Within each 'release' time advances down the file, but most recent
release is at the top.

Change.log is generated from perforce database, it is therefore
complete, but short on detail.      
Changes in Tk800.011     
	Various tweaks to make Conference demo cleaner,
	in particular :
	  * native-look dialog boxes.
	  * Normal Callbacks for NoteBook. 
	Comprehend that $0 is tainted. 
	Deprecate TixGrid until I/we decide where we are going.

Changes in Tk800.010
	Fix -variable stuff on PERL_OBJECT
	Achim's new tests and fixes for most of them.
	Fix for UNIX Drag&Drop when window has Menubar
	Virtual event for <<LeftTab>>   
	Patches to make testsuite non-interactive  
	Jason's latest Balloon  
	Re-enable Alt-x stuff for UNIX.

Changes in Tk800.009
	A few tweaks to options documentation
	Perl5.005 tolerance, remove excessive groping in perl's internals.
	PERL_OBJECT awareness.

Changes in Tk800.008
	Fixed up some L<> problems in the pods, merged Achim's pod edits.
	Fixed up some Copy/Paste issues.
	Fixed some Tk::IO and fileevent problems  
	Prepared for compiler by 'use base' rather than @ISA assign.
	Ev('s') and $event->s now have a string form usable in bind.
	Various build fixes.

Changes in Tk800.007
	Mingw32 build-ability (Still needs a little more work)

	Ilya's OS2 patches
	Doc updates from Achim
	Test updates from Achim 
	Slaven's Balloon & Canvas stuff   
	Another try at cleaning up __FUNCTION__ snags.
	Steve's prototype MsgBox (this will change)
	Re-work tainting stuff again.

Changes in Tk800.006                         
	New hook in new for "managing parents" 

	Sorted out Drag&Drop
	Added wmRelease to Win32 port

	More Pod tweaks from Achim     

	form geometry manager restored and improved
	-initialfile in FileSelect fixed.

	Seems to work tainted again. 

	Some cleanup to TList    

	Build cleanup

	Patches from the list.

Changes in Tk800.005   
	Reworked MainLoop and did "sneaky" things to demo and tkpsh
	to make embedding demos easier.
	Cleaned up the tests, making interactive tests into demos.

	Text 'dump' now returns object for widgets and images.

	More documentaion changes - mainly by Achim - thanks as ever.   

	ItemStyle is supported for HList & co.

	Drag & Drop code now works as well as it ever did, even on Win32
	still needs integrating with mainstream widgets like HList that expect
	it and more "native" support.

	Photo image type is now more modular - unbundled JPEG and PNG 
	modules will be released to match.

Changes in Tk800.004
	Revert ConfigSpecs to Tk402 style
	Fix Balloon on Win32
	Re-work Photo C API   
	Various fixed to tixGrid
	Moved all POD to pod directory
	Fixed Achim's failing testcases     
	Various pod tweaks

Changes in Tk800.003

	Various fixes for build of outside Tk extensions
	Steve's demo patch
	Jason's Balloon enhancement.
	Change to pod as primary documentation.
	   Achim Bohnet <ach@mpe.mpg.de> has helped a lot here.
	   HTML build not done yet.
	Fix to HList scrollbar handling
Changes in Tk800.0_02   

	Added generic dialog support. See toyedit for example use.
	Tested on Win32, and implemented more-or-less for UNIX/X,
	based on our existing widgets.

	Fixed ->Icon to allow for new wrapper window 

	Implemented font command - hardly tested doc's still tcl-ish.

	Changed default value handling of ConfigSpecs to ask default
	widget for value(s).            

	Added LangIO.h.PL

	Patches from the list.  

	Handle Name => stuff better in menus.

Changes in Tk800.0_01 

	Various fixes - many thanks to Slaven Rezic <eserte@cs.tu-berlin.de>
	in particular. 

	Found systematic bug in returning lists - this was setPalette bug, and tab focus

	Documentaion updates from Achim Bohnet <ach@mpe.mpg.de>

	Implemented use of virtual events e.g. <<Copy>>

	Tk::Menubar now uses new menubar features.

	Tk::Photo now handles overlay in (e.g.) animated GIFs again.

	Some testing of embedding hooks - seem to work.

	fileevent works again on UNIX, and after a fashion on Win32.

Changes in Tk800.000

Adopt tk8.0p2 and associated tcl8.0p2 where required.
Fix to build and run as much as possible on Solaris and Win32.

Menus and Fonts have changed radically in the core. 

Tcl/Tk's menu.tcl has been hand converted (mostly) to Menu.pm and Menubutton.pm.
Menus mostly work - there will typo's in all that hand conversion.

No attempt has been made to make Font stuff visible to perl, indeed
existing Tk::Font is ideal candiate API (very close to what Tcl has), but probably 
does not work at the moment.

Other big snag is fileevent is now completely broken on all platforms.
I need to re-implement enough of Tcl_Channel API on top of perl's file handles
to re-introduce it. This will be main focus of Tk800.001 ...

Changes in 402.005    

 Un-bundle Tk::Pod
 Un-bundle Tk::Contrib
 Un-bundle Tk::HTML

 Fix "Class" of Mainwindow

 Various mailed patches

 Fix FileSelect with -create to validate non-existant files correctly

 Use output of xmkmf rather than file itself.

Changes in 402.003

	Update VERSION numbers in all .pm files - semi-automatic
        from perforce depot.

	Tweaks for tkmail (Perl conference demo app.)

	Retro-fit HTML parse tweaks used in conference foil viewer

	Fix Tk::Text selection by keyboard <Shift-Down> etc.

	New image code - including  animated GIFs

	Fix -pack problem in Menbar, and Tcl_DeleteCommand issue in ImgCmp

Changes in 402.002

* More <stdio.h> detection in pTk/LangIO.h

* Ilya's OS2 patches

* Patches to doc/tkman2pod for back-conversion on machines without 'man'.

* Merged Tix4.1.0.005

Changes in 402.001

* Should now build with VC4.0, VC5.0 or Borland

* Right version of Tcl documentation merged.

* Scrollbars and Scales have default widths specified in physical units rather than
  pixels - so should not get over-large on low-resolution screens.

* Various build fixes.

* Tix4.1.0 (003) C code merged.

* Tixish updates from Rajappa Iyer.

* Changed to use Tix's Pixmap code rather than one using libxpm.
  (Libxpm has been a portability problem.
  (When Tk::Pixmap is loaded Tix's additional "builtin" Bitmaps and
   Pixmap id's are loaded too.)

* 'grid' can now be used "procedurally" :
    Tk::grid('-', $a, 'x', $b);
* New syntax supported to allow ConfigSpecs to cause configure option
  to configure a subwidget with a different named option.

* DefineBitmap interface added - Bitmaps can now be defined from perl code.
  Perl's 'pack' is very useful.

* Should build on top of sfio enabled perl.

* Tab traversal of Table's children permitted if Table does not take focus.

* Re-structured MainWindow moving 'CmdLine' into Tk::CmdLine.
  All perl/Tk apps now accept and honour command line switches described
  in X11R5 man page.  Some support of 'WM_SAVEYOURSELF' protocol.
  May need $mw->client setting.

* New demos from Steve Lidie - thanks as always.

* fixed ->wmCapture - NOTE Ioi has dropped "capture" from Tix4.1
  so we have the "orphan" implementation from Tix4.0.*
Changes in 402.000

* Put perl/Tk under perforce management 400.200 .. 400.202+

* Merged perl stuff from Tk400.201

* Merged tk4.2 sources

* Rearranged pTk/mTk to make tcl vs tk naming more symetric

* Merged perl stuff from Tk400.202+

* Merged tk4.2p2 sources

* Win32 port.

* Added FontAscent/FontDescent methods to Tk::,
  and used them for ascent/descent methods of Tk::Font

* Moved things around in Derived to allow Derived to be 
  used for non-widgets.

* Moved Component and Advertise from Tk::Frame to Tk::Derived

Changes in 401.000

* Merged perl stuff from Tk400.200

* Imaginary release - Ilya had something "like" this for OS/2.

Changes in Tk4.1a

* Abstract "basis" was Tkb11+

* Merged tk4.1 sources.

* Merged Event loop stuff from tcl7.5

* Rearranged pTk/mTk to mirror tk4.1+'s multi-platform structure
  - munge from 'platform' source to pTk/*/[ch]

* Pseudo release with non-standard name "Tk4.1a"