Version 1.953, 4 Mar. 2007 (interim release by Martin Thurn)	
	* use catpath rather than raw slashes

Version 1.952, 27 Feb. 2007 (interim release by Martin Thurn)	

	* 52_Installer.t: does not rely on $ENV{TMP} now
	* $VERSION now works on linux
	* $VERSION now works on linux

Version 1.951, 19 Feb. 2007 (interim release by Martin Thurn)	
	* All "ButtonAction" callbacks now must really return non-false value in order for operation to continue, as the documentation has always said.  (Previous release seemed to be opposite?)
	* new method addFileSelectPage()
	* All tests pass (with some ignorable warnings) on MSWin32 with ActivePerl build 819; not tested on other platforms (yet).
Version 1.9451, 19 June 2006

	* CloseWindowEventCycle was calling self->destroy but should have called parent->self->destroy if the parent was defined by itself

Version 1.945, 18 June 2006
	* fixed -resizable
	* fixed -width and -height for individual pages
	* Withraw the parent during our lifetime
	* Assume we are passed a MainWindow like a normal widget; add one if it doesn't exist, to maintain backwards compatability and to be useful in my installer scripts

Version 1.944, 18 May 2006

	* 50_Installer.t - Installer test checks if we're online by using LWP - no ExtUtils to do this...?
	* Wizard.pM: Lee added finishButtonAction again	
	* ET#19340 for clothohk, allowed the -height and -width to adjust the window size per frame
Version 1.943, 17 May 2006

	* Wizard.pM: Lee added fixed typo in test causing RT #19297 by clothohk
	* Wizard.pM: Lee added destroy to finishButtonAction prototype
	* Lee fiddled with CloseWindowEventCycle destroy 
	* Lee updated POD to reflect auto-destroy of previous version.
	* Lee added -debug.
	* update to SYNOPSIS from clothohk
Version 1.942, 24 April 2006

	* added &fix_wait to prevent weird Tk error messages
	* call &fix_wait in blank_frame
	* &fix_wait 
	* remove progress bars when job is done and replace with -done_text
	* Updated Installer.t to use Test::More

VERSION 1.941, 23 April 2006
	* Added Martin's patch to by default support Base64 photos in TaskList
	* Added to TaskList more photo states added state indicators
	* Added POD for 'destroy'
	* Remvoed POD for postFinishButtonAction
	* Added preFinishButtonAction
	* bug fix in NextButtonEventCycle: CloseWindowEventCycle ends logic,
	  rather than falling through to the remainder of the next button actions.
VERSION 1.94, 22 April 2006

	* Patch by Martin Thurn: sorry it's late:
	* fix a typo "image_idr"
 	* Removed image_dir option
 	* Removed binary images in lib/Wizard/images
 	* Added Tk::Wizard::Image to supply Base 64 images
	* add a sentence of pod for postNextButtonAction


	* Patch by Martin Thurn: thanks!
	* in, prevent Tk core dump when background is undef
	* in, eliminate the big empty space on the licence_page
	* in, make all of the user portion (but none of the button/borders) expand when the window is resized

VERSION 1.90, May 2005
	Um... had my first child, can't remember what the patch was.

	* Mainly release to get the test suite working again,
	  and totally automated and devoid of net-access requirement
	* added -image_dir to help test suite
	- Martin said images are found in sitelibexp, not installsitearch
	  but that is not the case from the test suite.
	* replaced -wait to test suite for automated testing
	* dir select page for Win32 now tests for fixed drives when -nowarnings ne 1
	* test script for dir selet page -nowarnings=9
	* propogate -wait to all routines based on blank_frame, even dirselect for auto tests
	* weird errors from NextButtonEventCycle when final page has -wait call "forward"
	* simplified Installer test, remvoing dir select
	* Added hashes to Installer warnings
	* Passes all tests on Windoze. Will try Debian on Monday.

VERSION 1.07, patched by Martin Thurn <>:

	* lib/Tk/ (Show, render_current_page): BUGFIX for DirSelectPage leaving Cwd in an unknown place
	* lib/Tk/ Fixed [most!] typos in pod
	* lib/Tk/ (page_dirSelect): FIX: if caller dictates height, expand widgets to fit
	* lib/Tk/ (blank_frame): BUGFIX: top image had wrong bgcolor
	* lib/Tk/ (Populate): BUGFIX: -imagepath instead of -topimagepath in 2 places
	* lib/Tk/ (Populate): FIX for some widgets having wrong bgcolor
	* lib/Tk/ (page_dirSelect): clean up extraneous hardcoded references to %ENV
	* lib/Tk/ (page_dirSelect): BUGFIX: missing '-' in front of 'command'
	* lib/Tk/ (Populate): cleaned up the "tag text" (still not perfect, but better)
	* lib/Tk/ (_font_family): more flexible font handling; better default fonts on Unix
	* lib/Tk/ (Populate): images are found in sitelibexp, not installsitearch


	*	Tk::Installer supports downloads;

	*	-continue dropped for semmantically inverse but more apt -wait

	*	Tk::Wizard::Installer::Win32 uses falls back to Win32::OLE

	*	Tk::Wizard - added -wait to blank_page

	*	First and last frames fill frame when -style=>top is specified

	*	DIALOGUE_really_quit referred to "Set Up" which wasn't very generic.
		Now just refers to the wizard.

	*	Bug fixed for default -style.

VERSION 1.038, 11 April 2003

	*	Images install to perlsitearch dir and are
		used by default; added more warnings.

	*	Win32::Installer can now create shortcuts!

VERSION 1.037, 08 April 2003

	*	Added addStartMenuPage to Tk::Wizard::Installer::Win32

	*	Added -tag_text to Tk::Wizard

	*	Removed BACK and CANCEL buttons from Finish page.

VERSION 1.036, 04 April 2003

	*	New page type, text_frame via addTextFrame.

	*	New page type, multiple choice.

VERSION 1.035, 02 April 2003

	*	-nohelpbutton bug now corrected

	*	-continue now works for empty task lists
		(previously it asked for a key to be pressed)

VERSION 1.034, 21 January 2003

	*	Typed = instead of =~, resulting in
		incomplete dir listings in DirTrees.

VERSION 1.033, 20 January 2003

	*	Fixed lack of require of File::Path


	*	Added &forward> and &backward, mainly to automate tests.

	*	Added -continue method to &Tk::Wizard::Installer::addFileListPage
		and &Tk::Wizard::addTaskListPage.


	*	Added method &addTaskListPage (etc) to Tk::Wizard;

	*	Added -resizable switch; added warnings in addPage.

	*	Added method &addFileListPage (etc) to Tk::Wizard::Installer


	*	Added basic tests/examples using Test::Harness.

	*	Re-arranged buttons so CANCEL is in most accessible place;
		added button spacing

	*	Some more error checking

	*   Implimented as a Tk "composite" widget, based on

	*   Removed licence method to Tk::Wizard::Installer
		and the Windows' registry method to Tk::Wizard::Installer::Win32.

	*   Added "-nowarnings" to "addDirSelectPage" method.

	*   Solaris "SystemButtonFace" resolved with little satisfaction to
		a pre-defined colour.


	*   More minor display tweeks.

	*   Added internationalisation of button labels.


	*   All known display issues fixed.

	*   Warnings about stupid things if run undef "-w".

	*   Directory selection method cleaned, fixed and extended.

	*   "-style="top> implimented.

	*   Windows "uninstall" feature: thanks to James Tillman and Paul
		Barker for info.


	*   Added method "blank_frame" that can take title and standfirst

	*   Added licence agreement bits.

	*   Modified spacing, added default font and background; changed
		"filename" field to "-imagepath" for readability; made all
		arguments begin with "-" to fit in with Tk "switches"; made the
		supply of a "MainWindow" to the constructor optional, and
		changed the supply method from a reference to part of the passed
		name/value list.


	Initial version by Daniel T Hable, found with Google, at