Revision history for Perl module Text::Table::Tiny

0.05 2019-01-25 NEILB
    - generate_table() was die'ing if no rows were passed, which resulted
      in a suboptimal error message. Now croaks; added fatal test for this.
    - Added top_and_tail param, to address GH#3.
    - deleted unused internal function _get_cols_and_rows(). Devel::Cover++
    - Enabled Travis-CI. PR from Petr Kletečka++.

0.04 2015-11-05 NEILB
    - Added this Changes file. Addresses RT#97285
    - Now use Exporter, and provide an optional export generate_table(),
      which works exactly the same as the previous table() function.
      The old interface is provided for back compat. Tests for new interface.
    - Restructured the doc.
    - Cleaned up the dist.ini, which now adds a META.json to releases.
    - Added a SEE ALSO section to the doc, which refers the reader to
      the See Also section in Text::Table::Manifold RT#107613.
    - Specified min perl version as 5.006
    - Github repo now listed in the doc and in the dist metadata
0.03 2012-01-24 CHIGGINS
    - Unknown changes

0.02 2012-01-24 CHIGGINS
    - Unknown changes

0.001 2012-01-23 CHIGGINS
    - First release to CPAN