Revision history for WWW-Myspace-FriendAdder 

0.15    2007-11-04
        Updated bug reporting links and addresses
        Updated croak message to include mention of WWW::Myspace module
        Added minimum requirement of version 0.72 to stay current.
		Added sleep_on_captcha parameter

0.14	2007-09-18
		Added minimum requirement for of 0.71 since Myspace
		keeps changing the login form.
0.13    2007-07-03
        Updated documentation.
        FriendAdder now exits if "FE" status code is returned by send_friend_request.

0.12    2007-06-29
        Module split from WWW::Myspace distribution
        Moved WWW::Myspace::Data from a "use" to a "require" statement to 
        remove that dependency in WWW::Myspace::FriendAdder
        Added examples/ to  with accompanying 
        examples/adder.cfg file
        Updated tests so that Myspace login is not required