Revision history for Perl extension OrePAN2

0.34 2014-12-01T14:21:15Z

    - If two packages have the same version, the one which is last in will be preferred (oalders)
    - OrePAN2::Indexer::make_index() now returns an OrePAN2::Index object (oalders)

0.33 2014-11-22T00:38:07Z

    - Add IO::Socket::SSL to dependencies (Ivan Bessarabov)

0.32 2014-11-18T03:37:27Z

    - Remove MetaCPAN::API, which is now deprecated (oalders)
    - Use numified_version when getting provides from MetaCPAN (oalders)
    - Doc updates (Ivan Bessarabov)
    - Fixed `--author` in orepan2-inject

0.31 2014-09-08T19:51:08Z

    - Fix some undef warnings (miyagawa)
    - Add an option to use MetaCPAN for provides lookups (oalders)
    - Update minimum version of Archive::Extract to suppress warnings

0.30 2014-05-04T23:54:02Z

    - Use $self->{author} when the option is not provided (Ichito Nagata)

0.29 2014-03-05T06:06:48Z

    - Index new version instead of die.

0.28 2014-02-28T09:00:20Z

    - Added orepan2-gc, orepan2-merge-index

0.27 2014-02-28T07:58:02Z

    - Fixed caching bug.

0.26 2014-02-28T07:44:18Z

    - [EXPERIMENTAL] Added experimental cache mode.

0.25 2014-02-28T01:00:53Z

    - Fixed deps

0.24 2014-02-27T20:50:53Z

    - Added OrePAN2::Repository

0.23 2014-02-27T19:01:17Z

    - Fixed testing issue

0.22 2014-02-27T07:04:18Z

    - Use IO::Zlib instead of PerlIO::gzip.

0.21 2014-02-26T09:47:32Z

    - OrePAN2::Indexer: Make temporary file in the same parition.
        It's required by atomic operation.

0.20 2014-02-26T02:34:49Z

    - OrePAN2::Index: add_index does not index the package by default. Added 'replace' option.
    - OrePAN2::Index: Use hash as internal representation for OrePAN2::Index.
    - OrePAN2::Index: Fixed gunzip.
    - OrePAN2::Index: Added delete_index method.

0.19 2014-02-26T01:30:14Z

    - OrePAN2::Index: Added methods for parsing

0.18 2014-02-26T00:30:30Z

    - OrePAN2::Inject#inject_from_* returns the tarball path from darkpan root.

0.17 2014-02-26T00:19:04Z

    - OrePAN2::Inject#inject_from_* returns the tarball path.
      Previous version prints the tarball path in the module.

0.16 2013-11-03T10:17:24Z

    - Support cpanm compatible git schemas.

0.15 2013-09-26T02:51:42Z

    - Change logging level
      (Suggested by miyagwa)

0.14 2013-09-26T02:00:42Z

    - Fixed bad error message
      (reported by miyagwa)

0.13 2013-08-27T04:40:32Z

    - Better fall-through for missing or broken META
      (Chad Granum)

0.12 2013-08-05T03:40:31Z

    - Document about differentiation from OrePAN1
      (pointed by Mike Doherty)

0.11 2013-08-05T00:34:24Z

    - Inject from CPAN by module name

0.10 2013-08-01T04:23:57Z

    - Switched to Parse::LocalDistribution instead of Module::Metadata.
      Module::Metadata can't parse localt distribution correctly.

0.09 2013-08-01T03:10:02Z

    [BUG FIX]
    - Older version fails to create index on the dist does not contains META file.
      (reported by exodist++)

    - Bump up CPAN::Meta deps on 2.131560.

0.08 2013-07-09T04:37:34Z

    - Put tar file to the right path.

0.07 2013-07-05T01:35:47Z

    - Added `orepan2-inject --author` option
      (Suggested by ranguard++)

0.06 2013-07-04T05:00:05Z

    - Switch to Module::Metadata instead of Parse::PMFile.
    - set prefix => '' to Module::Metadata->provides(); otherwise defalut 'lib' prefix will be used.
      (Shoichi Kaji)

0.05 2013-05-25T00:03:26Z

    - fixed deps

0.04 2013-05-23T04:55:27Z

    - orepan2-indexer supports --text option for non-gzip-ed index file.

0.03 2013-05-19T22:30:11Z

    - Support plain text index generation on library interface.

0.02 2013-05-10T03:21:53Z

    - Support no_index
      (Reported by songmu)

0.01 2013-05-10T01:48:01Z

    - original version