Revision history for Perl module HTML::ParseBrowser

1.15 2020-08-25 NEILB
    - "Win64" in the user agent string was resulting in wrong version
      of Windows being reported. Bug fix from Marc Bradshaw.

1.14 2020-02-20 NEILB
    - Added support for Chrome-based Edge.
      Even though the browser string says "Edg", we return the name as Edge

1.13 2016-09-07 NEILB
    - Added support for iOS 10. PR from ROBN++

1.12 2016-07-05 NEILB
    - Removed a debugging print statement left in the last release
    - Added Windows phone support
    - Allow JSON or JSON::Tiny in test suite
    - All changes from Rob Mueller++

1.11 2016-06-07 NEILB
    - Now recognises Microsoft Edge
    - Changed test suite to use done_testing(), so you can just
      add new test cases to the corpus without having to change the driver.
    - Updated dist.ini to include META.json in releases

1.10 2015-01-25 NEILB
    - Refactor tests to be data-driven (NGLENN++)

1.09 2014-06-03
    - Recognise Chrome on iOS (the "CriOS/N.N.N.N" string)
    - Switched to Dist::Zilla
    - Explicitly specify min perl version 5.6.0 in

1.08 2014-06-01
    - Recognise BlackBerry 10 and earlier versions. Seems like browser version
      and OS version are the same thing. Requested by Rob Mueller.
    - Added HTTP::UserAgentString::Parser and Woothee to SEE ALSO

1.07 2014-02-04
    - Recognise Internet Explorer 11
    - Recognise Opera 15
    - Added github repo to pod

1.06 2013-04-20
    - Added initial support for getting the OS type and version right
      on iOS and Android
      Nudged by Robert Mueller.

1.05 2012-02-25
    - Fixed some parsing issues related to 'Linux' and made the os
      always report as 'Linux'.
    - Added github repository metadata to Makefile.PL

1.04 2012-01-16
    - Correctly recognise Opera Mini, AOL browser, and Iron
    - Fixed bug where parsing some versions of Windows ended up setting
      the browser version to be the Windows version
    - Konqueror version wasn't being correctly matched in many cases

1.03 2012-01-15
    - Now recognise OmniWeb
    - Added testcases for all recognised languages
    - Language code for Danish was wrong (was 'dn', is now 'da')
    - Language code for Japanese was wrong (was 'jp', is now 'ja')
    - Simplified the language code, which also made it a lot faster.
      Profiling showed that this was really impacting overall performance:
      running the benchmark test from my review previously took ~35s,
      now it takes ~7s.

1.02 2012-01-14
    - Fixed all warnings generated by running a large test corpus past
      the module. The big coverage test for my review article now
      runs cleanly.
    - Tidied up documentation, made it a bit less rude about Vista :-)
    - Hadn't put release date of 1.01 in this file (Changes)
    - Removed version number from README, so I don't have to update it
      on every release

1.01 2012-01-13
    - Fixed handling of Safari version numbers
    - Added tests for IE 8, 9, 10
    - Improved support for Opera including correct handling of version numbers
    - Added Russian to language recognition
    - Recognises Windows 7 and Windows 8
    - Min version of Perl 5.004 and improved META keywords (from CHORNY)
    - Now recognises Chrome
    - Fixed bug which meant lang(), language() and friends didn't work
    - Fixed warnings about use of undefined values
    - Added a DESTROY method to fix warning caused by AUTOLOAD trying
      to handle DESTROY
    - Now use strict and warnings

1.0 2008-07-16
    - updates

0.5 2001-08-14
	- original version