Revision history for Perl extension Perl::Configure.

0.08 03/05/2010
    (ms) Really fixed "f" option bug in perl-configure script
    (ms) Fixed 'dtrace' question for perl-5.10.1

0.07 10/19/2007
    (ms) Fixed "f" option bug in perl-configure script

0.06 10/04/2007
    (ms) Added yml configuration option and added it to the
         perl-configure command line application.

0.05 09/28/2007
    (ms) Added remove() method to Perl::Configure::Questions.
    (ms) Added missing perl-5.9 questions

0.04 10/28/2006
    (ms) Added optional override field to Perl::Configure::Questions.

0.04 2006/10/28

0.03 08/25/2006
    (ms) added libperl question

0.02 03/30/2006
    (ms) fixed typo (thanks chocolateboy)
    (ms) verbose mode for perl-configure
    (ms) fixed yacc question
    (ms) fixed bug with ANY{} pattern recognition
    (ms) fixed token table format

0.01 03/17/2006
    (ms) Where it all began.