Revision history for Perl extension HTML::GoogleMaps.

1     Jul 3, 2005
	- original version

2     Aug 18, 2005
	By default, the map will now center itself at the center of any markers
	Added support for additional icons
	Took out strange 5.8.6 requirement added by h2xs
	Thanks to Suresh Govindachar for his input

3     Jan 18, 2006
        By default, wrap popup html in a 350px by 250px
        Split up the output of render into three parts to help IE support

4     April 29, 2006
        Switched over to the new v2 map API
        Added v2_zoom method to access the new hi-res zoom levels.  The old
          zoom method is deprecated and will probably be replace by v2_zoom 
          in a future release.

5     June 17, 2006
        Added support for geocoding with Geo::Coder::Google.  Geo::Coder::US 
          support is deprecated.

6     December 5, 2006
        Finally got around to putting out a new version
        Check the version for Geo::Coder::Google, require .02 or greater
        If not passed a key, die with the registration URL
        Added ->map_id to set the ID for the map div
        Respect ->dragging
        Try to output something closer to XHTML

8     November 15, 2008
	Several fixes from Manni Heumann:
	  Documentation improvements
	  You can now have single quotes in marker HTML

9     December 6, 2009
	Fixed RT #39258, courtesy Rodney Webster
	Fixed RT #17232, courtesy of Simon Flack

10    December 7, 2009
	Deprecated ->render and replaced it with ->onload_render.  Should
	  give better browser performance and support.