Revision history for perl module Module::Path

0.09 2013-01-20
    - You can now pass partial module paths, in the format
      used as the keys in %INC. Suggested by Steven Haryanto.

0.08 2012-10-18
    - t/03-mpath.t: now used Devel::FindPerl to get path to perl,
      instead of $^X. Thanks to LeonT.
    - should be quoting the path to the mpath binary in t/03-mpath.t
      Thanks to Graham Knop (haarg).

0.07 2012-09-24
    - Made the repository path a link in the pod (Olivier Mengué)
    - Updated pod to refer to review of this and similar modules.
      Nudged by Olivier Mengué.

0.06 2012-09-18
    - should check $? after running backticks in t/03-mpath.t,
      to ensure process exited cleanly.

0.05 2012-09-18
    - Added lightweight mpath script, which just calls module_path()
      Made path to script portable, thanks to help from kentnl and leont.
      Ugh, test could be run with a different perl than mpath.
      More help, from leont, ether and haarg.

0.04 2012-08-30
    - github repo was specified wrongly in (Olivier Mengué)

0.03 2012-08-27
    - Directory separator should be / and not \ on MSWin32.
      Thanks to kmx for helping me identify the issue.

0.02 2012-08-26
    - bugfix in initialisation of separator (Tom Molesworth)
    - Added github repo to metadata and documentation
    - SEE ALSO now covers all modules I'm aware of that provide
      the same functionality

0.01 2012-08-20
    - initial release of module