Revision history for Perl module URI::ParseSearchString::More

0.12 2009-07-22
    - Now requires version 1.33 of WWW::Mechanize::Cached as this release
	  fixes the CODE items error
	- Added to engines
	- Added to engines
	- Now requires Data::Dump rather than Data::Dumper
	- Added to engines
	- Removed* from TODO list as this was already being parsed

0.11 2009-07-10
    - Wrapped $mech->get in an eval in order to get by the following cryptic
      error message:
      Can't store CODE items at ../../lib/
      (autosplit into ../../lib/auto/Storable/ line 290,
      at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.7/WWW/Mechanize/ line 118
	  I believe this error occurs when WWW::Mechanize::Cached deals with
	  pages that return 403 response codes
    - have disabled AOL tests in t/005_parse_more.t because AOL is currently
      blocking me and returning 403 responses.  URI::ParseSearchString doesn't
	  do any mechanized searchs, so it cannot deal with AOL's encoded URLs

0.10 2008-11-20
    - Added to engines
    - Added to engines
    - Added to engines
    - Added to engines
    - moved dogpile tests to extended url tests
    - Added to engines
    - Added to engines

0.09 2008-10-30
    - Moved tests as they were causing
      failing test reports.  Some of these tests are tricky
      as we can't reliably predict that these URLs will
      always be available. They are now in t/006_extended.t
      and must be explicitly enabled.

0.08 2008-10-29
    - Fixed license in Makefile as it never actually made it into 0.07
    - Caching is now disabled by default
    - Fixed bug with escaped single quotes in search strings
    - Added set_cached() and get_cached() methods
    - Updated get_mech() to return either a WWW::Mechanize or
      WWW::Mechanize::Cached object, depending on the return value of

0.07 2008-10-09
    - Added license to Makefile to improve Kwalitee

0.06 2008-10-09
    - Tweaked aol regex so that it doesn't flag urls in which
      aol is a referring url
    - Added googlesyndication as its own engine
    - Tweaked comcast params
    - Added ebay, nextag, dogpile,
    - Fixed bug where parsing would die if no title found in mech lookup
    - Fixed problem with escaped, quoted strings under mod_perl
    - Added very basic example script to examples folder

0.05 2007-11-04
	- Fixed params for yahoo and ask.* urls

0.04 2007-08-09
    - Added the urls.cfg file to facilitate the testing of many URLs
    - Added parse_more() method, which is called before URI::ParseSearchString
    - Added guess() method
    - Added blame() method to confirm which module has returned the last
      results of se_term() or parse_search_string()

0.03 2007-07-27
    - Added Test::Pod::Coverage, Test::Pod and File::Spec to prerequisites

0.02 2007-07-25
    - Added support for the following engines:
    - Using URI::Heuristic to fix malformed or incomplete URLs

0.01 Sat Jul 21 16:14:45 2007
    - original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.49