Changes file for Log::Log4perl::Layout::JSON

0.52  2017-05-19
  - Make signature test a RELEASE or AUTHOR test only.  The test is skipped otherwise.
  - Remove Test::Signature from test prereqs.  The test will be skipped if
    Test::Signature is not installed.

0.51  2017-05-09
  - allow structured logging, enabled if the 'warp_message' appender option is
    turned on.  This allows you to log name/value pairs by simply passing them
    to the various log functions.  (Thanks Heiko Jansen)

0.50  2017-04-10

  - new mainteiner: Michael Schout
  - add "utf8" config switch which allows JSON content to be in utf8 encoding.
  - fix "off by one" caller depth in PatternLayout

0.002003  2014-11-20 16:27:06+00:00 Europe/Dublin

  - Append a newline to the output, so it can be used with file appenders etc.

0.002002  2014-11-07 13:14:49+00:00 Europe/Dublin

  - Smarter pruning of messages larger than max_json_length_kb

0.002001  2014-10-07 14:09:25+01:00 Europe/Dublin

  - Much better docs.
  - Subclassable (uses Class::Tiny).
  - Fixed Changes file.
  - Added max_json_length_kb config.

0.001001  2014-10-02 14:17:43+01:00 Europe/Dublin

  - the first release