Revision history for Geo-Coder-Free

0.28	Fri Oct 16 21:51:27 EDT 2020
	Fixed the manifest
	Don't return all the matches in a state/county/province

0.27.1	Thu Oct 15 11:08:18 EDT 2020

0.27	Fri Oct  9 20:44:09 EDT 2020 Call _normalize when libpostal is installed
	Install LWP::Simple and LWP::Protocol::https if needed

0.26	Thu Oct  8 19:47:45 EDT 2020
	Create the MaxMind database directory to download to
	Use Geo::Coder::Abbreviations

0.25	Wed Sep 30 22:33:06 EDT 2020
	Maxmind: Improved handling of full state names in the US

0.24	Mon Jun 15 11:50:14 EDT 2020
	Deal with
	Makefile.PL: used to not download any file if it exists, now it
		will download the file if it's older than a week

0.23	Sat May 16 22:16:30 EDT 2020
	WhosOnFirst: Use raw geojson files from GitHub
	Don't store items in MaxMind cache when there are more than one match,
		it was causing some subsequent searches to fail
	Sanity check to MaxMind records
	Don't look up where we've already failed to find a location
	Save database in Redis server as well if REDIS_SERVER is set
	Fixed reverse_geocode in for UK addresses
	Fixed reverse_geocode in when you know the name but not the

0.22	Sat 12 Oct 15:14:01 EDT 2019
	When looking up Tyne and Wear, also lookup Borough of North Tyneside
	Make createdatabase.PL and agree on how to handle St. Louis, MO

0.21	Tue 16 Jul 20:58:06 EDT 2019
	Remove errant debug statement

0.20	Sun 14 Jul 22:52:42 EDT 2019
	reverse_geocode starts locally then zooms out a bit
	Fix copy and paste error into from

0.19	Wed 17 Apr 17:25:55 EDT 2019
	Added reverse_geocode support to MaxMind and Local

0.18	Wed 20 Mar 17:00:52 EDT 2019
	Added Geo::Coder::Free::Local
	Now return Geo::Location::Point object

0.17	Sat 23 Feb 17:21:41 EST 2019
	Maxmind download of worldcitiespop.txt has been removed

0.16	Tue Jan  1 17:57:37 EST 2019
	Import GeoName's allCountries data
	Remember L:E:AddressParser objects to speed up parsing. RT#127814
	Fix uninitialized variable
	Error if G:S:P can't extract a state name

0.15	Thu Nov 15 21:10:51 EST 2018
	Added alternatives table, for when a place could be listed elsewhere
	Support lookups of British counties e.g. 'Kent, England'

0.14	Fri Sep  7 16:07:39 EDT 2018
	Work on fixing
	Re-enable Lingua::EN::AddressParse usage and prefer over Geo::libpostal
	Don't store cities and location names in the database

0.13	Fri Jul 20 16:48:58 EDT 2018
	Fix handling of cities with spaces in them
	Fix Canadian provinces - everything was going in AB
	Improved handling of "LANE"

0.12	Tue Jun 19 09:02:28 EDT 2018
	Fix "RESTAURANT" insert where street is known but not number
	Improved searches when Geo::Libpostal is not installed
	Improved handling of un-normalized input
	Removed duplicate code
	Add current country on web interface
	Added bin/address_lookup
	No need to give openaddr argument to new() if OPENADDR_HOME is set

0.11	Fri Jun  8 17:27:55 EDT 2018
	Started work on scantext support
	Fixed some calls in list mode which returned a scalar
	Many WOF records were not being imported
	Only fall back to Geo::StreetAddress::US as last resort
	Don't include NULL fields in the JSON output
	Better at finding venues when libpostal is not installed
	Tighten OpenAddresses validation

0.10	Fri 11 May 18:30:54 EDT 2018
	Street numbers were not being indexed
	Add data that I know with the GPS program on my phone
	Support "DR" for "Drive"
	Import GB data from data
	Maxmind - no longer croak for bad args

0.09	Tue Apr 17 21:34:01 EDT 2018
	Consolidated date in createdatabase
	Load Australian data
		Added basic Australian search (town, state, country)
	Removed the OLDCODE

0.08	Sun Apr 15 11:49:55 EDT 2018
	Download admin1 and admin2 directly from MaxMind
	Download cities.sql from

0.07	Tue Apr  3 07:40:46 EDT 2018
	Stash results in cache, workaround for very slow libpostal load
		(minutes!!) on scaleway machines
	Fix search for just state/province
	Added the run method

0.06	Thu Mar 29 09:12:56 EDT 2018
	Fix Github issue 14
	Updated to latest MaxMind databases
	Started support for a local copy of
	Fixed Canadian lookups
	Match a street even if the house number isn't known
	Started geocoder website - see cgi-bin

0.05	Sun Jan 28 17:33:33 EST 2018
	Allow known peculiarities to be found
	Improve handling of US lookups
	Added DISTINCT when only wanting one row

0.04	Thu Oct 26 22:05:54 EDT 2017
	Fix throw in
	Various speedups
	Fixed uninitialized variable

0.03	Sun Oct 22 10:46:22 EDT 2017
	Fixed spelling mistake

0.02	Sun Oct 22 10:31:35 EDT 2017
	Mention that reverse isn't supported
	Added createdatabase.PL
	Added ua

0.01	Sun 15 Oct 14:24:23 EDT 2017
	First Version