1.000002 - 2012-08-04
  - remove Devel::GlobalDestruction fallback inlining because we can now
    depend on 0.08 which uses Sub::Exporter::Progressive
  - honour BUILDARGS when calling $meta->new_object on behalf of Moose
  - throw an error on invalid builder (RT#78479)
  - fix stupid typo in new Sub::Quote section

1.000001 - 2012-07-21
  - documentation tweaks and cleanup
  - ignore required when default or builder is present
  - document Moo versus Any::Moose in brief with article link
  - remove quote_sub from SYNOPSIS and has docs, expand Sub::Quote section
  - localize @_ when inlining quote_sub'ed isa checks (fixes lazy+isa+default)
  - ensure constructor gets regenerated if forced early by metaclass inflation

1.000000 - 2012-07-18
  - clean up doc language and expand on Moo and Moose
  - error prefixes for isa and coerce exceptions
  - unmark Moo and Moose as experimental since it's relatively solid now
  - convert isa and coerce info from external role attributes 
  - clear method cache after metaclass generation to fix autoclean bug

0.091014 - 2012-07-16
  - load overload.pm explicitly for overload::StrVal

0.091013 - 2012-07-15
  - useful and detailed errors for coerce in attrib generation

0.091012 - 2012-07-15
  - useful and detailed errors for default checker in attrib generation
  - throw an error when trying to extend a role

0.091011 - 2012-06-27
  - re-add #web-simple as development IRC
  - don't assume Scalar::Util is imported into the current package

0.091010 - 2012-06-26
  - isa checks on builders
  - additional quote_sub docs
  - remove multi-populate code to fix exists/defined new() bug
  - document move to #moose and include repository metadata
  - no Moo and no Moo::Role
  - squelch used only once warnings for $Moo::HandleMoose::MOUSE
  - MooClass->meta
  - subconstructor handling for Moose classes

0.091009 - 2012-06-20
  - squelch redefine warnings in the coderef installation code

0.091008 - 2012-06-19
  - bump Role::Tiny dependency to get working modifiers under composition
  - handle "has '+foo'" for attrs from superclass or consumed role
  - document override -> around translation
  - use D::GD if installed rather than re-adding it as a requirement

0.091007 - 2012-05-17
  - remove stray reference to Devel::GlobalDestruction

0.091006 - 2012-05-16
  - drop a couple of dependencies by minor releases we don't strictly need

0.091005 - 2012-05-14
  - temporary switch to an inlined in_global_destruction to avoid needing
    to fatpack Sub::Exporter for features we don't use
  - re-order is documentation to give readonly styles more prominence
  - a weakened value should still be returned on set (fixes lazy + weak_ref)
  - add an explicit return to all exported subs so people don't accidentally
    rely on the return value

0.091004 - 2012-05-07
  - also inhale from Mouse
  - clarify how isa and coerce interact
  - support isa and coerce together for Moose
  - guard _accessor_maker_for calls in Moo::Role in case Moo isn't loaded
  - reset handlemoose state on mutation in case somebody reified the
    metaclass too early

0.091003 - 2012-05-06
  - improve attribute option documentation
  - update the incompatibilities section since we're less incompatible now
  - fix coderef naming to avoid confusing autoclean

0.091002 - 2012-05-05
  - exclude union roles and same-role-as-self from metaclass inflation
  - inhale Moose roles before checking for composition conflicts
  - enable Moo::sification if only Moo::Role is loaded and not Moo
  - preserve attribute ordering
  - factor out accessor generation code a bit more to enable extension

0.091001 - 2012-05-02
  - bump Role::Tiny dependency to require de-strictures-ed version
  - fix test failure where Class::XSAccessor is not available

0.091000 - 2012-04-27
  - document MX::AttributeShortcuts 009+ support
  - documentation for the metaclass inflation code
  - better error message for broken BUILDARGS
  - provide 'no Moo::sification' to forcibly disable metaclass inflation
  - switch to Devel::GlobalDestruction to correctly disarm the
    Moo::sification trigger under threads
  - make extends after has work
  - name subs if Sub::Name is available for better stracktraces
  - undefer all subs before creating a concrete Moose metaclass
  - fix bug in _load_module where global vars could cause mis-detection
    of the module already being loaded

0.009_017 - 2012-04-16
  - mangle constructor meta-method on inflation so make_immutable works
  - fix possible infinite loop caused by subconstructor code

0.009_016 - 2012-04-12
  - don't accidentally load Moo::HandleMoose during global destruction
  - better docs for trigger (and initializer's absence)

0.009_015 - 2012-04-11
  - Complete support for MooseX::AttributeShortcuts 0.009
  - Allow Moo classes to compose Moose roles
  - Introduce Moo::HandleMoose, which should allow Moo classes and roles
    to be treated as Moose classes/roles. Supported so far:
    - Some level of attributes and methods for both classes and roles
    - Required methods in roles
    - Method modifiers in roles (they're already applied in classes)
    - Type constraints

0.009014 - 2012-03-29
  - Split Role::Tiny out into its own dist
  - Fix a bug where coercions weren't called on lazy default/builder returns
  - Switch Moo::Utils to using Module::Runtime, and add the 5.8 %INC
    leakage fix into Role::Tiny's _load_module to provide partial parity
  - Update incompatibilities with Moose documentation
  - Remove Sub::Quote's outstanding queue since it doesn't actually slow
    things down to do it this way and makes debugging easier.
  - Revert 'local $@' around require calls to avoid triggering Unknown Error
  - Explicitly require Role::Tiny in Role::Tiny::With (RT#70446)
  - Fix spurious 'once' warnings under perl -w

0.009013 - 2011-12-23
  - fix up Class::XSAccessor version check to be more robust
  - improved documentation
  - fix failures on perls < 5.8.3
  - fix test failures on cygwin

0.009012 - 2011-11-15
  - make Method::Generate::Constructor handle $obj->new
  - fix bug where constants containing a reference weren't handled correctly
    (ref(\[]) is 'REF' not 'SCALAR', ref(\v1) is 'VSTRING')

0.009011 - 2011-10-03
  - add support for DEMOLISH
  - add support for BUILDARGS

0.009010 - 2011-07-20
  - missing new files for Role::Tiny::With

0.009009 - 2011-07-20
  - remove the big scary warning because we seem to be mostly working now
  - perl based getter dies if @_ > 1 (XSAccessor already did)
  - add Role::Tiny::With for use in classes
  - automatically generate constructors in subclasses when required so that
    subclasses with a BUILD method but no attributes get it honoured
  - add coerce handling

0.009008 - 2011-06-03
  - transfer fix to _load_module to Role::Tiny and make a note it's an inline
  - Bring back 5.8.1 compat

0.009007 - 2011-02-25
  - I botched the copyright. re-disting.

0.009006 - 2011-02-25
  - handle non-lazy default and builder when init_arg is undef
  - add copyright and license info for downstream packagers
  - weak ref checking for Sub::Quote to avoid bugs on refaddr reuse
  - Switch composed role names to be a valid package name

0.9.5 Tue Jan 11 2011
  - Fix clobberage of runtime-installed wrappers by Sub::Defer
  - Fix nonMoo constructor firing through multiple layers of Moo
  - Fix bug where nonMoo is mistakenly detected given a Moo superclass
    with no attributes (and hence no own constructor)

0.9.4 Mon Dec 13 2010
  - Automatic detection on non-Moo superclasses

0.9.3 Sun Dec 5 2010
  - Fix _load_module to deal with pre-existing subpackages

0.9.2 Wed Nov 17 2010
  - Add explanation of Moo's existence
  - Change @ISA setting mechanism to deal with a big in 5.10.0's get_linear_isa
  - Change 5.10 checks to >= to not try and load MRO::Compat on 5.10.0
  - Make 'perl -Moo' DTRT

0.9.1 Tue Nov 16 2010
  - Initial release