Changes in b8

* Adjusted handling of 'const' in pTk C code.

* Changed delegation to really define AUTOLOADed delegate 
  function avoids horrible overhead on each call.

* Corrected Steve's long standing issue with inserting selection
  with <2>. 

* Fixed all the 'use Pretty' problems.

* Merged tk4.0p1 patches

* Added explicit Tk::focus in places to allow tab traversal etc.
  of canvases which have their own focus method.

* Added

* Divided Text bindings into two parts - one appropriate
  for read-only Texts - to make it easier to derived HTML
  stuff from Text.

* Added ability to specify X11 location as
  perl Makefile.PL X11=/path/to/X

* Other things I have forgotten.

Changes in b7

* Added workround for perl bug in new C version Callback::Call called from 
  perl in a loop (e.g. showed up in color_editor apply defaults).

* Changed Makefile.PL's to allow build on OSF again

* Changed enabling of -Werror for GCC to only occur where my home
  directory exists.

* Adjusted to comprehend that -colormap is create-time only 

* Applied John Outerhout patch to tkImgPhoto.c 

* Enforced 14 character filename length limit on all files in MANIFEST.
    ScrolledListbox -> ScrlListbox
    FileSelector    -> FileSelect
    LabledEntry     -> LabEntry
    LabledRadio     -> LabRadio

* Fixed memory leak due to -textvariable 

* Implemented Tcl_GetVar2 so that -fontmap and -colormap work
  for canvas postscript option.
  Added trivial postscript demo canvas_ps, and postscript print
  option to widget demo 'plot' (Thanks Guy/Steve).

Changes in b6

* Merged production tk4.0 C code and doc files, and added
  new winfo commands to

* Demos updated from Steve as usual - thanks as always.

* Changed Tk::Widget::new code so that Name => name pair can 
  occur in any position.

* Added a DoWhenIdle to ConfigChanged when a composite's configure
  changes. Derived class can override this method to (for example)
  repaint when all of a group of configures have occurred.
  (Still experimental).

* Fixed Canvas tags inquiry.

* Changed 'WidgetClass' declaration scheme to something more readable (IMHO).
  >>> INCOMPATIBLE <<<  (But WidgetClass is still there for now...)

* Eliminated the string evals for constructor and convenience methods,
  in favour of assigning to globs. 
  >>> Requires perl5.001m for fixes to closures <<<

* Automatically create @Tk::Xxxxx::Inherit::ISA (as per perlbot)
  when a widget Construct occurs.
  Provide Inherit method to use above.

* Implemented Tk/perl hooks to allow Text regular expression matching
  to work (using perl style regexps!)

* Added Busy/Unbusy to inhibit events and display a cursor while
  doing something that takes a while.

* Continued evolution of Composite stuff, making ConfigSpecs
  an array to allow defaults to be specified.
  More types of configure now allowed.
  Tk::Composite has gone, Tk::Frame is now the base class,
  with Tk::Toplevel @ISA'ing Tk::Frame

  Hacked all existing Composites to use new scheme,
  partially functional FileSelector converted too.


* Eliminated dubious practice of pattern matching the package name
  to decide on core Tk widget (an one or two other things).
  Such things are now found via inheritcance.

* Major overhaul of internals of tkGlue.c, fixed leaks and core dumps.
  Added END block to to cleanup after 'die'.

* Permitted multiple MainWindow->new calls
  this requires Tk->update style calls to change to $widget->update

* Started tkpod pod viewer

Changes in b5

* Fixed Photo dynamic loading problems highlighted by AIX.

* Fixed warnings/errors on XFree() building Xlib.ft (SGI and others)

* Fixed tear-off menus with Radio/Check button items.

* Adopted Stephen's latest ColorEditor stuff.

* Adapted Stephen's stuff, adding delegation of 
  methods and configure stuff, and allowing Toplevel composites
  without dummy Frames. Propogated style to ScrolledListbox, Dialog
  and ErrorDialog. Tweaked (some of ) demos as well.

* Merged tk4.0b4 C code and converted its 'man' pages to doc/*.html
  Minor tweak to for change of 'winfo allmapped' to
  'winfo visible'.
  More consequences of tk4.0b4 expected when further testing occurs.
  (*.tcl -> *.pm audit *NOT* yet done.)

* Moved 'xpm' library out of pTk and into Pixmap which is what uses it.

* Changed whole approach to stdio 'cnt' that latest Configure
  'broke' for linux.
  Now simply define a function in tkGlue.c using perl's FILE_cnt() macro.

* Removed perl patches from the distribution now that perl5.001l
  is widely available, and patches were getting bulky.

* Edited pTk/mTk/tkPack.c and  pTk/mTk/tkPlace.c so that their info
  sub commands return usable perl lists.
  Added convience methods $widget->packslaves and $widget->packinfo.

* Fixed problem in Text 'search' which either rendered it non-functional,
  or caused a segfault.

* Changed way 'vtables' are declared to avoid problems with one 
  Linix dld variant.

* Incorporated Stephens conversion of tk4.04 style demos.

* Converted palette.tcl and merged into 

* Adopted code for myConfig that tries to locate X includes and 
  library by looking for an xmkmf in $PATH.

* Hacked Makefile.PL's to correctly build full-static tkperl
  Added code to to supress used-once warnings on internal

* Moved all the major widgets to be separately loadable

* Tweak Composite stuff some more - it should still be considered
  subject to change, but basic structure should be okay.
   - Not all composites are in same style yet
   - I may have missed some $cw->{-opt} changes to $cw->{Configure}{-opt}
   - ConfigSpecs 'delagation' needs work to make the fact that 
     a widget is a composite transparent to the user.
     * In place are ways to direct -xxx to a subwidget->configure(-xxx)
     * Need way to direct -xxx to a subwidget->configure(-yyy)
     * Need way to direct -xxx to  somewidget->handler(-yyy)
     * Need cget 
     * Need to be able to use options 

Changes in b4

* An 'experimental' release which attempts to minimize startup time
  and memory use by AutoLoading and Dynamicaly loading as much as possible.
  As such it may be seriously damaged on machines which don't support dynamic
  loading - such machines should probably stick to Tk-b3.
  Needs a patch (supplied) to perl5.001e to make auto-loaded methods work.

* A few fixes from Stephen Lidie to demos (Thanks again Stephen).

* Removed most of the $w->IsXxxx tests following recent discussion 
  by perl5-porters.

* Other minor cleanups.