ChangeLog for Graph-ReadWrite


	Added reader and writer classes for HTK lattice files.

	Fixed a bug in the XML writer module - the way it was using
	XML::Writer caused STDOUT to be closed after you've written
	a graph. I consider it a bug in XML::Writer, but I was able
	to change the way Graph::Writer::XML uses that module.

	Basically it just means that we construct a new instance
	of XML::Writer every time we write out a graph. For most
	uses, this won't be a problem, but you'd notice a hit if
	you were creating the writer and then writing a lot of graphs.

	This was noticed by Mike Hayward <>


	Added support for URL attribute on nodes in Dot.

	Added support for almost all attributes understood by VCG.

	Added a rough cut at a Writer class for daVinci:

1.00 feb 2001 neilb

	Initial release - has baseclass for Reader and Writer classes.

	Reader and Writer for simple XML format.

	Writers for Dot and VCG formats.