Revision history for Domain-PublicSuffix

0.15    2019-04-23 20:00 GMT
  - Refresh PublicSuffix list
  - Merged pull request from Gavin Carr to explicitly open a file with UTF-8
  - Bump Net::IDN::Encode requirement to 2.401 to avoid unicode issues
  - (#3) Provide a tld and suffix even with asking get_root_domain for a valid
    suffix that is not a valid domain. Will still report 'Domain not valid',
    but ->suffix and ->tld will resolve.
  - Make sure that the error condition from get_root_domain still throws when
    a root domain is already fired, but that it still returns.

0.14    2016-08-08 16:02 GMT
  - Release

0.13    2016-08-07 16:02 GMT
  - Test fixes

0.12    2016-08-05 16:02 GMT
  - Fix unicode parsing bug

0.11    2016-08-04 17:10 GMT
  - Remove Data::Validate::Domain dependency by simplifying the domain validity
    check to very basic sanity checks, with the assumption that egregious errors
    are either caught upstream, or result in a validity failure after checking
    the PublicSuffix match.
  - Update upstream PublicSuffix list

0.10    2014-10-15 01:35 GMT
  - Update upstream PublicSuffix list

0.09    2013-03-18 03:35 GMT
  - Include patch from Gavin Carr (GAVINC) to fix domains that evaluate to false

0.08    2013-01-31 15:00 GMT
  - Update upstream PublicSuffix list

0.07    2012-08-05 21:25 GMT
  - Typo fix.

0.06    2012-08-05 18:00 GMT
  - Minor documentation changes in Domain::PublicSuffix and get_root_domain
  - Switched to new upstream PublicSuffix list
  - Included patches from Daniel Kahn Gillmor (DKG):
    - Additional path to support Debian publicsuffix package
    - Non-zero exit from get_root_domain

0.05    2012-07-17 00:00 GMT
  - Ridiculously long wait, but at least we have Dist::Zilla and GitHub.
  - Updated default public suffix file
  - Included patches from Gavin Carr (GAVINC):
    - File::Spec fixes
    - Test file for problematic domains
    - non-TLD roots (like are not getting flagged as RootEnable when
      they should be
    - Optionally allow underscores in domain

0.04    2008-10-09 11:30 GMT
  - Normalized code style
  - Updated default public suffix file to latest from Mozilla
  - Bug fixes, thanks to Jason Wieland --
    - Documentation fixed to show that new requires a hashref
    - Path searching for the tld data file now searches from root
    - Improper code flow after finding a file causes module to break when a data
      file is defined.

0.03    2008-07-12 19:30 GMT
  Repackaging with MakeMaker, added basic test suite, updated Mozilla
  effective_tld data file.

0.02    2008-04-03 22:00 GMT
  Documentation and namespace fixes, so viewing in CPAN isn't a nightmare.

0.01    2008-03-31 20:00
  First release, likely prone to bugs I haven't even thought of.