via the config file
    * Changed default layout in case there's none defined (SimpleLayout)
    * Implemented dictatory date format for %d: yyyy/MM/dd hh:mm:ss

0.11 07/07/2002
    * added documentation to Log/Log4perl.pm
    * added is_debug/is_error/is_info etc. functions to Logger.pm,
      test cases to t/002Logger.t

0.10 07/05/2002
    * %p should return level name of the calling function, so 
      $logger->warn('bad thing!!') should print 'WARN - bad thing'
      even if the category is set to debug, so took level_str out of
      Logger.pm (kg)

0.09 07/03/2002
    * %p should return level name, not number, adding level_str to Logger.pm (kg)
    * Level.pm - discriminating: priorities are 1-4, levels are
      'info','debug',etc (kg)

0.08  07/03/2002
    * Non-root loggers are working now off the config file

0.07  07/02/2002
    * Updated documentation
    * removed "diagnostics"

0.06  07/01/2002
    * Bug discovered by Kevin Goess <cpan@goess.org>, revealed
      in 004-Config.t: Wrong layout used if Appender is inherited.
    * Changed Log::Log4perl::Appender::TestBuffer to keep track of the
      object population -- so we can easily reference them
      in the Log::Log4perl test cases. Got rid of get_buffer().
    * Added a reset() method to Log::Log4perl and Log::Log4perl::Logger
      for easier testing. It resets all persistent loggers to 
      the inital state.
    * Added documentation

0.05  06/30/2002
    * Fixed bug with mapped priorities between java/Log::Dispatch
    * Java/Perl integration with conf file

0.04  06/30/2002
    * Layout tests
    * %r to layout
    * Added lib4j configuration file stuff and tests

0.03  06/30/2002
    * Layout
    * Curly braces in Layout first ops

0.02  06/30/2002
    * Created Logger and test cases

0.01  06/22/2002
    * Where it all began

TODO (not assigned to anybody yet):
    * objects passed via the config hash are stringified by Config.pm
      (requires a significant change on how to init via a hash ref,
       something like a HashConfigurator class)
    * BasicConfigurator() vs. :easy, PropertyConfigurator()
    * get_logger() thread safety (two try to create it at the same time)
    * Thread safety with appenders, e.g. two threads calling the 
      File::Dispatch appender's log method
    * Thread safety with re-reading the conf file (watch)
    * Object rendering
    * log4j.logger.blah = INHERITED, app
    * variable subst: a=b log4j.blah = ${a}
    * log4j.renderer.blah = blah
    * permission problems, init() creates the files, maybe read later by
      different uid, no way to set umask?
    * Custom filters

TODO Kevin:
    * use squirrel  http://www.perlmeister.com/scripts/squirrel?
    * document oneMessagePerAppender as a bona-fide feature
    * appender-by-name stuff?
    * implement? #"log4j will render the content of the log message according to 
            # user specified criteria. For example, if you frequently need 
            # to log Oranges, an object type used in your current project, 
            # then you can register an OrangeRenderer that will be invoked 
            # whenever an orange needs to be logged. "
TODO Mike:
    * index.html on sourceforge should be part of CVS
    * Release script should maintain old CPAN message on index.html
    * Turning on DEBUG in Logger.pm results in broken test cases and
    * Layout.pm: '%t'
    * README tests (Pod::Tests or something)
    * Just had a wild idea: Could we possibly utilize the compiler
      frontend to eliminate log statements that are not going to be
      triggered? This would be a HUGE performance increase!
    * Write a bunch of useful appenders for Log::Dispatch like