Revision history for Net-SugarCRM

3.23133 12/03/2014
	Added encryption parameter per bug
3.23126 11/03/2014
	Fix bug
3.22375 27/11/2013
	Handle SugarCRM responses for JSON::Boolean empty responses for dates
3.21344 20/08/2013
	Add more logging in sugarcrm update entry
3.20698 19/06/2013
	Fix syntax error logcroack -> logcroak
3.20492 04/06/2013
	Reuse of Moose because the compatibility with Any::Moose is still not ready. It should be possible
	to change the line of use Moose with use Moo, if you don't use Moose anywhere else
3.20472 03/06/2013
	Use of lighter Moo instead of Moose
2.20449 31/05/2013
	Add has pod
2.20414 30/05/2013
	Add has method in Net::SugarCRM::Entry
2.20254 17/05/2013
	Fix bug in get_module_link_ids and enhanced documentation
2.19983 12/01/2013
	Allow to set max_results to retrieve more than 20 records. The default is set to 1000
2.17738 12/01/2013
	Fix Net::SugarCRM::Entry to allow for perl < 5.10
2.17725 10/01/2013
        Slight change of api (use of Net::SugarCRM::Entry)
        using logconfess and logcroak from log4perl instead of confess and croak
        New .pm for Net::SugarCRM::Entry
        better error handling in _rest_request_no_json
        use http "keep alive" for api connections
        use Log::Log4perl instead of MooseX::Log::Log4perl to prevent sending log messages in random categories
1.14455 10/03/2012
        Added patch for get_module_link_ids get_contact_account_ids from Phil Hallows
1.12990 18/11/2011
        Added support for sending emails in the accounts module
1.12860 6/11/2011
        Added DBI dependency
1.12860 5/11/2011
        Added converted attribute in doc and dependency for DateTime
1.12855 4/11/2011
        Set the CONTACTS, LEADS, variables as module variables
1.12839 3/11/2011
        Added Tutorial
1.12833 2/11/2011
        Added Currency methods
1.12756 21/10/2011
        First version