Revision history for Perl extension XML::RSS::Maker.

0.05 11/19/2009
    (ms) Doc fixes
    (ms) Added github repository link to Makefile.PL

0.04 03/25/2007
    (ms) Added the processor object to the argument list for the 
         link filter and added the <rss_attrs()> method to specify 
         additional rss item attributes (solving a RFE by J. David

0.03 03/17/2007
    (ms) Added Hexdumper to debug utf8 problems.
    (ms) Using XML::Parser as preferred parser to avoid 
         test problems.

0.02 03/15/2007
    (ms) Fixed utf8 issues

0.01 03/01/2007
    (ms) Where it all began