2008-03-26    <Martin@BLUEMAX>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/Japan/News.pm: removed to its own distribution

2008-03-25    <Martin@BLUEMAX>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (_result_list_items): new private method

2008-03-23    <Martin@BLUEMAX>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/China.pm: removed to its own distribution

2007-07-02    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* Yahoo/TV/Echostar.pm: removed because Yahoo does not provide TV listings search any more

2007-04-21    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/News/Advanced.pm (native_setup_search): overhauled for new Yahoo web page format

2007-04-16    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/Japan/News.pm (parse_tree): fixed for new page format

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/China.pm (parse_details): fixed for new page format

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (parse_details): new sub-class-able method

2007-04-14    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/News/Advanced.pm (parse_tree): fixed for new page format

2007-04-01    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/China.pm (_result_list_tags): fix for new results page format

2007-03-28    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (parse_tree): don't return Yahoo links

2006-05-01    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/China.pm (_result_list_tags): FIX for returning yahoo links as results
	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/DE.pm (_result_list_tags): FIX for returning yahoo links as results

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/News/Advanced.pm (parse_tree): FIX for parsing result count with commas

2006-04-30    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (_result_list_tags): new private method

2005-10-24    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/China.pm: add pod about UTF-8

	* Yahoo.pm (parse_tree): fix next_url demangling

2005-07-02  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (parse_tree): fix for next-page url when query contains "http:"

2004-09-25  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* t/japan-news.t: use Encode instead of Jcode

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/Japan/News.pm (parse_tree): fix parse_debug level for msgs

2004-09-24  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (parse_tree): fix 'http%3A' in URLs

2004-09-19  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/DE.pm (_where_to_find_count): fix tag names
	(_string_has_count): fix pattern

2004-09-11  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/DE.pm (_where_to_find_count): new private method

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (_where_to_find_count): new private method

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/News/Advanced.pm (parse_tree): handle new HTML formatting

2004-05-17  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/DE.pm: fix version number

2004-05-14  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (parse_tree): strip period out of numbers

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/DE.pm (_string_has_count): add . to number pattern

2004-05-13  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (_string_has_count): new method
	(_a_is_next_link): new method

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/DE.pm (_a_is_next_link): new method
	(_string_has_count): new method

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/China.pm (_a_is_next_link): new method
	(_string_has_count): new method

2004-03-28  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/News/Advanced.pm (parse_tree): overhaul for new webpage format

2004-03-13  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (parse_tree): unescape URLs

2004-02-17  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (parse_tree): updates to support cn.yahoo.com

	* t/china.t: new file

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/China.pm: new file

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/Korea.pm: tiny pod fix; make VERSION 3 digits

2004-01-23  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* t/*.t: call env_proxy() on all WWW::Search objects

2004-01-18  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* t/echostar-advanced.t: make most tests TODO because yahoo.com is broken

2003-12-29  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/TV/Echostar.pm (parse_tree): fix date parsing for year-end wraparound!

2003-11-01  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/News/Advanced.pm (native_retrieve_some): follow next page of results

2003-09-20  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm: use strict

2003-08-31  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* t/echostar-advanced.t: new file

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/TV/Echostar.pm (native_setup_search): set _allow_empty_query if doing Advanced search;
	(parse_tree): parse result count in Advanced search results;
	added pod for how to do Advanced search

2003-08-27  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/News/Advanced.pm (native_retrieve_some): fixed for moreover.com links

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/TV/Echostar.pm (ignore_channels): new method

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/News/Advanced.pm (native_retrieve_some): fix parser for new page layout

2003-07-29  Kingpin  <mthurn@megapipe.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/TV/Echostar.pm (native_setup_search): fix TZ setting(?); undo "fix" for preprocess_ bug

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/Japan/News.pm: undo "fix" for preprocess_ bug

2003-07-27  Kingpin  <mthurn@megapipe.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/TV/Echostar.pm: move episode title to after show name

2003-07-14  Kingpin  <mthurn@megapipe.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/TV/Echostar.pm: new backend

2003-07-13  Kingpin  <mthurn@megapipe.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/DE.pm: new backend donated by Roland Moriz <roland at moriz.de>

2003-06-24  Kingpin  <mthurn@megapipe.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/Japan/News.pm: fix parsing for new yahoo.co.jp page format

2003-05-14  Kingpin  <mthurn@megapipe.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (parse_tree): fix parsing for new yahoo.com page format

2003-01-23  Kingpin  <mthurn@carbon>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (parse_tree): fix parsing for new yahoo.com page format

2002-12-20  Kingpin  <mthurn@carbon.>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (parse_tree): make sure result count is taken from "Web Matches" section

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/Japan/News.pm (parse_tree): ignore yahoo.co.jp links that look like hit results:

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (parse_tree): do not follow "next" link if result count is being spoofed

2002-11-08  Kingpin  <mthurn@carbon.>

	* Makefile.PL: add prereq Date::Manip

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (parse_tree): FIX pattern for result-count integer match

2002-11-01  Kingpin  <mthurn@carbon.>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (native_setup_search): new URL
	(parse_tree): tweak parser for new webpage format

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/News/Advanced.pm (parse_tree): overhaul for new webpage format

	* test.pl: switch to Test::More; all tests pass as of today

2002-10-01  Kingpin  <mthurn@carbon.>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (gui_query): new URL google.yahoo.com

2002-03-29  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (parse_tree): even more cleanup of title & description

2002-03-28  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (parse_tree): clean up description

2001-12-24  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (gui_query): FIXED for not passing debug argument(s)
	(parse_tree): fix for slightly changed output format

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/News/Advanced.pm (parse_tree): handle new output format

2001-09-13  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/Japan/News.pm: bugfix, and update pod

2001-09-07  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* test.pl: fix all tests, and add new tests for Japan News

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/Japan/News.pm: new backend!

2001-08-07  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/News/Advanced.pm (native_setup_search): default to OR search

	* test.pl: fix all tests, and add new tests for Advanced News

2001-07-16  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* test.pl: fix old tests, and add new tests for Advanced News

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (parse_tree): new method for subclasses to use

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/News/Advanced.pm: new backend

2001-03-31  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>
2001-03-30  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm (native_setup_search): added support for subclassing

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/UK.pm: new backend

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/Korea.pm: new backend

2000-12-15  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Yahoo.pm (native_retrieve_some): clean up URL parsing (yahoo.com added text to it)

2000-11-10  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Yahoo.pm (native_retrieve_some): rewrote parser using HTML::TreeBuilder

2000-09-22  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Yahoo.pm (native_retrieve_some): fix description parsing and URL parsing

2000-09-19  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Yahoo.pm (native_retrieve_some): fix gui-style results parsing

2000-09-14  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Yahoo.pm (native_retrieve_some): fix result-count parsing

2000-07-05  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>


	* Yahoo.pm (native_retrieve_some): fixed parsing for new output format

2000-05-11  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>


2000-05-10  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Yahoo.pm: fixed parsing for all sections of gui_query results

2000-04-28  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>


2000-04-27  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* test.pl: new test case for gui_query

	* Yahoo.pm: new URL for gui_query

2000-04-03  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>


2000-03-27  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* test.pl: updated test cases

	* Yahoo.pm: (2.09) fixed for new CGI options

2000-03-20  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* test.pl: added "real" test

Revision history for Perl extension WWW::Search::Yahoo.

2.07  Fri Feb  4 10:01:42 2000
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19