Revision history for CGI-Info

0.71	Wed Feb  3 15:14:13 EST 2021
	Added t/fixme.t
	Use JSON module instead of JSON::Parse as the latter has dropped support for Solaris
	Allow status to be set, this will be used later by CGI::Allow

0.70	Fri  7 Jun 12:39:52 EDT 2019
	Allow logdir() and tmpdir() to be called as a class methods
	Trap SQL injections with SELECT statements

0.69	Sat  9 Mar 19:28:32 EST 2019
	Added logdir()

0.68	Fri Dec  7 08:14:21 EST 2018
	Allow a parameter to have the value 0

0.67	Tue Mar 27 12:31:12 EDT 2018
	Remove the 'provides' tag

0.66	Thu Dec 14 18:36:31 EST 2017
	Added MyLogger to the MANIFEST

0.65	Tue Dec 12 16:54:42 EST 2017
	Fix breakage on 5.27.5 and beyond (Github issue 7)
	Send 501 on unknown request, not 405
	Bump minimum version of File::Spec
	Use List::MoreUtils instead of grep

0.64	Thu Oct 12 10:30:18 EDT 2017
	Added mechanism to speak to setlogsock - useful for Dreamhost customers
	Added set_logger

0.63	Wed Jul  5 20:57:31 EDT 2017
	When preventing SQL injection or XSS, don't return any parameters, since
		it's best to assume everything is poisoned
	Added max_upload_size to new()
	OPTIONS shouldn't get through to CGI::Info, so disallow it

0.62	Wed 21 Dec 09:28:36 EST 2016
	Added status() method
	Set maximum file upload size to 512K

0.61	Thu  1 Dec 21:46:44 EST 2016
	Missed bin/* from the MANIFEST

0.60	Thu Dec  1 14:42:37 EST 2016
	Handle JSON POST data
	AUTOLOAD parameters
	Added the cookie() method
	Added Appveyor support to CI test on Windows
	Added tests that the framework to allow CGI scripts to be tested from
		the command line work
	Added Travis and Coveralls integration
	Mark some SEO scanners as robots
	On unknown input, debug what it is
	Added seznambot as a search engine

0.59	Tue Apr 12 17:38:03 EDT 2016
	Log the IP address of client attempting SQL injection
	H::B says robot() returns undef if it's not a robot; but sometimes it returns 0
	Bump minimum HTTP::Browserdetect to ensure bingbot is found

0.58	Sat Dec 26 10:12:47 EST 2015
	Support allowed list of arguments changing, this is useful for -
		$my action = $info->param('action');
		my %allowed;
		if($action eq 'action1') {
			%allowed = ('foo' => qr(\d+));
		} else {
			%allowed = ('bar' => qr(\d+));
		my $params = $info->params(allowed => \%allowed);

0.57	Sun Oct 25 15:43:05 EDT 2015
	Reduce attack false positives
	Don't add an argument if it's already there
	--search-engine and --mobile didn't work
	Less harsh SQL injection tests, there were too many false positives
	Tabletsare no longer considered mobile phones
	params now returns undef if no arguments were given
	Pretend Facebookexternal (used to prefetch pages for
		display) is a search_engine.
	Don't mark search engines as robots

0.56	Sun Aug 16 20:05:27 EDT 2015
	Catch XML read failures
	Twitterbot is a robot
	Catch more injection attempts

0.55	Thu Jun 11 17:33:10 EDT 2015
	protocol() - Don't warn when not running as a CGI script
	Added more explicit catching of XSS and SQL injection attempts

0.54	Wed Jun  3 13:10:59 EDT 2015
	Fix --tablet option
	protocol() - Warn if the calling protocol can't be determined
	Fix protocol() on OpenBSD, Solaris and NetBSD
	Ensure that the temporary directory is writeable, otherwise tests will

0.53	Sat May 30 16:00:49 EDT 2015
	Remove implicit assumption of the build directory

0.52	Sat May 30 08:13:28 EDT 2015
	Fix problem where mobile Chrome claimed it's a robot when data
		compression is enabled
	Ensure + is handled in parameters when encoded as %2B
	cgi_host_url could sometimes give http:// instead of https://
	Set minimum version as 5.6.1 since we use the 3 argument open()
	When running outside CGI, allow one of --tablet, --search-engine,
		--mobile and --robot to mimick those agents.
	is_mobile: include code from

0.51	Fri Jan  2 20:34:46 EST 2015
	Fix breakage on older Perls

0.50	Fri Jan  2 10:37:56 EST 2015
	Put is_mobile in the cache
	Added 'search' to the list of return values from browser_type()
	Added t/used.t
	Don't load cleaning modules when no arguments are given
	Don't use String::EscapeCage - RT99598, String::Clean::XSS should

0.49	Fri Nov  7 17:16:25 EST 2014
	Ensure different agents from the same IP don't clash in the cache
	Restore alloing new() arguments to be a reference

0.48	Sun Oct 19 20:35:56 EDT 2014
	Incorporated patch-1 from
	Consider Majestic12 to be a search engine
	Only load File::Basename when needed
	Use String::EscapeCage to taint and grab values
	Added param message

0.47	Sun Aug 24 14:56:10 EDT 2014
	Support hostnames with dots at the end, e.g. when the URL used to
		access a site is, domain_name() will
		return, not
	params() - return nothing when the call is OPTIONS
	Added more hardening to file uploads
	Added optional cache argument to new() to speed up look-ups
	Test that tmpdir works at the class level

0.46	Mon 11 Nov 08:46:26 EST 2013
	Corrected some documentation issues on params()
	Corrected handling of many cookies
	Ensure script_path(), script_name() and tmpdir() are untainted.

0.45	Fri 31 May 16:22:08 EDT 2013
	_multipart_data(): Handle missing filename when uploading
	Added _syslog and _logger to new()
	Added warning if domain information can't be found
	Don't load HTTP::BrowserDetect more than once (assume
		HTTP_USER_AGENT doesn't change)
	Use Test::Most instead of Test::More
	Improve XSS prevention by using String::Clean::XSS
	Added the allow option. It will replace the expected option

0.44	Wed Apr 10 09:53:31 EDT 2013
	Fix t/params.t when the root directory is writable (e.g.
		running as root or on Windows)
	params(): When running outside a CGI environment (i.e. in
		development), avoid prompting for the arguments more
		than once if just 'quit' is entered
	_find_paths(): use File::Basename, it's more portable

0.43	Sat Feb 16 12:18:50 EST 2013
	Warn if reading POST arguments fail
	Replaced t/unused.t with t/vars.t
	Added extra check to t/script.t to check it returns an
		existing file
	Used 'PERL5OPT=-MDevel::Cover make test; cover' to add extra
	is_mobile(): return true for clients running on Androd

0.42	Sat Oct 13 17:22:38 EDT 2012
	Croak rather than carp if upload_dir isn't set
	t/params.t no longer runs in tainted mode for File::Spec::Win32
	Added t/changes.t, though that doesn't support date(1) output
	Added browser_type()

0.41	Thu Sep 13 13:38:43 BST 2012
	get_cookie(): added validation, fix unitialized variable if the
		requested cookie isn't in the jar

0.40	Mon Sep 10 08:21:31 BST 2012
	Fixed t/rootdir.t on Windows

0.39	Wed Sep  5 10:17:55 BST 2012
	Added get_cookie()

0.38	Tue Sep  4 11:25:22 BST 2012
	t/rootdir.t - don't check htdocs exists

0.37	Mon Sep  3 16:18:59 BST 2012
	Added rootdir

0.36	Sun Sep  2 20:13:42 BST 2012
	Change _find_paths to use rel2abs()

0.35	Mon Aug 27 21:48:00 BST 2012
	Added t/unused.t
	Ensure that if the class is instantiated more than once, that POST
		still works even though STDIN has already been read
	documented and verified that protocol() can be used as a class method
		as well as an object method

0.34	Sun Aug 19 22:17:02 BST 2012
	params(): when using POST, if CONTENT_LENGTH is defined, return undef
	XML now sets XML not xml in params()
	Test::Kwalitee isn't needed for build, only for optional testing
	Added is_tablet()

0.33	Tue Jul 31 09:38:43 BST 2012
	Handle XML requests
	Added t/dist.t

0.32	Thu Jul 19 15:38:22 BST 2012
	Removed some duplicate tests
	Fixed t/script.t on Windows

0.31	Wed Jul 18 15:57:04 BST 2012
	Fixed script_name and script_path when not running as a CGI script
	Added some tests

0.30	Fri Jul 13 09:35:07 BST 2012
	Fixed handling of POST content-type application/x-www-form-urlencoded
	Fixed t/params.t on Windows
	Removed unused variables

0.29	Fri Jun 15 11:01:18 EDT 2012
	Fixed t/carp.t on systems without Test::Carp

0.28	Tue Jun 12 15:30:00 EDT 2012
	Fixed boundary detection

0.27	Mon Jun 11 23:28:16 EDT 2012
	Debugged _multipart_data. Still some TODOs to be done

0.26	Mon Jun 11 14:49:24 EDT 2012
	Bump minimum version of HTTP::Browserdetect to 1.42
	Rewrote _multipart_data

0.25	Sun Jun 10 22:15:59 EDT 2012
	Allow params to take a reference to a hash as an argument

0.24	Sun Jun 10 10:29:26 EDT 2012
	Added first draft of handling of multipart form data
	Ignore invalid key=arg parameters in params()

0.23	Tue May 15 14:58:01 EDT 2012
	Added is_search_engine()

0.22	Thu May  3 09:32:37 BST 2012
	Fix tmpdir() in Cygwin, where giving a default value of '/non-existant' would
		return '/non-existant/../tmp' rather than '/non-existant'.  I
		guess it would also have broken under the Newcastle Connection.

0.21	Wed May  2 13:21:40 BST 2012
	Clean up a couple of regular expressions
	Small speed improvement

0.20	Thu Mar 15 13:58:25 EDT 2012
	Fixed script_dir() on Windows

0.19	Mon Mar 12 10:50:12 EDT 2012
	Only do kwalitee test in author environment because it throws too
		many false positives
	Added script_dir()

0.18	Fri Jan 27 09:28:44 GMT 2012
	Fix t/tmpdir.t on Cygwin

	params: remove leading spaces and some attempts to put in hacking values
	Added missing prerequisites to Makefile.PL

0.16	Mon Oct  3 10:18:11 EDT 2011
	Added expected argument to new and params

0.15	Sun Sep  4 09:11:11 EDT 2011
	Added plukkie to the list of robots
	Added Test::NoWarnings tests
	Stopped running some Windows tests. I need to think about paths
		on Windows
	is_mobile/is_robot now falls back to HTTP::BrowserDetect if it's present

0.14	Thu Aug 25 11:51:49 EDT 2011
	Added is_robot
	Only attempt to read POSTed data when there is some to read
	Better path handling on Windows
	Added t/critit.t and t/snippets.t
	Documented and tested compatability with CGI::Untaint

0.13	Thu Aug 11 13:30:38 EDT 2011
	Added tmpdir function

	Remove \r from parameters

0.11	Fri Jul 29 17:59:08 EDT 2011
	as_string() now returns the empty string instead of undef if there
		were no arguments

0.10	Fri Jul 22 09:48:58 EDT 2011
	Added protocol method
	cgi_host_url now prepends https:// for secure connections
	Fixed Test::Portability::Files' test - now ignores MS-DOS breakages
		that aren't the fault of CGI::Info

0.09	Sat Jul 16 10:36:27 EDT 2011
	Added as_string() method
	Removed space after the comma in comma seperated lists if an argument
		is given more than once

0.08	Thu Jul 14 12:30:11 EDT 2011
	Check the value of GATEWAY_INTERFACE as well to see if we're running
		under CGI
	Corrected the HTML in the documentation
	Added many tests
	Fixed incompability with cgi_buffer,

0.07	Thu Mar 24 10:40:17 EDT 2011
	Ensure that Test:More >= 0.82 for new_ok
	Added is_mobile()
	Better example use of params

0.06	Sat Jan  1 10:46:09 GMT 2011
	Better error handling

0.05	Sun Dec 26 11:16:08 GMT 2010
	_domain_name wasn't being filled in

0.04	Thu Dec 23 09:55:32 GMT 2010
	More improved handling of script_path in test environments

0.03	Wed Dec 22 21:48:43 GMT 2010
	Better error handling in _domain_name
	script_path works better in test environments

0.02	Mon Dec 20 10:26:24 GMT 2010
	script_name now does something useful when not running in a CGI

0.01    Sun Dec 12 22:24:09 EST 2010
        First draft