Revision history for WWW-Myspace-Data

0.14    2007-07-25
        Removed bug where options were being set twice in _loader.
        get_account will now create the account if it can't find it
        instead of croaking.
        cache_friend no longer displays warning about undefined value
        in numeric eq (==).

0.13    2007-07-17
        cache_friend now requires friend_id as its sole argument
        cache_friend now caches is_invalid when it is true.  
        Previously it had only cached when is_invalid is false.
        track_friend now prints a warning and returns 0 if:
            a profile is_invalid
            no friend_id can be found on the page
        (since myspace is so unreliable, it was problematic
        to die on a missing friend_id)
        cache_friend now uses $page->decoded_content
        cache_friend now gets friend_url and friend_user_name
        from WWW::Myspace methods rather than by applying its
        own regexes.

0.12    2007-07-03
        Added 2 new cols (is_invalid, is_private) to "friends" table
        Added 2 new methods: is_invalid, is_private

0.11    2007-06-29
        Module split from WWW::Myspace distribution
        Added examples/ to  with accompanying 
        examples/adder.cfg file
        Updated tests so that Myspace login is not required