Revision history for Perl extension Net::DNS::ZONE::Parser

31 December 2008 Version 0.02

FIX:      Ability to deal with a root zone too (parse the "." zone)
FIX:      Minor typos in documentation
FEATURE:  Use named-compilezone as that provides a cleaner interface.
	  This also changes the errormessages returned somewhat

July 26   2005 Version 0.01

FEAT:     make use of "named-checkzone -D" to do all the parsing. 
          named-checkzone does more checks on the data and is faster.

FEAT:     imported in subversion,

FIX:      STRIP_NSEC will just like STRIP_RRSIG remove both the NSECs and 
          the associated sigs.
	  BUMP_SOA will also strip the RRSIG over the SOA record.

FIX:      Net::DNS::SEC 0.12_01 fixed a typo in a method and an
          attribute name. It also carps on the occurance of NXTs.
          The tests were adapted to deal with this and other 
          minor bugs were fixed. 

          The test suite is now incompatible with pre 0.12_02 versions
          or Net::DNS::SEC.

FEAT:     Added the "o" flag to regular expressions that do not need

July 22, 2004 Version 0.0002  first CPAN release

2003-2004 Version 0.0001_* where internal snapshots used during the 
	  development of the Net::DNS::Zone class. 

$Id: CHANGES 780 2008-12-30 17:23:57Z olaf $