Revision history for Perl module URI::ParseSearchString::More

0.08 2008-10-29
    - Fixed license in Makefile as it never actually made it into 0.07
    - Caching is now disabled by default
    - Fixed bug with escaped single quotes in search strings
    - Added set_cached() and get_cached() methods
    - Updated get_mech() to return either a WWW::Mechanize or
      WWW::Mechanize::Cached object, depending on the return value of

0.07 2008-10-09
    - Added license to Makefile to improve Kwalitee

0.06 2008-10-09
    - Tweaked aol regex so that it doesn't flag urls in which
      aol is a referring url
    - Added googlesyndication as its own engine
    - Tweaked comcast params
    - Added ebay, nextag, dogpile,
    - Fixed bug where parsing would die if no title found in mech lookup
    - Fixed problem with escaped, quoted strings under mod_perl
    - Added very basic example script to examples folder

0.05 2007-11-04
	- Fixed params for yahoo and ask.* urls

0.04 2007-08-09
    - Added the urls.cfg file to facilitate the testing of many URLs
    - Added parse_more() method, which is called before URI::ParseSearchString
    - Added guess() method
    - Added blame() method to confirm which module has returned the last
      results of se_term() or parse_search_string()
0.03 2007-07-27
    - Added Test::Pod::Coverage, Test::Pod and File::Spec to prerequisites
0.02 2007-07-25
    - Added support for the following engines:
    - Using URI::Heuristic to fix malformed or incomplete URLs
0.01 Sat Jul 21 16:14:45 2007
    - original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.49