ChangeLog for Net-Dict distribution

2.11 2013-11-15

    - Added missing dependency (AppConfig::Std) to Makefile.PL

2.10 2013-07-20

    - Reformatted this file according to CPAN::Changes::Spec
    - Repository details added to metadata (Makefile.PL) and pod
    - License type added to metadata (Makefile.PL)

2.09 2011-12-18

    - Fixed tests that started breaking due to changes in the server
    - Renamed ChangeLog to Changes & tweaked formatting to CPAN::Changes::Spec

2.08 2011-08-02

    - updated testsuite to refer to, as no longer exists
    - updated testsuite to reflect the much longer list of databases now hosted on

2.07 2003-05-06

	- updated testsuite to refer to,
	  and to reflect changes in the databases.

2.06 2002-03-23

	- imported into my home machine's CVS repository
	- updated email address

2.05 2001-04-25

	- moved the inline documentation to a separate file Dict.pod
	- added examples/ which illustrates accessing
	  an english-portuguese dictionary.
	  Example from Jose Joao Dias de Almeida <>.

2.04 2001-04-23

	- tidied up the code for auth(), removing debugging statements, etc.
	- added documentation for the auth() method.
	- renamed auth.t to auth.test - don't want this run as
	  part of "make test": it needs my local config for testing.
	  Do something about that later.

2.03 2001-04-23

	- Added code which parses the welcome banner, to get msg id and
	  optional capabilities.
	- Added capabilities() method which returns a list of
	  supported optional capabilities.
	- Added has_capability() method for checking whether a
	  capability is supported by the server.
	- msg_id() method which returns the msg id from the server.
	  This is used in the auth() method.
	- Added auth() method, which uses Digest::MD5.
	- Created a testsuite for auth - auth.t

2.02 2001-04-03

	- Oops - forgot to add documentation for the status() method.

2.01 2001-04-03

	- Added status() method to Net::Dict - returns the string
	  returned by the DICT server when STATUS command is sent.
	  Couple of test cases in t/connection.t

	- When using the sample dict client, if no definition was
	  found, then it will use Levenshtein or Soundex matching
	  to look for close words. If the server doesn't support
	  either strategy, then it just gives a basic error message.

	- Updated the testsuite - new databases on meant
	  that certain tests failed (eg where the date is included
	  in the title of a database).

2.00 2001-04-01

	- up'd the major version number - this will be the first public
	  release version since changing the API for the constructor.
		- updated dict and tkdict to use the new method name

	- Various documentation updates, including:
		- adding more to the descriptive section of the documentation.
		- reformatting the METHODS section

	- strats() method renamed to strategies(). The old name is
	  retained for backwards compatibility.

	- Put a hack in the match.t test to supress unwanted output
	  from _print_isa function in Net::Cmd.

	- Removed the dependence on Net::Config from Makefile.PL

1.09 2001-03-26

	- Send the CLIENT command to identify us before any other command
	  is sent.

	- Don't need to "use Net::Config" now

	- dbTitle() checks whether the given DB name is valid.
	  If it isn't, and debug is set to non-zero, then we now carp.

	- Fixed a bug in define() - couldn't handle multi-word entries, eg:
		$dict->define("oboe d'amore");
	  didn't work as it should. The private _DEFINE method now quotes
	  all arguments before passing them on, since having everything
	  quoted is ok by RFC 2229.

	- Fixed the same bug in match() method.

	- Finished first pass at testsuite for define() method.

1.08 2001-03-22

	- first version of testsuite - not the full set, but enough
	  to get a few people to test and find out if it's sensible.
	- Makefile.PL updated to get hostname and port for test server,
	  it builds a config file in t/

	- dbInfo now returns a string rather than an array of lines.
	  This means it now matches the documentation!

	- dbTitle() returns undef if you request a title of a
	  non-existent database.

 	- Now checks for legality of arg names passed to constructor
	- constructor requires hostname as first argument
	- don't look for default list of hosts to try from Net::Config
	- updated checking of arguments to constructor and error messages
	- changed all self variables from $obj to $self
	- improved wording of error messages when checking method arg lists
	- private method _CLIENT now takes arg, rather than hard-coding
	  reference to package variable $CLIENT_INFO
	- Removed references in to the doc to ConfigFile and HTML
	  arguments - they weren't actually supported - now mention
	  this in the LIMITATIONS section
	- Put an example of use of constructor with all arguments
	  in the doc

1.07 2001-03-04

	- Updated the one-line description in the NAME pod section.
	  Previous one was a bit terse - that's what shows up
	  on, and similar places.

1.06 2001-03-04

	- created tkdict, first cut at a Perl/Tk DICT client.
	  The interface is currently very DICT protocol centric.
	- added dbTitle() method, which is used to query the title
	  string for a specific database.
	- the description strings returned by dbs() and strats() were
	  quoted with double strings (if that's what the server returned).
	  Similarly every word returned by match() was quoted.
	  Now the quotation marks are removed.

1.05 2001-03-01
	- added "dict", a sample client script
	- strats() method was including a newline in the description
	  of each strategy, unlike dbs(), which chomp()s the description.
	  strats() now chomps as well!
	- added Client option to Net::Dict, for CLIENT identifier string
	- added AUTHOR and ABSTRACT_FROM keys to Makefile.PL

1.04 2001-02-22

    - First version under maintenance of Neil Bowers
    - Added Makefile.PL, README, MANIFEST.
    - Added examples/, based on example submitted
      by Jose Joao Dias de Almeida <>
    - Modified in constructor for default port number,
      also from Jose.
    - previous versions released by Dmitry Rubinstein