Revision history for Perl extension Net::Amazon:

0.14 (08/12/2003)
   (ms) Mike Evron <> suggested to implement caching
        for responses. Added a Cache::File-based implementation.

0.13 (08/07/2003)
   (ms) Added customer reviews for all properties. Changed default
        request mode to 'heavy' for that. Now all properties have a
        review_set() method returning a
        Net::Amazon::Attribute::ReviewSet object, which in turn offers
        a reviews() method delivering a list of
        Net::Amazon::Attribute::Review objects. Check the man pages
        for details. eg/review shows an example.

0.12 (07/24/2003)
   (ms) Mike Evron <> noticed that the SYNOPSIS code
        on the main documentation page had the wrong "search" syntax 
        -- thanks, Mike!
   (ms) Changed all tests to process canned data, live tests turned out
        to be too unreliable, due to Amazon's "best effort" responses.
        If you want the test suite to process live data, you need to
        set the environment variable NET_AMAZON_LIVE_TESTS.
0.11 (07/14/2003)
   (ms) Added 'Similar Searches' API
   (ms) Adapted for new and searches

0.10 (06/28/2003)
   (ms) Adapted wishlist test case for change in AMZN's catalog
   (ms) Added docs for new Net::Amazon homepage at
        and mailing list
   (ms) Helper in place to assist XML::Simple in choosing the right parser,
        to avoid install problems due to XML::SAX::RTF.

0.09 (06/24/2003)
   (ms) Tony Bowden <> suggested to have a $ua->search
        method, abstracting the usage of the different request objects.
        Implemented that.
   (ms) Resolved warnings and strict errors in test cases

0.08 (06/22/2003)
   (ms) Changed dependencies to 5.006, XML::Simple and LWP::UserAgent

0.07 (06/10/2003)
   (ms) fixed bug with single-item-wishlists
   (ms) Lists printed as strings now have numbered bullets
   (ms) Tests are using new wishlist 1XL5DWOUFMFVJ (Net::Amazon)
   (ms) Added tests with canned reponses

0.06 (06/07/2003)
   (ms) applied workaround for AMZN's wishlist bug: If a wishlist
     is longer than 10 items, AMZN returns the first 10 items with
     no indication if there's any followup pages. The workaround
     just tries to fetch another batch in case there's exactly 10 and 
     hides eventually encountered errors. 

   Dan Sully <> provided a patch
     to suppress a warning in case a music item isn't returning a 'year'

   Barnaby Claydon <> reported a couple of problems
   with wishlists, they're fixed by the following patches:

   (ms) Added new property Net::Amazon::Property::DVD

   (ms) Changed as_string() of default Net::Amazon::Property (used if
     we come across a 'Toy' or 'Video Game' category) to return
     a more human-readable format.

   (ms) Implemented retry strategy on Amazon's temporary errors, if we
     encounter one, we'll sleep for 1 sec and then retry at most

   (ms) Accessors have been changed to return an empty string if 
     a value hasn't been specified in XML. Products without price and
     other anomalies won't cause perl warnings anymore.

0.05 (05/31/2003)
   Martha Greenberg <> provided bug reports 
   and patches for
       * 'music' parameter for UPC searches (fixed in doc)
       * Net::Amazon::Property::Music now deals correctly with
         CDs by multiple artists.
       * missing documentation of 'locale' parameter

   (ms) Net::Amazon now takes the 'locale' parameter also in
   the main Net::Amazon object's constructor.

0.04 (05/29/2003)
   Dan Sully <> provided a patch
   to check if a response indeed contains the {Details} hash.

0.03 (05/06/2003)
   (ms) properties returns empty list on failure now

   Martha Greenberg <> provided patch for 
       * the now mandatory associates-id in the query
       * two documentation bugs

   Konstantin Gredeskoul <> also provided an almost
       identical patch to the problem :).

   (ms) documentation updated

   (ms) where it all started

   * tests with lite/heavy
   * raw xml access
   * heavy accessors