Revision history for Perl module Net::FreshBooks::API

    - Change the no_index rule in order to get PAUSE to remove OAuthDemo from
    - Disable all live tests by default

0.23 2011-10-20
    - Silences warning which emitted a lot of XML outside of verbose mode
    - Adds docs on how to paginate using an iterator

0.22 2011-09-14
    - Adds support for client contacts

0.21 2011-04-05
    - AutoBill details may now be deleted from Recurring Items

0.20 2011-03-30
    - Adds support for Language and Gateway
    - Adds AutoBill to Recurring Items

0.19 2011-01-17
    - Removes warn statement left over from debugging
    - Adds namespace::autoclean and B::Hooks::EndOfScope to prereqs to get
      around "Undefined subroutine &namespace;::autoclean::on_scope_end"
    - Adds "parent" to prereqs to fix another CPANTS error report
    - Adds account_name to required fields for demo script
    - Adds no_index to META for OAuthDemo, which should not be appearing in
      search.cpan results
    - Adds documentation, specifically for Moose roles

0.18 2010-11-17
    - API::oauth() method now returns a new object with each call
    - Added API::account_name_ok() for name validation
    - Added Net::FreshBooks::API::Error for exception handling

0.17 2010-11-12
    - Fixed bad test plan

0.16 2010-11-11
    - Updated documention for
    - folder is now marked as read-only for Estimate, Invoice and Client

0.15 2010-11-10
    - Estimate objects are now supported
    - Moved some methods into Moose roles

0.14 2010-10-07
    - Fixed missing package versions which broke distro 0.13

0.13 2010-10-07
    - Fixed a bug where OAuth URL would not always use correct account_name
      when being constructed
    - Added many new API params
    - Expanded documentation and shifted much off of and to the

0.12 2010-09-07
    - Fixed some documentation errors
    - Documented OAuth-specific methods
    - Overriding more of Net::OAuth::Simple in order to get examples working

0.11 2010-09-07
    - Move distro management to Dist::Zilla
    - Added OAuth support
    - Moved a lot of the documentation from to sub-modules

0.10 2009-11-23
    - Iterator's next() method now returns cloned objects
    - Added documentation for Invoice links() and list() functionality

0.09 2009-11-19
    - Added amount field to recurring items
    - Added documentation for the lines() method

0.08 2009-11-18
    - Added explicit documentation for most available methods
    - Calls to list() no longer perform lookups while iteration takes place.
      This is no longer necessary after updates to the FreshBooks API in
      August 2009.  This means that one call to list returns all of the data
      for the requested page, so multiple API calls are no longer necessary.
      Multiple API calls will still, of course, be necessary if fetching
      multiple pages.

0.07 2009-11-05
    - Added return_uri field to Invoice and Recurring
    - perltidied source

0.06 2009-08-12
    - Added XML::Simple and Test::Exception to dependencies
    - Improved handling of error messages.  In many cases the returned message
      had been blank
    - Added test to confirm error messages are being correctly parsed
    - "verbose" setting is now referred to in the documentation (if only

0.05 2009-07-16
    - Added Crypt::SSLeay to dependencies to fix the following error:
      "501 Protocol scheme 'https' is not supported (Crypt::SSLeay or
      IO::Socket::SSL not installed)"
    - Added Path::Class to dependencies

0.04 2009-07-15
    - Fixed failing test t/007_live_test.t "Can't call method "childNodes" on an
      undefined value at /tmp/net-freshbooks-api/lib/Net/FreshBooks/API/
      line 174"

0.03 2009-07-13
    - Fixed file names in MANIFEST

0.02 2009-07-10
    - Added Net::FreshBooks::API::Recurring
    - Created a new FreshBooks test account because the original account was
      failing the ping method
    - Added tests for recurring items
    - Added a sample script: examples/
    - Added some POD tests
    - All modules now pass Perl::Critic severity 4