AxKit Changes

 - Upgrade license to Apache 2.0
 - Extended SimpleTaglib with several new features
 - Added pseudo-protocol registry
 - Added POST data provider (Apache::AxKit::Provider::POST)
 - Fix: Apache::Test params were ignored
 - Added AxDirHandler config option
 - Many UTF-8 related fixes
 - Log errors on separate lines for newer Apache's
 - Improve gzip cache handling and delivery

 - Made processors added via AxAddDynamicProcessor appear in their proper
   order based on the order in which they appear in the config files
   (rather than simply appended on to the current processing chain).
 - AxAdd*Processor outside of <AxStyleName> blocks now are global, instead
   of in the '#default' style name
 - XSP attribute values are now interpolated like in XSLT, to save you
   having <xsp:attribute> tags all over your XSP code.
 - Added a test suite based on Apache::Test (yay!)
 - A number of XSP bug fixes
 - Support HTTP HEAD requests
 - Custom content providers now interact properly with the dependency tests
 - AxTraceIntermediate now creates the dir if it didn't exist

 - Added AxExternalEncoding option including TransHandler
 - Made AxHandleDirs work as documented (updated File provider)
 - Re-architecture of XSP:
   - All node building is done in separate functions
   - Major memory and size reduction of XSP generated perl code
   - XSP pages can inherit from a different base class and implement 
     wrapper code easily
 - Major fixes to axkit: URIs (i.e. they actually work now for most cases)
 - Fixed caching when AxGzipOutput is off
 - Slightly improved demo site code
 - Added AxDebugTidy option to use Perl::Tidy on XSP debug dumps
 - added ability to specify cache/trace directories relative to DocumentRoot
 - Many bug fixes, debug log improvements, and code cleanups

 - Added SAXMachines Language module.
 - Seperated ContentProviders and StyleProviders into separate entities
 - Fixed more relative URI "issues"
 - Fixed xinclude in XSP pages
 - Fixed handling of XML resources - if using FastHandler don't check if the 
   resource is XML or not. (this fixes the problem with having to 
   "AddType text/xml .xsp" for everything you want handled)
 - Added support everywhere for axkit: URI scheme, which runs the requested
   URI through AxKit's engine without the need for doing a full http request.
 - Made most of AxKit warnings clean.
 - Made ConfigReader class a little easier to override
 - Use direct gzwrite() routines when writing the cache - should be slightly faster.
 - "Fixed" strange error with Gzipped output related to perl unicode support
 - Made passthru sane with alternate providers (reduces security risks - esp. with Filter)
 - Fixed some of the demo XSP pages
 - Added AxTraceIntermediate config option to aid debugging

 - Allow AxKit to handle directory requests.
 - Fixed all Language modules to return 200/OK
 - Added AxIgnoreStylePI directive
 - Ported AxPoint to use XML::Handler::AxPoint
 - TaglibHelper taglibs no longer need to have parse_* subs 
 - Added HtmlDoc language module
 - Fixed strange bug in cached LibXSLT stylesheets

 - Allow XSP pages to return a result code to make redirects and other
   HTTP status codes easier.
 - Allow form/querystring params to *not* be passed to XSLT
 - Many XSP bug fixes
 - Fixed all Plugins to return OK, as needed
 - All plugins renamed to Apache::AxKit::Plugin namespace (old installs
   should continue to work by virtue of the old file remaining)
 - added SimpleTaglib, a powerful TaglibHelper replacement
 - added beginnings of a demo site, not yet fully functional, but already
   contains some useful example code

 - Allow AddHandler/SetHandler axkit instead of PerlHandler
 - Added AxDependencyChecks On/Off for performance on live sites
 - Implemented resolution of xml-stylesheet PI and root element
   stuff using libxml2 in C, allowing you to use AxKit totally
   without expat/XML::Parser.
 - Ported XSP to XML::LibXML
 - Added a PassiveTeX renderer, so you can do on-the-fly PDFs
 - Fixed some relative URI bugs in LibXSLT module
 - Fixes for compilation on MacOSX and SUNPRO C.
 - TaglibHelper updates to improve flexibility etc.
 - Added AxAddPlugin option
 - Cache changed to use 2 directories below cache file. Should speed
   things up on Linux/ext2
 - Facility to add stylesheets mid-processing, so you can control the
   execution path via XSP and other scripting.
 - Some AxPoint updates.

 - Config directives no longer implemented by Apache::ExtUtils
 - New TaglibHelper module, makes writing XSP taglibs almost trivial.
 - Build checks for iconv library - should make things smoother on *BSD
 - Known bug in Filter provider is fixed
 - Major memory leak cleanup
 - Added LibXSLT language module (for use with XML::LibXSLT). This is
   over twice as fast as XML::Sablotron, and more compliant.
 - Added AxAddURIProcessor config directive
 - Added AxLogDeclines config directive (replaces PerlSetVar equivalent)
 - Added import_templates() to XPathScript
 - XSP now uses SAX to generate code
 - allows you to set the outgoing mime type
 - Many fixes to AxKit.xs compiled directives (hopefully making it work
   for more people now)
 - Removed eval{} stuff around XML parsing in as it seemed to
   be causing segfaults in Perl 5.6.1
 - Fixes to LibXSLT language module to make it work with new versions of
   XML::LibXSLT (and the core libxslt library).
 - Cleaned up error handling, and error stylesheets significantly
 - Removed Storable from XPathScript (to get control of the segfaults)
 - Implemented has_changed() for all "cache" bits
 - Improved error handling with an AxStackTrace config directive
   allowing the Error Stylesheet to get a full stack trace.
 - Doc fixes to stop pod2man complaining.
 - AxKit now adds AxKit/Version to your Server string (for netcraft!)
 - Switched xml_string to pnotes so you can have binary nulls in the output
   (e.g. for PDFs).
 - Added some configuration tidbits to INSTALL
 - Much better (though not 100% there) test harness code
 - Major fixes to Makefile.PL (to work better on *BSD and Win32)
 - XML::Parser no longer needed if you have libxml2 installed. This will
   allow AxKit to work with Apaches that have expat enabled!
 - XSP pages can implement a has_changed() function, which allows you to
   control the caching of the results (can have significant performance
   increases on dynamic pages)
 - Providers responsible for returning declined (this allows for non-file
   providers to not end up in a 404 when doing e.g. passthru)
 - Added AxNoCache option to turn off caching on purpose.
 - split AxKit.xs into more managable files
 - Better error messages from CharsetConv (iconv)
 - Added a PDF slideshow builder called AxPoint
 - Sablot fix for changing content-type.
 - Much cleaner handling of character set conversions
 - AxKit::Apache->request() added (similar to Apache->request())
 - Cache maintains content-type more sanely.
 - Many, many minor bug fixes.

    - Re-written XSP engine
    - Much better dependencies checking
    - XPathScript adds import_template() function and other minor changes
    - Better shared memory usage when using directives in httpd.conf
    - All XSP namespaces updated to Apache normalised versions (these are<module>/<version> although these may well
      change again shortly)

    - XPathScript can interpolate "{xpath}" in $t hash
    - reduced required modules list
    - Removed Sablotron from due to some segfaults
    - Fixed segfaults in aborted conversions with iconv
    - Added AxResetProcessors
    - Improved Apache::Filter support
    - Much improved installer
    - Many XSP changes/fixes. Now uses XML::XPath DOM tree.
    - Memoize methods that call stat() in Cache and Providers
    - Many miscellaneous improvements

    - Uses iconv rather than Unicode::* modules to do character
      set conversions
    - Fix for AxMediaType/AxStyleName bug (Owen Stenseth)
    - Fix for compilation under mod_perl 1.24_01
    - Fix for relative URI's and file:// sub requests
    - Minor stylesheet cache bug fixed
    - Updated Filter provider for Apache::Filter >= 1.13
    - Fix for filehandle leak
    - Fix for Virtual Host Stash bug.